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Kana レイ
Romaji Rei
Voiced by Yuu Asakawa
Physical Appearance
Monster Species Ghost
Gender Female Female
Hair White
Eye Blue
Monster Profile
Occupation Exchange Student
Media Debut
Game Monster Musume Online (21/12/2015)

Rei (レイ) is a Ghost that appears in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Online.

She joins the liminal exchange program to become one of many potential homestay boarders for the player to host.


As a ghost, Rei's entire body is translucent. She has pale skin, long white hair that extends to her buttocks, and blue eyes. While she has been known to appear with no clothes at all, for reasons of modesty she sometimes wears an old pair of blue unbuttoned denim jeans to cover her lower regions but leaves the rest of her body bare (often utilizing her hair or spectral fog to cover her breasts).


Rei loves mischief and enjoys performing ghostly hauntings and scaring people while remaining within the confines of the law by performing sudden appearances, grabbing of limbs, poltergeist phenomenon, etc. In order to master her abilities, she has taken to honing her skills against her fellow homestay housemates at night.

She greatly fears being purified.

Skills and Traits[]

  • Ghost Physiology:
    • Electromagnetic Interference - All ghosts disrupt nearby electronics with their presence.
    • Thermokinesis - Nearly all ghosts can lower or drop the surrounding temperature with their presence.
    • Invisibility - Ghosts can remain invisible to the living, but they may appear as a blur or faint light. However, when they want, they can appear as they were in life though it takes a while to gain that level of strength. They appear in wispy, distorted, flickering forms.
    • Telekinesis - They are able to move virtually anything with their minds if they have enough concentration on the objects. With practice, they can become stronger telekinetics, able to manipulate many simple objects at once. Very powerful ghosts are highly capable telekinetics, able to throw people like demons can.
    • Intangibility - Without a body, these spirits are able to move without hindrance even if objects are in their way, as they can phase through them with ease. They are naturally intangible, as such they can phase through solid matter unfazed.
    • Environment Manipulation - Most ghosts have shown to have the ability to manipulate the elements like wind, fire, electricity, water, and dropping temperature. Affinity to fire or water is usually because of the manner of a person's death and the ghost's origin. Manipulating electricity and dropping temperature are the two common signs that indicate a ghost's presence.
    • Material Attachment - Ghosts could latch their essence to objects that have been very close to them in their life. Until these objects are destroyed, the ghost could continue to manifest itself and haunt. Other ghosts could relocate the objects, allowing them to move around and away from their original haunting location.
    • Possession - A ghost can enter and take possession of the bodies of living beings.
    • Mental Influence - Angry, vengeful ghosts or spirits can sometimes manipulate peoples minds and drive them crazy and can then manipulate the people they drove crazy to do their will.
    • EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) - A ghost ability, where they can communicate through electronic devices, cassette records, cell phones etc.
    • Shapeshifting - Some ghosts have displayed the ability to alter their form, shifting between what they looked like when they were alive, and a more disturbing and decayed version of themselves.
    • Flight - Ghosts are able to hover above the ground.
    • Spiritual Ward Vulnerability - Ghosts are reportedly vulnerable to spirit wards, magical spells, incantations, pure minerals such as iron and salt, and certain items/weapons that are built specifically to interact with spirits (such as Lala's scythe).
    • Energy Absorption - As they can not derive energy from nutrient intact, ghosts gain energy from absorbing the thermonuclear or electrical energies around them (due to this, they disrupt nearby electronics with their presence). This often results in "Cold Spots" forming as the ghost absorbs the heat in the area for energy.
    • Life Energy Consumption - Ghosts can also absorb "life energy" or "vitality" from living beings to sustain themselves. Depending on how much energy the ghost absorbs the process can often leave the living being tired and physically weakened.

Personality Type
Cool Type
Level Max

Rei's max affection points

Max Lvl.
100% Affection
ブラス思考 (Brass Thought)
Reduces incoming damage by 15%

Zoological Classification[]

Main article: Ghost

A Ghost is the soul or spirit of a deceased being that no longer has a physical body to "occupy" but is still present in the living world for varying reasons.

Able to alter their visibility and shape depending on how powerful they are, ghosts are reportedly able to display abilities that otherwise negate the laws of time and physics. They are most notably able to, depending on how strong they are, perform varying levels of telekinesis and take possession of other beings.

Reports of ghosts manifesting within human culture is widespread, dating back to pre-literate history. They are believed tend towards occupying particular locations, objects, or people they were associated with in life.


  • Rei (?) is the Japanese word for "spirit".
  • Although she doesn't need sleep, Rei gets bored during daylight hours and so usually sleeps from 1pm to 6pm to pass the time.
  • She finds the ghosts on television shows and movies helpful to watch.
  • Rei's attire (blue denim jeans and no shirt) may be an allusion to the 1990 movie Ghost. Within which an iconic scene features the titular ghost character (played by Patrick Swayze) wearing blue denim jeans and no shirt while helping his girlfriend (played by Demi Moore) mold clay pottery in an effort to communicate with her.
  • Although Rei is refered to as a Liminal in Monster Musume: Girls Online, she is not technically one, as she is the earth-walking soul of a deceased human.

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