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Nickname Zaane (in fan translation)
Physical Appearance
Monster Species Satyr
Gender Female Female
Height 168 cm
B-W-H B94(H)-W59-H85
Monster Profile
Occupation Farm Hand
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 56

Saane is a Satyr and the de facto leader of the Satyresses living at the Black Lily Ranch.

Appearance Edit

Saane is a dark-skinned woman of average height. She has light hair and large breasts, and usually wears fingerless sleeves on her arms.

As a Satyr, Saane's most notable features are her long goat horns, goat ears and tail, and her legs are covered in fur and end in hooves.

Personality Edit

Saane is said to be the most lustful Satyr on the Black Lily ranch, which is likely why other Satyr's defer to her. While she is omnisexual like all Satyrs, if pressed she prefers men over women.[1]

It's implied that Saane may be xenophilic at heart, as she finds it more awkward to be milked by a fellow Satyr than by any other species.[1]

Skills & Traits Edit

  • Satyr Physiology:
    • Goat Horns: Satyrs use their horns to attack when fighting. However, Saane's long horns make for an easy place for someone to grab her and pull her away.[2]
    • Lactation: As a Satyr, Saane constantly lactates just like her Pan cousins.[1]
    • Sexual Libido: Satyrs and Satyresses have a hyper strong libido that has led to their species becoming most famous for their active pursuit of sex and all things sexual. When aroused, they seem to harbour no discrepancy for the age, gender or species of their consort, and only care for the amount of sexual gratification they can give and obtain from them. Due to this, Satyrs are also the only known Liminal species immune to the effects of the Full Moon, as their libido simply cannot go any higher.[3]
  • Sexual Techniques: Both because of her own hypersexuality and studying Kimihito Kurusu's milking techniques, Saane is very skilled at pleasuring others. When Mil attacked Saane during a full moon, the Satyress effortlessly incapacitated the Minotaur by fondling her until she collapsed from the orgasmic pleasure.[3]



Zoological ClassificationEdit


A Satyr is a caprine demihuman race possessing characteristics of a goat, including a pair of curled horns on the head (although not as curled as a Pan), a small tail, ungulate ears, and hoofed feet. Their skin tends to be dark, and they are a tad shorter than the average human.

Similar in nature to the Pan, Satyrs also represent nature and fertility in Grecian and Roman mythology, however, whereas the Pan represent innocence and virginal purity, Satyrs represent energetic spirituality and the instinctive pursuit of sexual pleasure. Frequently depicted in human art engaging in sexual acts with all manner of beings (including but not limited to gods, nymphs, centaurs, other satyrs or human men, women and boys), they are also known for their association with the gods Dionysus and Pan.

Trivia Edit

  • A female Satyr is known as a "Satyress", while a child Satyr is known as a "Satyrisk".
    • While their lustful nature follows that of the legends told about them, the idea of female Satyrs is a post-Roman concept, as Satyrs are actually an all-male race in Greek Mythology. Instead, Nymphs are considered to be their female counterparts.
  • A man who has hypersexuality is known as having "Satyriasis" (named after the Satyr), while a woman who has hypersexuality is known as having "Nymphomania" (named after the Nymph).

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