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The following are quotes said by or relating to Rachnera Arachnera. Quotes may vary slightly depending on whether readers use the official or fan-based translations.


Volume 3[]

"You seem busy. Would you like my assistance? I have plenty of thread."
Rachnera (scornfully)
"Shut up! Don't start acting all high-and-mighty just because I can make a few bucks off of your thread! And stop spinning webs all over the place! Can't you keep them in just one place?!"
"Keep them in one place? You mean like this?"
Rachnera to Kasegi before she spun him into a cocoon with her threads, Chapter 14
"To throw away three million yen like that.... he must be a kind person.... with something vile inside.... how disgusting... I might be interested in this..."
Rachnera's thoughts on Kimihito, Chapter 14

Volume 4[]

"I really do hate humans.... I really do. Nice to meet you. I am Rachnera Arachnera. Is this the first time you've seen an Arachne? Fufu... scared?"
Rachnera to Kimihito on their first encounter, Chapter 15
"Now what am I going to do with you.... you're already making quite a ruckus."
Rachnera to Kimihito, Chapter 15
"If you want to get out of this alive, don't make a peep, alright?"
Rachnera to Kimihito, Chapter 15
"Oh, wow~ , I can't believe you bit through my thread! I guess that isn't the only part of you that's rock-hard!"
Rachnera to Kimihito after he bit through her thread,Chapter 15
"I'm not telling you this because I want your pity! I'm just fed up with humans, that's all! They tell lie after lie, only accepting people who are the same as they are! Humans are such hypocrites! And you're a hypocrite too aren't you? The only reason your lower half is reacting that way is because of my human upper half. My lower half only elicits feelings of disgust."
Rachnera (angry) to Kimihito, while expressing him her hatred towards humans, Chapter 15
"You get turned on by spider legs? You really are a pervert!"
Rachnera to Kimihito after he called her legs as "attractive" because of his leg fetish, Chapter 15
"I really hate it when people put on a mask to keep up appearances. You kept saying that you had nothing against me, even though you were walking on eggshells around me. What a pain. With my body, It'd be easy for me to take a human out. So of course you'd be wary of me. How is that "judgmental"? You're free to like or don't like whoever you want. You don't like me? Well, isn't that normal? Don't be a hypocrite and pretend to be my friend. If you don't like me, then don't like me."
Rachnera to Centorea, Chapter 16
"Do you think you can handle it?"
"You're making a huge fuss about him cheating on you, but do you really think you can stand to witness it? Can you really handle seeing your beloved darling making love to another woman? I won't say anything bad, so just sit tight down there."
Rachnera gently asks Miia if she could really bear to see Kimihito cheating on her with another woman, Chapter 18

Volume 5[]

"I'll be watching from the shadows today~ Plus it's fun to watch you and Centorea-chan! So have fun on your date, you two~"
Rachnera to Kimihito and Centorea, Chapter 21
"Hey Centorea, did you even try this before you gave it to him? It doesn't taste like anything"
"Rachnera?! How long have you been there?!"
"Honey, you don't have to try and sugar-coat it."
Rachnera lightly rebukes Kimihito for not telling Centorea the truth about how her sandwiches taste, even if he did so to avoid hurting her feelings, Chapter 21
"Fufufu... I see. I thought you were a mischievous little girl... but, just like Papi, it seems like you're just an adult in a kid's body... that means... I can punish you like an adult..."
Rachnera in anger at Lilith after the Devil woman mocked her motives and feelings, Chapter 21

Volume 6[]

"Mmmm, without her head, I can't really see how she's reacting... and this is kind of creating a bizarre mood... well whatever! It's been a while since I got to play with a normal body! I'll get some practice in on the basics!"
Rachnera as she "practices" her bondage on Lala's headless body, Chapter 23
"Did you ever think that maybe this isn't the best place for you to say something like that? I'm the only who's allowed to lay her hands on my honey."
Rachnera to Lala after the Dullahan girl says she wants to "reap" Kimihito's soul, Chapter 24
"Hey! Rachnee-san?! What're you doing at a time... and hey! Why are you with her?!"
"You understand now, don't you? That no matter what we do, honey can't escape his fate. So... wouldn't it be better to let him go... instead of making him suffer? Well, Dullahan. They're not going to move. Use that scythe and put honey out of his misery."
Rachnera to Miia when she believes with a heavy heart of sorrow that there is nothing she and the other girls can do to save Kimihito from his "death fate", Chapter 24
"Man, honey, you really told her! It feel soooo good to hear you say that! Her family was soooo annoying. She loved poking her head in my things. And she was soooo much weaker than everyone else, after getting hit she'd get real depressed! I hate dealing with annoying subs! On the other hand, you don't worry about the little things, honey. No, you don't really worry about the big things either! Honey doesn't pay too much mind to anyone either~ You just think us extraspecies girls are "girls with big bodies", don't you? Everyone's equal. Everyone's the same. That's why it's so easy to get along with you~ And that's why I love that part of you."
Rachnera after getting drunk from the coffee and thereby freely and honestly expressing her feelings to Kimihito, Chapter 26

Volume 7[]

