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The following are quotes said by or relating to Saane. Quotes may vary slightly depending on whether readers use the official or fan-based translations.


Volume 14[]

"So this is where you were, newbie!!"
Saane to Kimihito, Chapter 57
"Well now, aren't we a good little worker! You set an alarm and everything~Just as I was planning to slip right in while you were asleep, too~♥"
"Hey wai- what?! W-what're you doing here...?!"
Kimihito Kurusu
"What do you mean "What?" Isn't it obvious~? You managed to get away last night, so I'm back for a little revenge!! Nooow then~ seems like you're the one always doing the milking, Mr. Newbie... So today it's your turn to get milked~♥"
Saane to Kimihito as she sneaks naked into his bed in the morning to try to have sex with him, Chapter 58
"The truth is, you got turned on when we watched you girls getting milked, didn't you? Besides, you gave us such good reactions...be honest...you love this kind of things, don't you? I meab, you Pans actually...really love naughty things, don't you? Always saying, "we've got no choice" was code for "we really want to do lots of naughty things", wasn't it...♥ You don't need to say anything, we're gonna do lots of naughty stuff together from now on...♥"
Saane seduces Freesia, Chapter 59
"No more boring farm work, and on top of that all you can squeeze tits!! And we're getting paid for it!! Three birds with one stone!!"
Saane is happy with the current situation at the ranch, while Kimihito, Cathyl and Merino are not so sure what to think, Chapter 59
"Anyway...so why didn't you girls lose control during the full moon?"
"Oh, that? Didn't you know? Us Satyrs are full-on horny 24/7, 365. No way some moon is gonna affect us!"
Saane explains to Kimihito why Satyrs are immune to the full moon, Chapter 59