The Purse Thief is an antagonist that appeared in chapter 4 of Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls and episode 2 of the Anime Adaption, who regularly stole purses in the area around Kurusu House.

Purse Thief
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Kana N/A
Romaji N/A
Physical Appearance
Age N/A
Gender Male
Hair Blonde
Eye N/A
Personal Profile
Occupation Thief
House Guest None
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 4
Anime Episode 2

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

The Purse Thief has been shown to have a very greedy and unchivalrous personality, regularly snatching purses from unsuspecting woman. He seems to be a regular thrill seeker, running into obstacles and jumping from high locations on his Vespa in order to flee his foes. During the time he was being chased by Centorea, he was seen to be somewhat perverted, crashing his bike at the sight of her breasts. He is somewhat vengeful however, almost killing Centorea with her sword after his crash.

Skills and Traits Edit

Excellent Driver: The Purse Thief has been shown to be very proficient in handling a vespa, driving in to obstacles in order to lose those who would chase him and jumping from great heights, all the while keeping his vespa in tact and not crashing.

Possessions Edit

Plot Edit

While Kurusu was walking home after picking up groceries, he ran into Centorea(or rather, she ran into him), who asks him to be her master, mistaking anime and manga cliches for Japanese Spells. After a woman walking by sees this, the purse thief strikes, snatching the woman's purse and driving away on his vespa. Centorea and Kurusu give chase, following him for quite a while before Kurusu accidently rips open Centorea's shirt. When the Purse Thief sees her breasts, he crashes into some paint cans. Angry, he picks up her sword and walks towards centorea saying "D-damn you horse girl. I'll cut you up!". Kurusu saves her by jumping in front of his swing, thinking that his life has ended there, but soon realises that it was just a fake sword. Police soon come to arrest the Purse Thief, and it is unknown what happened to him after that.

Trivia Edit

  • In the anime adaption, his goggles do not come off after the crash, and so it is still unknown what his eye colour is.

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