"Alright, what're you thinking about so hard?"
"You're freaking out because Ms Smith told you to pick someone to marry, right?"
Kimihito (caught)
"So you're trying to accept everyone and their feelings, aren't you?"
Rachnera confronts Kimihito about what Ms Smith said to him, Chapter 30
"I think you already know this... but if you keep trying to do this 'accepting' thing with everyone, you're liable to be torn to bits. And I know you might be happy with that, honey, but... it's not going to make us very happy. When you get hurt, it's an accident. We don't mean to hurt you. But... when we do end up hurting you... it's because our bodies, especially mine... aren't especially gentle on humans... jeez... you have no idea how I feel, do you..."
Rachnera tells Kimihito that she and his other household girls would never intentionally hurt him, sadly recalling how she accidentally hurt Ren, Chapter 30

Volume 13[]

"You could say so... I called them once when I was in trouble. I had planned on joining up and living here at one point. This place is quite famous among Extraspecies like me. Back then... when MON had me totally surrounded with no escape in sight. If I had made just one phone call, Mr President over there would have come right over to get me out of there. Of course it would have cost about six months of "resource production" among other things... but... I ended up changing my mind, so I didn't go."
Rachnera tells Kimihito about her past with Mr President, although she doesn't tell him that his help prevented her from being forced to work at the Black Lily Laboratory, Chapter 53
"No matter how much of that absorbent you toss on her, it won't matter if it doesn't reach the core, right? So you attack from the inside, of course."
"... I see... so that puppet is actually..."
Mr President
"Exactly. It's stuffed full of that super-absorbent polymer, of course. All that's left is to give this thread an itsy bitsy tug once the puppets inside and...!"
Rachnera explains to Mr President, the other homestay girls and Ms Smith her plan to defeat Nega-Suu, Chapter 55

Volume 14[]

"Just what the hell is the meaning of all this!!? It's been days since anyone's come home!! On top of that, you had my honey sent to a farm to pay off some debt?! Not to mention getting everyone's guard down with your ridiculous spa treatments!! Not that I really care, but still!!"
Rachnera, in an uncharacteristically violent fit of rage, expresses her anger to Mr President at what he did to Kimihito and the other household girls, while not showing any weakness for him, claiming that she doesn't care about the other girls, Chapter 57
"I hoped it wouldn't come to this... I'll help you out with that work you had for me, alright!! Use the money I make to pay back the debt. You should be fine with that!!"
"Oooh~! So you've decided to come work for us? That's great news~"
Mr President
"Just shut up!! This is only so I can get my honey out of there!! Ahh~ I've had it...!! The way you act like you're just toying with me pisses me off!! I'm tying you up tighter, so don't even think about moving!!"
Rachnera asks Mr President to work temporarily for his company to pay off Kimihito's debts, while also venting her anger at him, Chapter 57
"I heard it was a farm, but I didn't hear anything about it being an all-female Extraspecies Farm!! On top of that, they're selling their milk?! They're not making you milk them, are they honey?!"
"Um... hahaha... you see, it's a funny story..."
"So they are then?"
Rachnera learns from Kimihito that he has to milk the Liminal girls at the Black Lily Ranch, Chapter 59

Volume 16[]

"Destiny? Oh come on, seriously? Aren't you being an itsy bitsy bit too serious? Why not actually try, I don't know, seeing for yourself for once? Hating new things just because they're new, I swear, you're like a bunch of old people. It's seriously lame."
Rachnera to her tribe on their questions if Arachne and humans can live together peacefully, Chapter 67
"No matter what I say, you're gonna be all "we shall take it under consideration," or "that is merely one opinion". It's not like you plan on actually listening to me, right? Stuff like this has a way of working itself out. You guys spend all this time getting here, so maybe try relaxing in the onsen or something. Talk to some guys while you're at it, too. If you're not a bunch of babies too scared to talk to humans, that is."
Rachnera to her tribe, Chapter 67

Volume 18[]

"Rachnera!! You do realize you're late, right?!"
Centorea (angry)
"Ah~ Sure, sure. I got it. But you see, I just wasn't feeling well, so I'll go take a rest in the nurse's office, okay? You wouldn't want to be lecturing a sick student, wouldn't you?"
Rachnera amusingly invents an excuse for Centorea while both through Arbatel's brainwashing believe that they are students of Grimoire High School, Chapter 74
"How long do I have to keep wearing this? Look, I get wearing a school uniform brainwashes you or whatever, but I don't see why that means I need to wear this goth loli outfit."
Rachnera embarrassingly complains about Tio's homemade gothic lolita clothes after being freed from Arbatel's brainwashing, Chapter 77
"This isn't good... this could mean the three we're focused on might all be wrong after all... or even worse, we've misunderstood how Arbatel operates on a fundamental level...? That would bring us back to square one..."
Rachnera's fears after none of the observations of her or the other homestay girls provide any evidence that Shii-Mii, Maika or Aya could be Arbatel in transformation, Chapter 79

Volume 19[]

"Hey~ could ya keep it down? Some of us are trying to sleep, ya know~? What are you yelling about anyway~?"
Rachnera sleepily complains to Miia and Centorea after they wake her up by playing Duel Monmusus, Chapter 82
"I lost contact with a fellow Arachne who moved here recently. So I went to go check on her. I found her, getting it on with her boyfriend in the middle of the afternoon. That was enough for me, so I was going to leave when I saw you all here and came to see what was going on."
Rachnera tells Kimihito and the other homestay girls how she saw the leader of her tribe enjoying an BDSM with her boyfriend, whereby the leader playing the role of the submissive sub, Chapter 83
"Cultural Exchange? Solving Riddles? You're too wishy-washy. That's why nodody takes you seriously. You should just make those brats understand the hard way."
Rachnera gives Abul some advice on how to deal with the neighborhood boys, Chapter 83