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The following is a description of Rachnera Arachnera's relationships and interactions with other characters in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls.


Kurusu Kimihito[]


Kimihito and Rachnera.

Rachnera's first impression of Kimihito was that his caring, selfless nature was a farce, and that he was only pretending to act kind to the home-stays. When she kidnapped him to "expose" him, instead, she realized he was genuinely caring towards monster girls, even those with an outwardly frightening appearance, thus she developed feelings for him, although she tends to be less extravagant about them than the rest. This, along with her maturity and full understanding of just how dangerous extraspecies are to humans, means that Kimihito receives much less injuries from her, making her the only homestay (aside from Lala) who hasn't harmed him in any way. She was even flattered and happy to learn that he actually found her legs quite attractive and sexy (due to his leg fetish).

Ren Kunanzuki[]

Ren's family were the original hosts of Rachnera, and as she was lead to believe, very distrusting due to her eight-legged appearance. As revealed by Ren, during an incident where Rachnera accidently scratched the young girl, the parents sought to evict her, turning over her documents to Kasegi for a profit. This lead to Rachnera's budding distrust in humankind, though she displayed no outward aggression when the young girl showed up, hoping to take her back and prove that she could care for the Arachne. However, when Kimihito rejected Ren's request, Rachnera drunkenly said in amusement that Ren was so much weaker than Kimihito and that she hated dealing with annoying people.


When her original host family sold her to the con man "director," he abused her abilities to produce silk for selling on the black market, taking in the profits in exchange for allowing the Arachne to live with him. His taking advantage of her left Rachnera with a seething hatred of humans in general, to the point where she did not fear being deported for attacking the man, or anyone for that matter.

Kuroko Smith[]

As her Interspecies Coordinator, Smith was the one who set up Rachnera with her original host family, and from their first seen interaction, the MON agent did a poor job of evaluating the exchange's aftermath. When Smith came to defuse the situation when Rachnera kidnapped Kimihito, the arachne persuaded the agent to assign her to the Kimihito household, and as usual, she went along with it without Kimihito's consent.

The Racist Couple[]

Like how she attacked Kasegi and showed little restraint when she kidnapped Kimihito, Rachnera did not fear repercussions when she strung up the Racist Couple and their gang, even threatening the man directly when he threatened to turn her in.

Mr President[]

Mr President and Rachnera have an extended relationship that can be described as bad at best. Mr President values Rachnera's skills (negotiating, information collection, adaptability) and has tried more than once to get her to work for his company. On the other hand, Rachnera wants nothing to do with Mr President and hates him because all his kindness to the Liminals is ultimately based on selfish motives.

As Rachnera explains to Kimihito in Chapter 53, the Black Lily Laboratory is quite famous among Liminal species like the Arachne. After Rachnera spun Kasegi with her silk in Chapter 15, she found herself in dire straits as the M.O.N team was now after her. So she called Mr President on Kasegi's cell phone and black mailed him into making sure he could shelter her, otherwise she would make sure his brother's illegal dealings were exposed.

Mr President agreed and if Rachnera had called him in Chapter 15 he would have put her out of her predicament. In return, however, he made the condition that she would then have to work for him for six months. However, the trade never took place as Kimihito sided with Rachnera at the time, whereupon the situation with the M.O.N was clarified. For this reason, Rachnera didn't call Mr President.

After that, Mr President tried to call Rachnera several more times but she always ignored him. However, his efforts did not stop; it is revealed in Chapter 53 that Mr President sent the three dangerous Liminals (Killa, Kino and Curie) to the Kurusu house on purpose just to force Rachnera to make contact with him afterwards. To protect her friends from the potential danger of the three Liminals, Rachnera obtained the information but subsequently refused to meet with Mr President.

Rachnera didn't tell Kimihito and the other girls about her past with Mr President until Chapter 53. After the incident with Nega-Suu, Mr President again tried to persuade her to work for him, but she refused. However, when Mr President saw how happy Rachnera was with Kimihito and the other household girls, he got an idea and it is implied that he only sent Kimihito to the Black Lily Ranch so that he could put pressure on Rachnera to get her to agree to work for him.

After Rachnera learns in Chapter 57 that Mr President sent Kimihito to the ranch (although she doesn't know at that time that it's a Liminal ranch), she goes into a fit of rage in which she strangles Mr President with her spider silk. Eventually, she agrees to work for him on a temporary basis so that she can use the money to pay off Kimihito's "debts", although she makes it quite clear to Mr President how angry she was that he now has leverage against her.

