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Rem Nighdrem
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Kana レム・ナイドリム
Romaji remu・naidorimu
Physical Appearance
Monster Species Nightmare
Gender Female Female
Hair White
Eye Dark brown
Height 177 cm (5'81")[1]
B-W-H 75(A)-54-??[1]
Monster Profile
Occupation Exchange Student
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 69

Rem Nighdrem is a Nightmare, who debuted in Chapter 69, where she asks Centorea for advice on finding someone to give nightmares to. While she appears shy and says it's normal for her species to cause nightmares in others, her trustworthiness remains skeptical.


Rem is a tall woman with dark skin and light hair that is tied at the back of her head in a somewhat disheveled ponytail. She has black rings under her eyes and is wearing a light blouse with long sleeves. She also wears a black dress specially made for the lower body of a Centaur.

As a Nightmare, the most noticeable feature of Rem in her appearence is her headless horse's abdomen and pointy horse ears. Compared to most other Centaurs, Rem has a very modest bust size, but it is not known whether this is a personal characteristic or a basic characteristic of her subspecies.


Rem is a little shy, but also a bit inconsiderate when it comes to other people's feelings. This is seen as she gave Centorea nightmares, not caring that Centorea was already traumatized by the nightmares. In this respect she also seems to be a bit mischievous, since she gave Centorea many nightmares in a row, which was not previously agreed upon. It is not easy to judge if Rem cares much about the inconvenience of the people she gives nightmares to, which makes even Kimihito question whether she's a person to trust.

Rem also seems very proud of her affiliation as Nightmare. When Kimihito suggested solving the problem of finding someone Rem could give nightmares to by simply not doing it, Rem found the idea downright terrifying, since giving nightmares to others is an integral part of the Nightmares' culture and identity. Ultimately, Rem isn't a bad person as she doesn't want to harm others, but due to to her unintentional neglet of the possible negative psychological effects her nightmare her nightmares can have on others, she can be viewed with skepticism.

Like most Centaurs, Rem has an archaic side, describing her encounter with Bahkurin as "the work of fate" and as "miracle".

Skills and Traits[]

Personal Skills[]

  • Hypnosis: With her pendulum, Rem can use hypnosis to put other people to sleep. As she explains in Chapter 69, this is a learned skill and not a natural skill of the Nightmares. Rem's hypnosis seems to be strong as even Centorea fell asleep almost immediately, although previously she was unsure if that would even work since Centaurs are quite light sleepers,

Physical Traits[]

  • Nightmare Physiology:
    • Taste Buds: As herbivores, Centaurs generally have twice as many taste buds as omnivores (e.g humans), while omnivores have over twenty times as many taste buds as carnivores (e.g Lamia).
    • Normothermia: Like horses, Rem has a higher body temperature than Humans. Her's is 38°C (100.4°F) to be precise, which is the same as the average horse.
    • Centaurs Ears: A Centaur's ears are capable of reflecting the centaur's mood as they are able to move much in the same way as a horse's ears.
    • Cause Nightmares: As a Nightmare, Rem is able to cause other people nightmares and to do that, she is able to read their minds to see what they're afraid of. However, this only works when Rem is in close proximity to a sleeping person and not at a greater distance. If the person is not asleep, Rem can put them to sleep beforehand using hypnosis.
    • Sense of Smell: Due to their equine biology, Centaurs have a sense of smell that is 1000 times greater than that of a human.


  • Pendulum: Rem has a pendulum which she uses to put other people to sleep through hypnosis.



Rem looking for sleepers.

Rem Nighdrem is an exchange student who came to Japan through the Extra Species Exchange Program. During her time in Japan, Rem tried to give sleeping people nightmares, as this is an important aspect of the Nightmare's culture.
However, this proved difficult as most people sleep in their houses at night and since Rem would need to be at their bedside to give them nightmares, she could not enter the houses due to trespassing. So her only choice was to look for people sleeping in public places like parks or in front of the station at night. Those chances were rare, however, and after Rem's unsuccessful search for a reliable partner to give nightmares to, she sought the help of Centorea after hearing that she gave advice to other Centaur girls and helped them with their problems.


