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0107 Full A Cropped
Kana シャロン
Romaji Sharon
Voiced by Aya Saito
Physical Appearance
Monster Species Pan
Gender Female Female
Hair White
Eye Hazel
Monster Profile
Occupation Exchange Student
Media Debut
Game Monster Musume Online (31/3/2016)

Sharon (シャロン) is a Pan that appears in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Online.

She joins the liminal exchange program to become one of many potential homestay boarders for the player to host.


Sharon is a young woman of average size and has snow white hair. As a Pan, she has ram horns protruding from her head, as well as sheep ears, a tail, and reverse-jointed-hooved legs. Her body is also covered in a continuously-growing layer wool which must be periodically shaved away for hygiene and practicality purposes. While in the past they may have maintained a short layer of wool to cover themselves and otherwise gone nude, in modern times Pan Fauns and Satyrs seem to prefer to keep a short layer of wool on their legs, forearms and neck and have the rest of their body completely shaved bare like a human's; wearing conventional clothing to maintain modesty (although, in Sharon's case she prefers to have her neck and arms completely shaven as well, leaving only her legs still covered).

Sharon wears a dress of Country Lolita design with a green and red-rose theme.


Sharon is a quiet, well mannered woman, skilled as a domestic engineer and serving as a "maid" of the household.
Due to her people's association with "virgin purity", Sharon tries to maintain a chaste demeaner at all times. However, she is completely devoted to her "husband" and serving their whim.

She immediately designates the householder as her husband and devotes herself completely to serving them.

Skills and Traits[]

  • Pan Physiology:
    • Lactation: Just like Minotaurs and Satyrs, Sharon regularly produces quantities of breast milk, enough to fill a bucket. If she is not milked, her breasts become swollen and more heavier than usual, which is very uncomfortable, if not painful, for her.
    • Wool: Due to a Pan's sheep-like nature, Sharon's body is almost completely covered by thick wool. While it needs to be sheared often, as it gets uncomfortable for her if it's too long, it grows back within a week. The wool's softness and quality is superior than that of an ordinary sheep. Though Rachnera claims it is still an inferior clothing material than Spider Silk.

Hyper Rare
Personality Type
Devil Type
Level Max

Sharon's max affection points

Max Lvl.
100% Affection

Zoological Classification[]


A Pan Faun is a demihuman race possessing characteristics of a sheep, including a pair of curled horns on the head, a small tail, ungulate ears, and hoofed feet, and they are a tad shorter than the average human.

Presumed to be a subspecies of Satyr or Minotaur, wool grows out of every surface of their body, excluding the hooves, hands, fingers, and face. If left unchecked, this wool will grow at enough of a pace to become unbearable to the individual in question without occasional shearing. Pan fauns are, true to their nature, shy and sheepish in general, and see the shearing process as one of extreme embarrassment. As expected of the symbols of virginity (the sheep), they are all protective of their chastity.


  • Sharon was released as part of the Event: Desire for the Clover of Happiness (31/3/2016 - 11/4/2016) in-game event.
  • Sharon refers to the householder as her "master" or "husband". Using a Japanese term for "husband" that denotes that he is the head of the household and that she is subservient to him.
  • Sharon reveals that, because Pan Fauns were a tribe of sheep, they were often sacrificed in the past.

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