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The following is a description of Ren Kunanzuki's relationships and interactions with other characters in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls.


Kimihito Kurusu[]

Ren and Kimihito didn't get off to a good start together. After Ren presented him with her request to host Rachnera again in Chapter 26, Kimihito refused as he found Ren to be pushy and rude and saw that she hadn't shown any consideration of the feeling and comfort for Liminals and treating them like a difficult experience for her to brag about surviving later. Ren then ran out of the Kurusu house saying she would try again from the start.

As later revealed in Monster Musume: Monster Girls on the Job!, Ren has thought a lot about Kimihito's words since then and finally decided to work at the Cafe Marsha to get some practice being polite. She also apologized for all the trouble she caused at the Kurusu house and since then she and Kimihito have a better relationship with each other, noticing that Ren must have taken the advice of his homestay girls to heart.

As Kimihito thinks to himself, when he first met Ren he was worried about her future, but he think that the work at the café had improved her social skills a lot. He also hopes that Ren at this rate may someday be able to have a casual conversation with Rachnera.


After Ren unwittingly caused an accident to occur in which Rachnera clawed her, Ren's parents sold their hosting rights of Rachnera to Kasegi. Ren's exact opinion to Kasegi is not entirely clear but she mentions him briefly in Chapter 26 when she talked to Centorea. Ren has presumably mistrusted Kasegi from the start when her parents sold Rachnera to him, after he calling himself a "free agent".

Kimihito's homestay girls[]


Ren and Miia didn't get off to a good start with each other, although Ren seems to have a rather neutral opinion of Miia. When Kimihito's homestay girls let Ren participate in their daily lives in Chapter 26, Ren thought that Miia's home-cooked food smelt like "bug repellent", but she tried to eat it regardless and with an almost obsessive zeal, considering it as a test she would have to pass to show that she could live with a Liminal.

Miia on the other hand really isn't sure what to make of Ren and her obsession with all the supposed "tests" and thinks she's a rude person. She was also quite depressed that Ren, like everyone else, found her home-cooked food so terrible, and after Ren described the smell of Centorea's room as "barn-like", Miia felt it was truly a pain that Ren didn't know when to keep her mouth shut either.


Ren and Papi didn't have a good start together. When they first met in Chapter 26, Papi kept forgetting Ren's name, but Ren mistakenly assumed that this was a "Liminal problem" and that Papi planned to test her to see if she can put up with this. In accordance with her former personality, Ren insulted Papi without wanting to or noticing it.

Papi, on the other hand, seems to have a more neutral relationship with Ren, as she seemed more confused than offended when Ren told her to show her how "mentally impaired" she was.

Centorea Shianus[]

Centorea was suspicious of Ren and her intention to host Rachnera again after learning from Ms Smith that Rachnera's original host family had sold her to Kasegi. While Centorea understood that living with Rachnera may be difficult, she didn't want Rachnera to face the same dilemma again, and saw Ren's visit in Chapter 26 as a good chance to test if she's prepared to take Rachnera in.

Ren doesn't seem to have any particular opinion about Centorea and when the Centauride had a face-to-face conversation with her in her room (which was more like a stress interview), Ren stated firmly that even if she couldn't win against Rachnera, she would never back down. Consistent with her former personality, Ren also unknowingly insulted Centorea by saying that her room had a "barn-like smell". Centorea was deeply shocked and offended by this and later viewed Ren as a rude person, although she also felt that the girl was truly prepared to take Rachnera on.

Later, during their second encounter at Cafe Marsha as part of the Liminal Employment Pilot Program, Centorea was unpleasantly surprised to see Ren again after her first bad impression. However, Ren apologized to Kimihito for all the trouble she caused at the Kurusu house and since then she and Centorea seem to get along and Ren taught her and Manako the basics of working as a maid.


Unlike the other homestay girls, Ren has not interacted with Suu in a conversation and their relationship seems more or less neutral. After Ren spilled some of Miia's stew on her seifuku, Suu pounced on the girl and began licking her off with her usual tentacle groping. Ren was startled by this at first, but she mistakenly assumed that this is how Liminal people would show their feelings. She then ripped off her school uniform so that Suu could "communicate" with her even more, but the school uniform landed on Miia, whereupon Ren was confused as Suu now identified Miia as the new target and pounced on the Lamia.

Meroune Lorelei[]

Ren and Mero didn't get off to a good start when they met first in Chapter 26. After Kimihito's other homestay girls cleaned up Ren's filthy seifuku, Mero temporarily gave Ren one of her gothic lolita dresses, with the Mermaid thinking Ren looked great in it. However, Ren mistakenly assumed (and much to Mero's confusion) that wearing the gothic lolita dress was a test to see if Ren can endure the fashion tastes of Liminal people, with Ren also proclaiming that she was willing to wear any outfit, no matter how embarrassing it was. As usual, Ren didn't realize that she was insulting Mero, who was shocked that Ren found her fashion taste "embarrassing".

Later, after Kimihito refused Ren's request to host Rachnera again, Ren ran out of the Kurusu house, not realizing that she was still wearing Mero's dress and had left her school uniform behind. Mero called after her in dismay, but Ren didn't hear her. It is currently unknown what Mero has thought of Ren since then, although she may have overlooked the loss of her dress in the end.

As later revealed in Monster Musume: Monster Girls on the Job!, Ren liked wearing Mero's dress so much that it ended up being her reason to work at Café Marsha because it allowed her as a maid to wear a dress while working.

Rachnera Arachnera[]

Ren had once startled Rachnera who then accidentally clawed her, prompting her parents to sell their hosting rights to a conman. Ren felt a great deal of guilt for this and attempted to set things rights by re-applying for the homestay program getting Rachnera to come back to her and to have Rachnera's current host to sign a contract. Ren failed as Kimihito refused to sign the contract due to Ren seeing Rachnera as a challenge and not a person.

As later stated in Monster Musume: Monster Girls on the Job!, unlike the rest of her family, Ren's feelings toward Rachnera are more complicated and she still feels guilty about what happened.


Ren and Lala didn't directly interact with each other in Chapter 26, but presumably due to Ren's unintentional rudeness towards the other homestay girls, Lala found the girl unsympathetic. When Papi reproachfully asked the Dullahan why, unlike the other homestay girls, she didn't try to stop Ren, Lala said that it's not that she liked Ren and therefore had no reason to stop her.



Due to her work at the MON, Manako knew about the scandal in which Rachnera was sold to Kasegi by her original host family, but never learned Ren's name in the process. It wasn't until Monster Musume: Monster Girls on the Job! that the two met, with Manako being slightly shocked when Kimihito told her about Ren's connection to the incident. Still, their mutual collaboration worked well during the Liminal Employment Pilot Program at Café Marsha, when Ren taught Manako and Centorea the basics of working as a maid.