Finally, however, Rachnera learns in Chapter 59 that the Black Lily ranch is run by Liminal girls and that Kimihito has to milk them too. She then strangles Mr President again and picks Kimihito up from the ranch the next day.

Fellow homestay girls[]



Much like Centorea, Miia appears to be rather distrustful of Rachnera and acknowledges her as one of her main love rivals. However, Miia does genuinely care about Rachnera as evidenced by her concern in Chapter 27 when Rachnera's original host family seeks to have her returned to their care.

As stated in Monster Musume: Monster Girls on the Job!, Rachnera tends to ignore Miia's seniority over being the first Liminal girl to arrive at Kimihito's house.


Notwithstanding Rachnera's frightening appearance and the initial reserve of their other housemates, Papi and Suu have taken a liking in the Arachne ever since she first moved into the household.

The two hold Rachnera in high regard, valuing her knowledge and the time she spends helping them with their studies to the point she has quickly become their favorite “teacher”.

Rachnera also babysits Papi and Suu on occasion, seemingly getting along with their mischief.

Centorea Shianus[]


Centorea greatly resents Rachnera seeing her as a contender for Kimihito’s attentions. Upon her arrival, she had suddenly become hyper-protective of Kimihito mainly due to Rachnera's previous attempt to kidnap him as well as her distinctive lascivious demeanor, something that would later on culminate in her stating her hate for the Arachne. Nevertheless, Rachnera dismissed her statement with a laughter and some advice on how to be more honest about her feelings.

As the series goes on, Centorea has come to trust Rachnera to some extent, even if still somewhat resentful. In turn, Rachnera mostly gets along with Centorea, but that doesn't stop her from occasionally teasing her, much to the Centaurine's annoyance. Rachnera also tends to be annoyed by Centorea's tendency to act rashly, as seen in Chapter 53 and Chapter 77.

As Rachnera states in Chapter 77 to Papi, she feels Centorea is a real pain in some things like changing clothes.


Notwithstanding Rachnera's frightening appearance and the initial reserve of their other housemates, Suu and Papi have taken a liking in the Arachne ever since she first moved into the household. The two hold Rachnera in high regard, valuing her knowledge and the time she spends helping them with their studies to the point she has quickly become their favourite “teacher”. Rachnera also babysits Suu and Papi on occasion, seemingly getting along with their mischief.

While Rachnera generally gets along well with Suu, she, like everyone else, hates it when Suu gropes her with her Slime tentacles, with Rachnera, along with Octo, even showing fear of Suu in Chapter 36 when the Slime girl groped the two of them through her motherly side after absorbing the sea water. In fact, Rachnera even seems to be Suu's preferred victim in this regard, especially since Rachnera cannot bind the Slime girl with her bondage because her threads simply pass through Suu's Slime body.

Meroune Lorelei[]

Meroune has always treated Rachnera with ostensible kindness, at times addressing her in a very polite fashion.

When Meroune had apparently been kidnapped by Octo, Rachnera tried to make good use of her abilities in order to come to her rescue.


Lala has a somewhat fear of the Arachne due to the fact that she "played" with the dullahan's headless body while the rest were out searching for her head, and subsequently when Rachnera threatened her with extreme bondage for claiming to have come to reap Kimihito's soul. However, she like Centorea agreed that if Kimihito was going to die, Lala might as well get it over with. Later she said she wouldn't mind Lala staying as long as she can "bondage her".



Due to her past with Kasegi, the member of the M.O.N team attempted to arrest Rachnera, although the situation was eventually resolved. Since then, Doppel and Rachnera have gotten along well, but also don't often interact together.


Due to her past with Kasegi, the member of the M.O.N team attemped to arrest Rachnera, although the situation was eventually resolved. Since then, Tionishia and Rachnera have gotten along well, but also don't often interact together.


Due to her past with Kasegi, the member of the M.O.N team attempted to arrest Rachnera, although the situation was eventually resolved. Since then, Zombina and Rachnera have gotten along well, but also don't often interact together.


Due to her past with Kasegi, the member of the M.O.N team attempted to arrest Rachnera, although the situation was eventually resolved. Since then, Manako and Rachnera have gotten along well, but also don't often interact together.

