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The following is a description of Sekmeti's relationships and interactions with other characters in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls.


Kimihito Kurusu[]

Sekmeti and Kimihito didn't get off to a good start, as during their first encounter in Chapter 82, Kimihito accidentally exposed her breasts while trying to grab a fallen playing card. This perceived act of impudence led to Sekmeti challenging Kimihito to a card duel, which would also determine whether Sekmeti would sign Mr President's contract if she lost to Kimihito. During the duel, Sekmeti appeared very confident of victory and seemed to view Kimihito as an inferior opponent, believing that he had no chance against her. Her negative opinion of Kimihito was further reinforced when it seemed to her that Kimihito was trying to lose to her on purpose, calling him a fool and asking him if he was merely trying to torment Mr President.

However, Sekmeti's opinion of Kimihito changed when, in a surprising turn of events, he won against her with a spell card. While Sekmeti was initially speechless, she showed no resentment towards him and challenged him to more duels. It is shown that she did this for the fun of it, showing that she had forgiven Kimihito and recognized him as a worthy opponent. Later, during a friendly discussion between Sekmeti, Kimihito and his homestay girls, Sekmeti also expressed her gratitude to Kimihito for having realized through him that "truly one's character can be learned through dueling", although Kimihito was slightly embarrassed by her gratitude.

In Chapter 83 it is seen that when Sekmeti asks Kimihito for help, when he is hesitant of her requests, she reminds him of his "dept" (the accident when he exposed her breasts), which he must to "repay" to her. In this regard, however, Sekmeti bear no actual grudge against Kimihito and sees the incident more as a small, playful means of pressure that she can accuse him of forever.

Mr President[]

At the time of Chapter 82, Sekmeti was in contractual negotiations with Mr President as to whether his company would receive a share of the rights and profits of Sekmeti's card business. While Sekmeti was not averse to the deal, as is customary in her culture, she insisted on settling the matter with a game of Duel Monmusus to decide whether she would sign Mr President's contract. Because of this, Kimihito had to step in as a player for Mr President to play against Sekmeti.

Sekmeti's opinion of Mr President is not entirely clear, but her accusation directed at Kimihito that he would try to lose to her on purpose in order to torment Mr President shows that she wanted Mr President to at least be given a fair chance for his contract. However, after Kimihito won the duel, which actually fulfilled the condition of the contract set by Sekmeti, she agreed to Kimihito's suggestion that it would be better if she first got to know Mr President a little better before signing with a personal duel against him, which meant that Mr President was forced to learned the rules of Duel Monmusus. This shows that although Sekmeti was not averse to Mr President's contract, she was also unsure whether she already knew him good enough to trust him in business dealings.

Kimihito's homestay girls[]


Sekmeti and Miia first met in Chapter 82, with Miia unsure what to make of Sekmeti's statement that she was over 3000 years old, and later when the Mummy played a card duel against Kimihito, Miia thought it was against the rules for Sekmeti to summon a level 8 monster on the first turn (although Miia didn't know that this was fully allowed in "classic style"). However, after the duel, Sekmeti and Miia became friends due to their mutual enthusiasm for Duel Monmusus, with Sekmeti saying that it would warm her heart that Miia might like the classic style better than the modern style. Later, Sekmeti also played a duel with Miia while Kimihito explained the effects of the playing cards to Mr President.

Centorea Shianus[]

Sekmeti and Centorea first met in Chapter 82, with Centorea thinking during the duel between Kimihito and Sekmeti that it was against the rules for the Mummy to summon a level 8 monster on the first turn (although Centorea didn't know that this was fully allowed in "classic style"). However, after the duel, Sekmeti and Centorea became friends due to their mutual enthusiasm for Duel Monmusus, with Centorea saying that Sekmeti played well, while Sekmeti said that it warmed her heart to hear from Centorea that the classic style was quite easy to understand.


Sekmeti didn't interact much with Lala, but later after her duel with Kimihito, Sekmeti had a pleasant conversation with her and Kimihito's other homestay girls, discussing the rules of Duel Monmusus. It can be assumed that, just like Miia and Centorea, Sekmeti also became friends with Lala because of their mutual enthusiasm for the card game.

Monster Community[]


Sekmeti and Abul are both originally from Letopolis and entered Japan together as participants of the Cultural Exchange Between Species Program. The two are old friends, although Sekmeti is also technically Abul's superior, as Sphinxes have acted as servants for the Mummies since the antiquity and when the two still lived in Letopolis, Abul also served Sekmeti. However, despite of this, the two share a mutual respect for each other and Sekmeti also cares about Abul's well-being, as seen in Chapter 83 as she asked Kimihito and his homestay girls for help when Abul started to acted very oddly. Sekmeti did not asks Abul personally about the problem because she suspected that it might be difficult for Abul to ask her for help since Sekmeti is her superior.

At the end of Chapter 83, Sekmeti was happy when she saw Abul asking riddles to the neighborhood boys and that the Sphinx was being back to "normal", even though Sekmeti don't really understand the situation. This dialogue could imply that despite her friendship with her, Sekmeti is unaware of Abul's shotacon complex.