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The following are quotes said by or relating to Rem Nighdrem. Quotes may vary slightly depending on whether readers use the official or fan-based translations.


Volume 17[]

"I...I'm sorry...It's just you looked so peaceful in your afternoon nap there. Before I knew it, I'd given you a nightmare..."
Rem apologizes to Kimihito in their first encounter, Chapter 69
"I've been hanging around town and looking for...People napping in the park or...drunks asleep in front of the station at night. Giving them nightmares because I have no other choice. Yet even those chances are slim..."
Rem, Chapter 69
"Well, do you even need to give people nightmares to begin with...? If not, can't you just..."
"Not possible! To give nightmares is our identity, our raison d'etre! It is not something to be merely thrown aside so casually!"
"I mean...well...I guess I understand, but...Making that face while you're explaining it doesn't exactly inspire confidence..."
Kimihito talks to Rem about the need for her to give nightmares to others, Chapter 69
"Don't give me such distasteful things as a nightmare!"
"B...But...that's what a nightmare is supposed to be. Right?"
"What you consider distasteful is the problem!"
"Th...That's just my personal nightmare style. so..."
"Don't say it like you're discussing music or something!"
Centorea is angrily about the nightmare Rem caused her, Chapter 69
"Well...If you want to see the dream it's not really a nightmare then. Right?"
Rem to Centorea, Chapter 69
"I shall give nightmares and...!"
"I shall eat them!! A perfectly symbiotic relationship as they say~!!"
Bahkurin and Rem form a partnership, Chapter 69