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The following are quotes said by or relating to Ren Kunanzuki. Quotes may vary slightly depending on whether readers use the official or fan-based translations.


Volume 6[]

"Nice to meet you! I'm Kunanzuki Ren! I used to be part of Rachnera-san's host family!"
Ren introduces herself to Kimihito's homestay girls when they first meet, Chapter 26
"...I see... this must be one of the problems with Extraspecies people..."
Papi (confused)
"Let me see just how mentally impaired you are! You're trying to test me if I can put up with your problems, right?! This is a test, right?!"
Ren insults Papi without realizing or wanting to when she misinterprets the Harpy's forgetfulness to remember her (Ren's) name as a "test", Chapter 26
"This is a test to see if I can endure the fashion tastes and hobbies of Extraspecies people, right?!"
Mero (confused)
"I'm fine with anything! No matter how embarrassing the outfit, I'll wear it! Now, what will you make me wear next?! Bloomers?! A bunny girl? What embarrassing getup will you put me in next?!"
Ren insults Mero's fashion taste without realizing or wanting to when she mistakenly interprets the Mermaid's gesture of lending her one of her gothic lolita dresses as a "test", Chapter 26
"I won't lose to her!! Even if I don't win! If I can endure it all forever, then I won't lose to her! I'm prepared to do that! I'm prepared to tackle and endure any kind of test! I'll endure this pressure interview! And the barn-like smell of this room! No matter what challenges come my way, I'll endure all of them!"
Ren passionately proclaims to Centorea that she will not "lose" to Rachnera, insulting the Centauride without realizing or wanting to, Chapter 26
"I'm Kunanzuki Ren. Our family used to be Rachnera-san's host family. It's embarrassing to say... but we sold our rights as a host family to someone else for money... we're really ashamed of ourselves! We want to turn over a new leaf! I want to welcome Rachnera-san into the family, and try to overcome this hardship again! We couldn't do it before... we might not be able to do it now, but... we want to grow as a family by overcoming the problems that Rachnera-san will bring into our life! No matter how hard it will be! We'll endure this challenge and overcome it!"
Ren introduces herself to Kimihito and tells him that she and her family want to host Rachnera again, Chapter 26
"I... I... I understand! I'll try again from the start!! I'll definitely overcome this challenge!!"
Ren runs out of the Kurusu house after Kimihito tells her that he thinks she's rude and selfish and that he therefore refuses to surrender his rights as Rachnera's host to her, Chapter 26