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Physical Appearance
Age Unknown, but according to her own statement she is more than 3000 years old.
Monster Species Mummy
Gender Female Female
Hair black with gold streaks
Eye light violet
Monster Profile
Relatives Family Letopolis
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 82

Sekmeti is a female Mummy who is the head of the Letopolis family and also an avid Duel Monmusus player, as her species created this card game. She makes her debut in Chapter 82.


Sekmeti is a buxom Mummy with brownish skin and long black hair which has some golden streaks. She wears ancient Egyptian theme jewelleries that consist of a golden necklet, a pair of bracelets, a pair of golden armlets, and a girdle that hangs loosely around her hips. She has light violet eyes.

Like the rest of her subspecies, her clothes are made of bandages wrapped around her body which leaves her torso mostly bared as well as wrapping her large breasts tightly. She also wears a headdress that appears to be made up of bandages, shaped like cat ears with an eye in front along with a pair of white high-heels.


As a Mummy and head of the Letopolis family, Sekmeti has a proud side and is also a bit archaic. Since Sekmeti also took part in designing the card game, she has a great fondness for Duel Monmusus, claiming that her species decides everything in a duel, regardless of whether they are important things like her fate or a contract to her card business or more normal matters like what she's having for dinner. Sekmeti has an almost obsessive and enthusiastic passion for Duel Monmusus, even though she doesn't know the modern rules and prefers old tactics like the classic style.

Because of her prideful side, Sekmeti can be resentful towards those who bump into her (even if accidentally), and in such cases she will insist that the matter be settled with a game of Duel Monmusus between her and the perpetrator. She can also appear very smug when she believes that she already has the victory in her bag, such as when she played against Kimihito in classic style which allowed her to summon as many powerful monsters as she wanted. On the other side, Sekmeti is also honourable as she sharply snapped at Kimihito when she thought that he was trying to lose to her on purpose, asking him if he was merely trying to torment Mr President (since Kimihito's victory against her decided Mr President's contract).

While Sekmeti appears sometimes hard and smug toward people she barely knows, she is actually very kind. After Kimihito won the duel against her in a surprising turn of events, she was speechless for a moment, but showed no resentment toward him and insisted on playing more duels against Kimihito, duelling so just for the fun of it. After eventually becoming friends with Kimihito and his homestay girls, Sekmeti began to show a much more relaxed and friendly side of herself.

She also cares about her friends, like when she was worried in Chapter 83 when Abul suddenly started to acting very oddly. But Sekmeti is also so far-sighted that she ask Kimihito and his homestay girl to help Abul instead of checking for Abul personally, because Sekmeti suspected that it's may be difficult for Abul to ask Sekmeti for help in such matter due to the Abul's previous servant relationship with her. In this regard, Sekmeti also treats Abul as an equal, even though she is technically her superior.

Sekmeti can also show a playful side towards her friends as she responds to Kimihito's hesitation on her request to remind him of his "dept" (the accident when he exposed her breasts), for which he has to "repy" her. But Sekmeti bear no longer an actual grudge against Kimihito in this regard and sees this incident more as a small, playful means of pressure that she can accuse him of forever.

Skills and Traits[]

Personal skills[]

  • Duel Monmusus player: As the card game company head of Duel Monmusus, Sekmeti is an experienced player, although she prefers to play in the "classic style" rather than the "modern style". This style allows Sekmeti to summon unlimited powerful monsters, making her a strong opponent. However, the focus on this type of deck also means that a player can immediately defeat Sekmeti and others like her by using a spell card like "Inferno Storm" (which requires both players to remove all monster cards from their decks) if their opponent only has monster cards in their deck.

Physical Traits[]

  • Mummy Physiology:
    • Mummification Process: A mummy's organs, including the brain, except the heart, are taken out from the body, soaked in antiseptic solution, wrapped with cloth and stored in a set of canopic jars.
    • Undead: As a Mummy, Sekmeti is undead.
    • Dependence of arid environments: According to the Mummy's infocard, arid environments save their bodies from decay even without preservation measures, although this arid environment also robbed their skin of its moisture, requiring them to take long baths to replenish their fluids.



Sekmeti fondly remembers her involvement in the creation of Duel Monmusus.

Sekmeti is a Mummy from ancient Egypt, the head of the Letopolis family and, according to her own statement, more than 3,000 years old. Even at that time it was part of the culture of the Mummies to settle all sort of matters with a duel, but originally these duels consisted of real and very barbaric blood sport. Eventually, the Mummies devised card duels to resolve such matters in a more elegant way, one of these games being Duel Monmusus.

