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The following are quotes said by or relating to Sekmeti. Quotes may vary slightly depending on whether readers use the offical or fan-based translations.


Volume 19[]

"You tactless oaf...! To be so violent in front of the head of the Letopolis family!"
Sekmeti (angrily)
"I-I'm sorry! I was just trying to grab my card! And I didn't intend to offend you! I'm sorry!"
"Oh? A card you say... let's settle this... with a duel!!"
Sekmeti challenges Kimihito to a card duel after he accidentally exposed her breasts during his first encounter with her, Chapter 82
"My species decides everything by duel! Our fate! Our card business! What to have for dinner! If you want to contract with us, show me your dueling prowess!! If you win, you can decide the rights and profits how you wish! However! If I prevail, the deal is off! We won't contract with a weak duelist!!"
Sekmeti announces their terms to Mr President and Kimihito before signing the contract, Chapter 82
"I know not your modern rules... this is the essence of... classic style dueling!! In classic style there's no cost to summon a monster! The dueling style of a by-gone better age!!"
Sekmeti explains somewhat smugly the rules of the classic style of Duel Monmusus, Chapter 82
"My deck contains only the most powerful monsters! A monster exclusive deck! I can summon as many as I want every turn! You have no chance of winning!! However I cannot attack on the same turn, so... for now, I end my turn! Come my next turn it will be the end for you!!"
Sekmeti smugly and victoriously announces the seeming hopelessness of Kimihito's victory over her in the card duel, Chapter 82
"Truly one's character can be learned through dueling. Once again I've come to realize that. You have my thanks, Duelist...!"
Sekmeti thanks Kimihito for the card duel they played together, Chapter 82
"Sphinxes have acted as servants for Mummies since antiquity. Abul and I are both from Letopolis where she worked for me. She's also a dear friend, and- we both came to Japan together under the Interspecies Exchange Program."
Sekmeti tells Kimihito and his homestay girls from her past with Abul, Chapter 83