First encounter with Kimihito and Centorea[]

Rem makes her debut in Chapter 69 when she goes to the Kurusu house, only to find only Kimihito napping on the patio. Rem then takes the opportunity to give Kimihito a nightmare, although he finds the dream more uncomfortable than scary. Kimihito then wakes up but is very frightened of Rem, whereupon she hastily apologizes while Centorea rushes over, worried if Kimihito is okay.

Rem apologizes again for giving Kimihito a nightmare, although he doesn't understand what she's talking about. Centorea then introduces Kimihito and Rem and explains that Rem is a Nightmare, a Centaur subspecies with the unique ability to give sleeping people nightmares.

Centorea asks Rem for the advice she wants from her, to which Rem explains that she doesn't have enough reliable partners to give nightmares to. Kimihito throws in that she gave him one a second ago, but Rem explains that such good chances are few and far between since most people live in houses and trespassing is not a option for her. So, Rem has no choice and must look for people who sleep in public places, but even those chances are rare and the constant search for sleepers around the clock has in turn left Rem chronically sleep deprived to her despair.


Rem is horrified at the idea of stopping giving nightmares to others.

Kimihito doesn't really understand these worries and asks Rem if she even has to give people nightmares and if not, she could just stop. Rem, however, is totally horrified at the idea and say's it is not a option, since giving nightmares is part of the Nightmare's identity and raison d'etre. Kimihito reluctantly says he can understand that, although he notes that Rem's expression doesn't exactly inspire confidence.

Centorea, not sure what to think of it either, asks Rem that she has no serious intentions of asking her to find someone for Rem to give nightmares to, to which Kimihito also questions whether anyone would agree with that. Centorea thinks for a moment and then asks Kimihito if Miia and Papi are in the house and if they are sleeping, so maybe Rem could give them nightmares. However, due to his care for the girls, Kimihito refuses, adding that nobody is home today, anyway.

The nightmare torture[]


Rem uses her pendulum to hypnotically put Centorea to sleep.

Seeing no other option, Centorea makes herself available for Rem to give her nightmares. Rem is happy by this idea while Kimihito expresses his concern about it. Centorea points out that Rem should come back at night fall, but Rem explains that she expected something like this to happen, so she learned some hypnosis that she can use to put Centorea to sleep regardless of the time of day. As Rem hovers her pendulum in front of Centorea's face, Centorea is unsure if this will even work since Centaurs are quite light sleepers. However, she falls asleep very quickly.

In her nightmare, Centorea wakes up in a huge but completely empty room. After she's calmed down a bit, she prepares for an potential threat (imagining a fearsome beast) that she believes will face her as a nightmare. Instead, to Centorea's astonishment, she sees Kimihito, who suddenly appears in her dream, although strangely he seems very nervous and says something about Centorea's chest. The next moment, her breasts start to get bigger and bigger, to the point where her shirt is coming off. Horrified, Centorea wakes up from the nightmare, with Rem, who has been watching the sleeping Centauride with Kimihito, asking her what she thinks of her nightmare.

Centorea angrily tells Rem not to give her such distasteful things as a nightmare, to which Rem uncertainly says that a nightmare is distasteful. Centorea angrily says that what Rem considers "distasteful" is the problem, though Rem responds by saying that that's just her "personal Nightmare style". This casual remark only enrages Centorea more, however, and she tells Rem not to talk about it like she's discussing music or something.

Unsure, Kimihito then asks Centorea what kind of dream she saw anyway, but Centorea ignores him and tells Rem to give her a dream about fighting something. However, Rem then says that if Centorea wants to see the dream, it's not really a nightmare then. Centorea reluctantly agrees, although she is still furious. Unnoticed by the three, however, another person overhears the argument from a distance, and the person pricked up by hearing the word "nightmare".