Back then, Sekmeti was one of the few who took part in the designing of the game, something she is still very proud of today, thousands of years later. However, when she plays the game herself, Sekmeti still relies on the classic style and admits that she doesn't know the modern rules, which implies that she was involved in the creation of the original version of Duel Monmusus, but not in the ongoing adaption and development in the card game up to the present day.

Since ancient times, the Sphinxes have acted as servants to the Mummies. During Sekmeti's time in Letropolis, the Sphinx Abul worked to her and the two became close friends. Eventually, they traveled to Japan together as participants of the Interspecies Cultural Exchange Program some time before Chapter 82.


First encounter with Kimihito and his homestay girls[]

At the time of Chapter 82, Sekmeti was in contract negotiations with Mr President and his company that would see him receive a portion of the rights and profits of Sekmeti's card business. However, Mr President was also aware that Sekmeti would not sign the contract without first having a duel, and this posed a problem for Mr President as he could not play against Sekmeti himself due to his lack of knowledge of the rules of the card game. However, after learning from a report that a few years ago Kimihito was previously a good Duel Monmusus player, he ordered him and his homestay girls to his company in the hope that Kimihito would play for him. However, Mr President did not mentioned the reason for his request on the phone, but only said that Kimihito should bring his Duel Monmusus cards with him.


Kimihito accidentally exposes Sekmeti's breasts.

When Kimihito reaches the Black Lily Laboratory accompanied by Miia, Centorea and Lala, Sekmeti happens to walk past the group. However, she accidentally bumps into Kimihito's shoulder, causing him to drop one of his Duel Monmusus cards, and as he frantically tries to grab it, he accidentally lifts Sekmeti's bandages, exposing her breasts. Sekmeti reacts quite angrily, to which Kimihito, dismayed and embarrassed, tries to apologize and explains that he was just trying to grab his card. However, upon hearing this, Sekmeti challenges Kimihito to a duel to settle this matter, much to his confusion.

At that moment, however, Mr President appears, introduces Sekmeti to the group and reveals that he called them to have a duel with her. In the ensuing confusion, Mr President reveals to the group that the Mummies were the ones who created the card game Duel Monmusus, to which Sekmeti proudly adds how she took part in designing the game, although Kimihito and Miia are unsure about her claim that she is more than 3,000 years old.


Sekmeti announces her requirement for signing the contract: a card duel.

Mr President explains that the Mummies entrusted part of the rights to different company to make it a card game, but the Interspecies Exchange Program has ramped up business activities. As such, the Mummies came to sign a contract with his company. Sekmeti perks up when Mr President mentions the contract and announces, just as Mr President expected, that if he wants her to sign the contract, he must first defeat her in a duel. She explains that her species decides everything in a duel, be it their fates, their card business, or what they have for dinner. Sekmeti tells Mr President that if he wins, he can decide the rights and profits how he wishes, but if she wins, the deal is off, since they won't contract with a "weak duelist".


Sekmeti mockingly pressures Kimihito.

Mr President then tells Kimihito that this is the reason why he needs him to duel Sekmeti, because while he likes the business himself, he has no head for the game. Kimihito's homestay girls are initially sceptical as to why Mr President specifically arranged for this, although they are quite surprised when he shows them the report that Kimihito was a good Duel Monmusus player, who won a competition during a regional high school tournament. When Mr President tells Kimihito that he will cheer him on, Kimihito says that he never agreed to duel for him. However, Sekmeti taunts him that he will flee then, such as he planned on fleeing their little incident before, to pressure him into playing.

Duel with Kimihito[]


Sekmeti summon Brutal Eyes Jade Dragon.

With all of that said, Mr President leads Kimihito and Sekmeti to a room for them to duel, and Sekmeti explains that the rules for the duel are "classic style", which gives each player 4,000 life points and no card restrictions. Centorea and Lala are confused about what "classic style" means, although Kimihito knows exactly what that is and appears annoyed by it. Mr President cheers him on and asks him not to lose on purpose, Sekmeti begins the duel with an extremely powerful monster "Brutal Eyes Jade Dragon".


Confident of victory, Sekmeti reveals that her card deck consists exclusively of the strongest monster cards.

Miia and Centorea first protest that Sekmeti is summoning such a powerful monster in the first round, but Sekmeti explains that this is part of classic style; there are no costs for high-level monsters and Sekmeti reveals that her deck is a monster exclusive deck with the most powerful monster cards. This means that Sekmeti can summon as many monsters as she wants every turn, which is why she is so confident she'll win. Fortunately she said she can't attack on the first turn so Kimihito can make his move. Nevertheless, Miia and Centorea are worried how Kimihito can win against Sekmeti when she can summon such powerful monsters at any time.


Kimihito sacrifices his playing card seemingly pointlessly...

