Ren Kunanzuki
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Kana () (ナン) (ヅキ) レン
Romaji Kunanzuki Ren
Voiced by Akane Fujita
Juliet Simmons (English voice)
Physical Appearance
Age ???
Gender Female.png Female
Personal Profile
Occupation Student
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 26
Anime Episode 7 (Cameo)

Ren Kunanzuki (九菜月レン, Kunanzuki Ren) is the daughter of Rachnera Arachnera's first host family. She tried - and failed - to adopt Rachnera back into her family out of guilt for her parents selling her.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Ren is a young human girl. She has a slim figure and likes to wear her hair in twintails. Her normal attire is her school uniform, which is a common sailor fuku. She also likes to wear with black thigh high socks to complete her outfit.

Personality[edit | edit source]

She has a bad habit of unintentionally insulting people without actively trying to, making unintentionally a rude person. This is mostly due to her way of treating unexpected events. She thinks about any obstacle or strange thing as a challenge to overcome. When she's like that, she's nearly unstoppable and will go to the end of this challenge whatever the cost.

She is overcome with guilt about Rachnera being sold by her parents because of her. She tries to convince the other girls to let the Arachne to come back to her house in order to redeem herself.

Skills and Traits[edit | edit source]

  • Indomitable Will: While Ren is perfectly human, she seems to have a unusual willpower and sense of responsibility. She's ready to do anything to achieve her goals. However, because of her naivety, most of the situations she wants to overcome are the result of her own misunderstandings.

Plot[edit | edit source]

In chapter 26, Ren tries to bring Rachnera back to her family (which was her previous host family). When Rachnera was living at her house, Ren surprised her and the arachne's claw accidentally hurt Ren. Because of that, Ren's parents sold Rachnera to Kasegi.

When Ren comes to Kimihito's house, she takes everything as a challenge to bring Rachnera back and everyone can see her impressive motivation and the girls in the house don't know how to stop her.

Kimihito eventually simply refused to let her readopt Rachnera because she kept treating Rachnera like a challenge to overcome and gain experience from, instead of an actual person, something that he claims is just rude and selfish. For that reason, Kimihito cannot let someone as inconsiderate as her take care of Rachnera. Hearing his reason why, Ren swiftly leaves, claiming to Kimihito that she understands, and will start again from scratch, while forgetting to get back her uniform and return Meroune's clothes. It is unknown whether she misunderstood the meaning of Kimhito's lecture or actually realized that she was in the wrong this whole time.

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