Monster Community[]


Rachnera had quickly taken a dislike to Lillith's mischevious nature, this behavior infuriated Rachnera prompting her to use her knowledge in rope-play in hopes that it could possibly change Lillith's nature for the better, in which they did. It was effective thanks to Rachnee's stance on Lillith's adulthood, which allowed her to be much more ruthless in her methods.

Miia's Mother[]

Rachnera's relationship to Miia's Mother is far from good due to the devious personality of the Lamia. This is evident from their first encounter in Chapter 27 when Miia's mother drugged all the other girls in Kimihito's household, including Rachnera, with the Lamia tea. Rachnera was particularly affected by the caffeine in the tea and had a strong hangover with severe headaches in the evening.

Rachnera's dislike for Miia's mother was further compounded in Chapter 61, when the Lamia ordered her pet snake Doku-chan, to paralyse the Arachne with her venom so Rachnera couldn't help Kimihito when he was forced to undergo "the special training of the Lamias".

As seen in the end of Chapter 63, Rachnera wasn't really sure what to make of Miia's mother when she learned that the Lamia had lied about, Studmuffin not being able to take Kimihito's place in the tournament, making it clear that the whole event was just a huge scheme by Miia's mother.

Papi's Mother[]

Rachnera first met Papi's mother in Chapter 28, but the two never really interacted together. Just like Kimihito and Miia, Rachnera seemed slightly shocked that Papi's mother looked just as young and child-like as her daughter, although Rachnera was able to keep her composure about it better than Miia and Kimihito.

Centorea's Mother[]

Centorea's mother and Rachnera haven't really interacted with each other, but they seem to have at least a neutral relationship with each other. However, Rachnera also said she couldn't stand people with loud voices like Centorea's mother.


Rachnera hasn't interacted with Yukio as often as the other girls in Kimihito's household, but they get along well and respect each other.

Ils Nineta[]

Rachnera and Ils first interacted in Chapter 32 when Rachnera was helping the Kitsune prepare for the live show at the Shinto Shrine. During the show, Rachnera quickly weaved Ils costumes with her spider silk during Ils transformations (since the Kitsune can only transform her body but not her clothes) and used her threads to make Ils "fly" like a puppet doll for the viewers, though the Arachne was having a little too much fun doing it.

Rachnera and Ils seem to get along in general, but like Kimihito and Miia, Rachnera also felt that Ils was more suited to the role of a villain in a live show due to her gloating side. She also doesn't think that Ils' idea for future live shows of having humans playing monsters fight her three helpers is as fun as a live show with her threads.


Rachnera and Killa are enemies due to an incident in the past. After Killa caused a ruckus out of impatience while applying for the Extraspecies Exchange Program, Rachnera tried to calm her down, but the Killer Bee hurled some very spiteful insults at her. Rachnera then tied Killa with her threads, but the Killer Bee bit through the threads without listening to Rachnera's warning that the threads kept her balanced. This led to Killa ending up upside down and all the other applicants seeing her underwear and Killa later being classified as a dangerous Liminal by the security staff because she continued to rage and got deported from the Exchange Program.

Since then, Killa has held a strong grudge against Rachnera for this humiliation, even though the incident was mostly her own fault. After Killa was able to enter Japan with Mr Presidents support, she tracked Rachnera to Kii's forest and tried to kidnap Kimihito (since he was Rachnera's host) in order to take revenge on Rachnera. After this plan failed, Centorea warned Killa not to attack Kimihito again, although she said that she would not care if she continued to hunt Rachnera.

Rachnera's exact opinion of Killa isn't entirely clear, but as seen in Chapter 45, she doesn't seem to really want to deal with the Killer Bee.


Since Rachnera had already received information about Kino from Mr President before her visit at the Kurusu house, she has special respiratory masks and didn't come under the influence of Kino's spores. This enabled Rachnera to give Kimihito and Centorea respiratory masks to protect against the spores. It can be assumed that Rachnera viewed Kino with caution, but in the end she understood that the Matango girl had not contaminated the Kurusu house with her spores on purpose and since then they both seem to get along well.

Flounnder & Sebasstian[]

Rachnera's relationship with Sebasstian and Flounnder isn't really the best. Like Kimihito, Rachnera resents the selfishness of the two fishfolk butlers, such as when the two were more concerned about their own personal disadvantage than the potential danger Mero was in during their "kidnapping". This dislike was reinforced when Sebasstian and Flounnder didn't tell the group about the giant anemones in Octo's cave, with Rachnera angrily saying that she would later drown the two butlers.


