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Kana レイ
Romaji Rei
Voiced by Yuu Asakawa
Physical Appearance
Monster Species Ghost
Gender Female Female
Hair White
Eye Blue
Monster Profile
Occupation Exchange Student
Media Debut

Rei is a Ghost that appears in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Online.


She wears only an old damaged pair of jeans. The rest of her body is naked.


Skills and TraitsEdit

  • Ghost Physiology:
    • Energy Absorbtion: As they can not derive energy from nutrient intact, ghosts gain energy from absorbing the thermonuclear or electrical energies around them. This often results in "Cold Spots" forming as the ghost absorbings the heat in the area for energy. In addition to thermonuclear and electrical energies, ghosts can also absorb "life energy" from living beings to sustain themselves. Depending on how much energy the ghost absorbs the process can often leave the living being tired and physically weakened.

Personality Type
Level Max

Rei Spots

Max Lvl.
100% Affection
ブラス思考 (Brass Thought)
Reduces incoming damage by 15%


Zoological ClassificationEdit


A Ghost is the soul or spirit of a deceased being that no longer has a physical body to "occupy" but is still present in the living world for varying reasons.

Able to alter their visibility and shape depending on how powerful they are, ghosts are reportedly able to display abilities that otherwise negate the laws of time and physics. They are most notably able to, depending on how strong they are, perform varying levels of telekinesis and take possession of other beings.

Reports of ghosts manifesting within human culture is widespread, dating back to pre-literate history. They are believed tend towards occupying particular locations, objects, or people they were associated with in life.


  • Rei (?) is the Japanese word for "spirit".
  • Life energy is often considered the most potent form of energy, with a being's own soul/spirit being the apex of the most ideal energies to absorb; however, only the most malicious entities will endeavour to absorb a being's soul for their own sustenance. Those that do, however, will often either absorb copious amounts of life energy from the host over an extended period of time until the soul/spirit beneath is exposed for them to absorb or they will induce the host into an increasing sexual state; during which the being's body will be fooled into emitting steadily increasing levels of life energy in preparation for mating with the entity. Both male and female hosts will continue emitting life energy up to orgasm; at which point their life energy output explodes exponentially during orgasm and their soul is momentarily exposed for absorption. The convulsing and clenching of the host's physical body during orgasm additionally disrupts or loosens any anchors the soul would have to the body, rendering it vulnerable for the entity to absorb, as such the entity will strive to incite the host into as strong an orgasm as possible to obliterate their soul's anchors and prolong the host's orgasm out for as long as possible to increase the amount of time the entity can access the soul (some entities will incite their hosts into multiple orgasms (particularly if the host is female due to their affinity for multiple orgasms, which get stronger the more they have) to achieve this effect). More often than not, the feeling of the entity absorbing their soul while they are orgasming will cause the host to erupt into what is dubbed a "Death Orgasm"; an incredibly strong and prolonged orgasm that will render the host completely vulnerable and make their soul voluntarily available for absorption. With the soul exposed the entity will then extract the soul out of the host's body either by coercing or drawing it out via their mouth, suckle the soul via the breasts (if female)(note that while they do need to be in a heightened sexual state, the host does not need to be orgasming for their soul to be drawn out via these orifices) or by inserting an appendage such as a tentacle into the being's mouth, vagina or anus and siphoning the soul through the appendage. Interestingly, despite the process being fatal, all methods of extraction are considered pleasurable by the host on various levels and as such the host will find themselves desiring for the extraction to continue for as long as possible. Due to this, unless they are of strong will, the host will need the assistance of another individual to save them from losing their soul to the entity.
  • Perhaps the most well-known method of "soul extraction" as depicted in human culture is when the entity extracts the soul via the penis. The host's penis can be manipulated by malicious entities into ejaculating large portions of the host's life energy with the host's semen (which occurs naturally in small doses) but it can also be further manipulated into voluntarily performing Death Orgasms, which will cause the host's penis to express their soul via their urethra in prolonged ejaculations. The entity can take advantage of this event by having the orgasming penis placed within or penetrated by a siphoning tentacle, or held within the entity's mouth (or any similar orifice used for feeding) via fellatio, to catch and swallow the soul as it is expressed. The entity can also feed by coercing the host into legitimately mating with them so that, when the host's penis ejaculates their soul, the soul is expressed directly inside the entity's body and instantly consumed. While purportedly one of the greatest physical pleasures a host can experience, the loss of their soul/spirit instantly kills the host or otherwise renders them "undead".
  • While seemingly counterproductive to the interest of the host's self preservation, the "Death Orgasm" is theorized to originally be a means for a suddenly dying body to quickly release the soul before the body shuts down due to shock and the soul becomes trapped within dead flesh.

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