However, to everyone's amazement/dismay, Kimihito summons a Haru Ranman monster that has no attack. Uncertain about this strange move, Centorea suspects that Kimihito has a plan, but to everyone's dismay, Kimihito orders his monster to "attack" Sekmeti's monster. As expected, Kimihito's monster self-destructs, dealing 3,000 damage, while Brutal Eyes Jade Dragon remains completely unaffected by this move. Angrily, Sekmeti calls Kimihito a "fool" and asking him if he's just trying to torment Mr President. As he watched the duel, Mr President imagines in horror what he must have to cancel if Kimihito loses the duel, which would result in his contract with Sekmeti being off.


... but this allows him to use a spell card with which he can immediately defeat Sekmeti due to her monster exclusive deck.

However, in a surprising twist, Kimihito reveals that this was part of his plan: because Haru Ranman had no attack points, he took exactly 3,000 in damage from Sekmeti's monster, and this allowed him to activate a spell card called "Inferno Storm". This spell card forces both sides to remove all monsters from their decks, and since Sekmeti's deck contains nothing but monster cards, she loses all of her cards while Kimihito still has his non-monster cards. As such, Sekmeti automatically loses.

Sekmeti is speechless for a few moments while Centorea explains to Mr President's confusion at this sudden victory that even the most powerful monsters are nothing against spell cards. However, Sekmeti then suddenly claims that this duel was just for that first incident of rudeness and she challenges Kimihito to another duel, which would then decide Mr President's contract. Dismayed, Mr President tries to stop this at it contradicts their previous agreement, but Kimihito accepts the challenge, while Sekmeti, when asked, insists on not changing her deck. As Mr President watches the duel in torment, Miia, Centorea and Lala wonders if Kimihito and Sekmeti are now playing against each other just for the fun of Duel Monmusus.

A friendly conversation and the beginning of several friendships[]


Sekmeti talks to Kimihito and his homestay girls about Duel Monmusus.

Finally, Sekmeti wins a game of Duel Monmusus against Kimihito, somewhat boastfully declaring her victory. Afterwards, Kimihito and his homestay girls have a pleasant conversation about the rules of Duel Monmusus, with Centorea being of the opinion that Sekmeti has truly dueled well, although Sekmeti says that she was only able to win 1 of 10 duels, whereby she notes that modern style is certainly difficult. They then talk about the classic style, with Kimihito saying that it's quite fun, Miia thinking that she might even like it better than modern style and Centorea adding that it is quite easy to understand. Sekmeti is pleased with these positive words, although she believes that the new cards are very powerful.

While Mr President makes phone calls in the background about the card game his company has planned, Kimihito and his homestay girls point out that one of the new cards can have 3 or 4 effects and just reading everything on the cards is a challenge. Sekmeti admits that this would have been unthinkable three thousand years ago. Miia and Centorea ask Sekmeti if they can duel them next time, but the Mummy turns to Kimihito and thanks him that through him she realized that truly one's character can be learning through dueling. A little embarrassed by Sekmeti's gratitude, Kimihito asks her if the unpleasant incident between him and her with the lifted bandages is now forgiven.


Mr President tries to get Sekmeti to sign the contract.

Before Sekmeti can give him an answer, Mr President interrupts the conversation and holds out his contract to Sekmeti so that she can sign it. However, he tells Kimihito and his homestay girls that they can now go home and says that he is "sure" that he will thank them "properly" later. Annoyed at his rude and ungrateful wording and treatment, Kimihito takes revenge on Mr President by telling Sekmeti that it would be better if she first got to know Mr President a little better before signing the contract, as it would be "a shame to leave all the amazing dueling to other people". Sekmeti agrees with him because she is of the opinion that dueling is something that must be done individually, much to Mr President's discomfort, as this means that he now has to play and win against Sekmeti himself before she finally signs his contract.

A little later, while Kimihito is teaching Mr President the rules of Duel Monmusus to prepare him for his duel that will decide his contract, Sekmeti plays a duel against Miia. Miia asks her if she doesn't want to learn the modern style but Sekmeti replies in a good mood that it's fine, because she's planning on sticking with the classic style.

A request for help from Sekmeti for Abul[]


Sekmeti tells Kimihito about Abul.

A few days later, at the Kurusu house, Sekmeti play another of Duel Monmusu with Kimihito while Centorea, Miia and Lala watch the two play. Sekmeti tells them about her friend Abul and that sheis a Sphinx. Kimihito asks Sekmeti that when she says "Sphinx" she means the Liminal species that likes to asks other people riddles and eat those who can't answer. Sekmeti confirms this to him, although she points out that Sphinxes don't really eat people. She explains that Sphinxes have acted as servants for Mummies since antiquity and that Abul not only comes from Letopolis like her, but came together with her for the Interspecies Exchange Program to Japan.