Rachnera and Octo didn't get off to a good start at first, and due to the rumours at the Mermaid kingdom that Octo was an evil sea witch, as well as the fact that she seemingly kidnapped Mero in Chapter 35, Rachnera initially viewed the Scylla with caution. This dislike was further reinforced when Octo attempted to grope and seduce Kimihito in her cave, which enraged Rachnera so much that she almost physically attacked the Scylla, although she was quickly bound by Octo's tentacles. Although Rachnera also managed to tie up Octo with a spider silk bondage, the situation came to a standstill, which was only "solved" by Suu by subjecting Octo and Rachnera to her usual tentacle groping.

Although the two initially had a hostile start, their short fight in the cave also led to Rachnera and Octo developing respect for each other's abilities. The two have also shared a certain fear of Suu since the incident. After Mero revealed to the group that the rumours about Octo were false, Rachnera and the Scylla became friends and the Arachne later helped clear up the rumours about Octo. However, as is Rachnera's nature, despite their friendship, she occasionally tends to make fun of Octo, such as when Rachnera made a joke about Octo's "eight legs" in Chapter 36, much to the Scylla's annoyance.

Meroune's Mother[]

Rachnera has never personally interacted with Meroune's mother, but due to all her scheming that almost led to Kimihito's death, Rachnera has a dislike for the Mermaid Queen. Rachnera was also aware in Chapter 37 that Meroune's mother did not admit her guilt in the rumours surrounding Octo in order to prevent her people from revolting.

In Chapter 46, Rachnera pointed out, much to Mero's embarrassment, that they couldn't be mad at Kino for accidentally contaminating the Kurusu house with her spores, considering all the "upgrades" the Mermaid queen had installed in the Kurusu house without Kimihito's permission or even his knowledge.

Her Tribe Members & Leader[]

As a member of the Arachne tribe, which probably consists of more or less closely related family members, Rachnera is very close to the other Arachne. After the Cultural Exchange Between Species Bill was introduced, the tribe sent Rachnera to Japan as an participant in the program to find out whether Arachne could life alongside humans. Finally, in Chapter 67 Rachnera calls a meeting with her tribe at the Arctic Inn, but instead of giving them a direct answer, she simply suggests that they attends the Inn's dating pool event to find it out for themselves, which they eventually do.

Based on Rachnera's dialogue, it is stated that the other Arachne, due to their insecurities about opening up to strangers, often ignored the more open-minded ideas of Rachnera of getting involved in new things, which somewhat clouded Rachnera's relationship to them. Due to Rachnera's somewhat mocking personality, she doesn't show as much respect to her leader in a conversation, although she is visibly happy when her leader is lucky enough to find a boyfriend herself during the Arctic Inn events. As seen in Chapter 83, Rachnera disapproves of the BDSM practices her leader engages in with her boyfriend and is willing to confront her about it.

Meamil Airagu[]

Rachnera first heard about Meamil in Chapter 71 when Centorea told her that the Dairy Breed Centauride was supposedly coming to the Kurusu house to ask Centorea for advice. After Centorea deduced from the information Mil gave her that Meamil had lied to her and actually just wanted Kimihito to milk her, Rachnera was not initially concerned about it since Kimihito was used to milking Liminal women since his experience at the Black Lily Ranch. However, this carefree attitude quickly changed when Mil explained to Rachnera and Centorea that the drinker of Meamil's milk would be returned to an infantile state.

Later, when Meamil returned to the Kurusu house after reducing herself to an infantile state by drinking Centorea's milk, and had started rolling around on the household's floor calling for her mom, Rachnera didn't know what to think of it, calling Meamil a pervert. However, both of them have yet to be shown interacting with each other.


Rachnera and Abul first met in Chapter 83, but only by a coincidence, after Rachnera saw Kimihito and the other homestay girls by Abul when she wanted to visit the Arachne leader. After hearing about the problems Abul was having with the Neighborhood boys, Rachnera suggested her to use her "adult weapons" against the boys to teach them the "hard way". Rachnera considers Abul's previous approach to asking riddles and cultural exchange as too wishy-washy and says that this is the reason why nobody takes her seriously. In contrast to Kimihito and the other homestay girls, Rachnera seems to be more relaxed about the fact that Abul is a shotacon and that she wanted to gobble up boys.