Meanwhile, Rem suddenly holds her pendulum in front of Centorea's face again and says it's time for the next nightmare. Startled, Centorea backs away and clarifies that Rem hadn't previously said anything about giving her not just one, but multiple nightmares. However, Centorea's protest is lost, when she quickly falls asleep again under Rem's hypnosis.


A proud but sinister smile.

As a result, Centorea suffers a whole series of nightmares in which she has to deal with unpleasant things, such as standing naked in a town. Horrified, Centorea wakes up every time and begs for a break, but Rem is deaf to her pleading and just keeps giving her the next nightmare right away. After the ordeal, Centorea is pretty much at the ends of her mental stress limit, but Rem proudly says that the last nightmare was intended to be quite the horror.

Worried, Kimihito asks Centorea if she's okay, but she only asks, traumatized, if she's really awake, whereupon Kimihito tries to calm her down. The next moment, however, he and Rem are suddenly approached by a stranger who asks if she can ask them a quick question.

A new partnership[]

The next time Centorea wakes up, Kimihito asks her how she is, worried. Centorea is still a little dazed from all the nightmares and realizes that this time she didn't have any nightmares, but she also didn't have any normal dreams either and it almost like she didn't sleep at all; at this, a strange voice then speaks up, stating that it seemed that it worked as intended. The woman apologizes for her late introduction and introduces herself as Bahkurin. When she adds that she is a Baku, Kimihito, who has apparently heard of Baku, asks if this is the species that eats dreams, which Bahkurin proudly confirms.

Bahkurin goes on to rave about having recently come to Japan with the Interspecies Exchange Program and even found a wonderful homestay. However, she now has the problem that she cannot eat enough nightmares because her host says that since she has been with him, he only has happy dreams, and the search for sleepers is just so trouble-some for her. Kimihito doesn't quite know what to make of this and wonders if Bahkurin is bragging about her abilities. However, Rem can fully understand Bahkurin's point of view, since she herself has trouble finding sleepers.


Rem and Bahkurin form a "perfectly symbiotic relationship".

A little embarrassed, Bahkurin explains that she can get by with normal dreams and food, but that sometimes she just wants to eat a nightmare, which Rem totally understands. This is also why Bahkurin ended up dropping by when she heard Rem talking about nightmares, to which Rem says it was "the work of fate" or more appropriately a miracle that they both met. The two then solemny decide to form a "perfectly symbiotic relationship" in which Rem gives other people nightmares while Bahkurin eats the nightmares.


Rem and Bahkurin want to give Centorea more nightmares, much to Kimihito's annoyance.

However, after the two have decided to do so, they state that they still have the problem of finding someone who is okay with giving them nightmares. Until then, the two decide to continue with Centorea. Kimihito, worried about Centorea's mental health and angry that Rem and Bahkurin aren't taking care of it, shouts out loud that that's enough, and that they can instead give him the nightmares so they can let Centorea go. Centorea, who is in a very traumatized state, tries to calm him down by saying that it's fine since she thinks this is all a nightmare anyway.

Zoological Classification[]

Main article: Centaur

Nightmares are a demihuman subspecies of Centaur that can enter the dreams of sleeping individuals and create nightmares, although the exact reason why Nightmares must give other people nightmares, except from that it is part of the Nightmare culture, isn't explained. If a individual is awake, a Nightmare can also use hypnosis to put the person into sleep, although this skill must be learned as hypnosis is not an innate ability of the Nightmares.


  • In their debut chapter Rem is simply called "Nighdrem". In contrast to the other Centaur girls in the Centorea Act (except Cheron), Rem's first name instead of her surname was not revealed before the omake of Volume 17.
  • After Lilith, Rem is the second character in the manga series that can use hypnosis, but in contrast to Lilith, Rem uses a pendulum because her hypnosis is a learned skill and not a natural skill of her species.
  • She considers "thinking about what can cause nightmares" as her hobby.
  • She recently has gained the problem of having a lot of nightmares herself.
  • Her last name is probably a pun on the word nightdream and the first, REM, which stands for rapid eye movement that is associated with sleeping state.


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