Sekmeti then thriumphantly plays Brutal Eyes Jade Dragon only for Kimihito to use his trap magic card "Tentacle Pit" to destroy her monster, to her dismay. Back to the topic, Sekmeti says that Abul is a huge fan of the series "Ikkyū-san" and that this is her main motivation for coming to Japan. But although Abul was thrilled at first when she came to Japan, she now acted very oddly, so Sekmeti was now pulled in the situation. While Sekmeti says this, at the same time she revives Brutal Eyes Jade Dragon by using the "Revivification" magic card. However, Kimihito counters by simply activating his magic card "Graveyard Controller", with which he exiled Sekmeti's resurrected monster, to her further dismay.


Sekmeti asks Kimihito to help Abul.

Back to the topic, Sekmeti asks for a favor from Kimihito to check on Abul in her stead, and see what troubling her. Kimihito is concerned if he can can give Abul advice because he has never met her before but Sekmeti assures him she'll let her know that he will come. She adds that she is Abul's friend, but also technically her superior, so it is may be difficult for Abul to ask her (Sekmeti) for help in such matters. Kimihito hesitantly agrees to her and also Centorea can fully understand Sekmeti's line of thought in this regard due to her own "servant" relationship with Kimihito.


Sekmeti reminding Kimihito how he offended her in the previous chapter.

Since Kimihito is still hesitant, Sekmeti uses a little leverage by saying that he still has "a dept to repay her" and that's why he wouldn't turn down such a request. By playfully lifting her bandages and exposing her breasts, she lets Kimihito know that she is referring to his mishap during their first encounter. Embarrassingly frustrated, Kimihito finally agrees to her request to help Abul.


Sekmeti loses again to Kimihito.

Now that this matter has been settled, Sekmeti then activates her ritual magic card and sends a level 8 monster to the graveyard, then she ritual summons "Brutal Eyes Chaos X Dragon" to attack Kimihito's life points directly. However, Kimihito activates his trap magic card "Magic Tube" to reflect her attack back at her causing her to lose the game. At that point Sekmeti throws up her cards in defeat.


Sekmeti watches Abul and the boys.

A day later, after Kimihito was with Abul and her problem was seemingly "solved", Sekmeti visit her together with Kimihito. As she watched how the nervous neighborhood boy try to solve Abul's riddle, she says happily that it seem that Abul is back to normal now, although Sekmeti don't really understand the situation. However, Kimihito doubt this and says that this could be bad since Abul told the boys as an incentive that they would be "eaten" by her as a reward for solving her riddle, which could be implied, due to Abul's shotacon complex, that she could then have sex with the boys.

Zoological Classification[]

Main article: Zombie

Mummies are a Zombie subspecies from dry desert areas. Their arid environment keeps them safe from decay and even without preservative measures, their bodies remain intact. However, their arid environment has also robbed their skin of its moisture, requiring them to take long baths to replenish their fluids. They also supplement this by sucking the life force out of young men to preserve their beauty, but this tragically functions only as a placebo.

Since many Mummies were ancient royalty or nobility in life, they often have difficult personalities.


  • Sekmeti's name is probably a pun on Sekhmet, the ancient Egyptian goddess of war.
  • As Sekmeti claims in Chapter 82, she is more than 3000 years old, which, if this is true, would make her the oldest known character in Monster Musume. However, since Mummies are undead, Sekmeti would still not be the oldest known living character in the series.
  • Since Sekmeti is the head of the Letopolis family, her full name is probably Sekmeti Letopolis.
    • Her family name and home country name is probably a pun on Latopolis or Letopolis which the latter is still called, as mentioned in Chapter 83.
  • In Chapter 82, Sekmeti says that Miia and Centorea's words to Duel Monmusus would warm her heart. In fact, this is an accurate formulation because while it is true that the ancient Egyptians removed several organs during mummification, in most cases the heart was almost always left inside the body, because they believed that the heart was the seat of all a person's physical and mental powers.
  • The bandages in the shape of cat ears worn by Sekmeti on her head are probably based on the fact that cats were worshiped in ancient Egypt. The eye in the middle of Sekmeti's headdress, on the other hand, probably stands for either the Eye of Ra (which symbolizes the sun) or the Eye of Horus (symbol of the light and sky god Horus).
  • Sekmeti has a noticeably more angular eye design compared to most other characters in Monster Musume, which is probably a reference to the art style of Kazuki Takahashi, the creator of the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise, the franchise on which the card game Duel Monmusu is based.

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