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Physical Appearance
Monster Species Silverfish (Liminal)
Gender Female Female
Monster Profile
Occupation Student at the Grimoire High School (temporarily)
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 78

Shii-Mii is a Silverfish Liminal girl who, like many other people, was drawn into the world of Arbatel by the magic of the Grimoire and a second year student at the Grimoire High School for a time. While Kimihito and his homestay girls were trying to discover Arbatel's true identity, Shii-Mii, due to her connection to books, was one of the three Liminal girls (alongside Maika and Aya) they suspected of being Arbatel in transformation, although this suspicion was ultimately proven wrong.


Shii-Mii is a young woman with light- colored hair that is braided into a very long braid at the back of her head and hangs low in the front of her face, which mostly hides her large eyes. As a Silverfish Liminal, Shii-Mii has two thin antennae on her head and a total of four arms ending in three-fingered hands with chitinous claws. Her teeth are very pointy.

During her time in the grimoire, Shii-Mii wore the usual school uniform, consisting of a seifuku with a plaid skirt. She also wore a striped headband and two long black knee socks.


Shii-Mii seems to have a slightly cheeky and playful side, as she keeps eating the school library books, despite being forbidden by the school library assistant Suzuki from doing so. She told Suzuki that she would only eat the old books that would normally be thrown anyway, although this is more of an excuse as she continued to try to eat the Library books in amusement, even though Suzuki had instead offered her Japanese paper to eat. As suggested by Miia, Shii-Mii did this on purpose as she wanted Suzuki to pay attention to her, showing that she is also somewhat manipulative.

As stated in Shii-Mii's future dreams in Chapter 80, she wants to become an apprentice paper maker, so she can tell the other Silverfish Liminals how delicious the special traditional Japanese paper is. This shows that Shii-Mii also wants to do something for her people, but her hesitant pauses implies that she still has uncertainties about the plan.

Skills & Traits[]

Physical Traits[]

  • Silverfish Physiology:
    • Paper nutrition: As a Silverfish, Shii-Mii can feed on books and any other form of paper. The age of the books seems to affect its taste, as Shii-Mii describes the old books in the Grimoire library as "not tasting very good".
    • Four arms: As a Silverfish, Shii-Mii has four arms with fingers ending in sharp chitinous claws.


Shii-Mii was one of the numerous people whose consciousness was absorbed into the magical world of the Grimoire High School by Arbatel, although the exact circumstances of how this happened are unknown. Like everyone else, Shii-Mii was brainwashed by the enchanted school uniform and really believed that she was a second year student at Grimoire High School.

During her time at the school, Shii-Mii developed a romantic interest in the human school library assistant Suzuki. To get his attention, Shii-Mii started chewing on the school library books on purpose, much to Suzuki's displeasure.


Shii-Mii is first mentioned in Chapter 78 when Kuroko Smith tells the three unnamed Liminal girls (a Werewolf, a Vampire and a Frankenstein's Monster) about the Silverfish girl and that she has trouble with Suzuki. After Kimihito, his household girls and the MON-team suspects that the Grimoire Arbatel is a shapeshifter, Shii-Mii comes under their suspicion since she, Maika and Aya are the only three Liminal girls with a connection to books. Miia and Papi agree to secretly monitor Shii-Mii to find out if she really is Arbatel in disguise.

Shii-Mii appears in Chapter 79 where she eats the pages of a dictionary in the back of the school library. She tells herself that the book doesn't taste very good, although that doesn't bother her too much, and she's already getting ready to eat the next book. Before Shii-Mii can do that, however, Suzuki hits her with a book and annoyedly points out that he has often told her not to eat the library books.


Suzuki gives Shii-Mii the unbleached, traditionally made paper.

With mock embarrassment, Shii-Mii apologizes and says that she has decided to only eat the old books, which would be thrown away anyway. Suzuki strictly clarifies that Shii-Mii isn't the one who has to decide that. Still sighing, Suzuki hands Shii-Mii a wad of paper, to her confusion, explaining to her that it is unbleached, naturally sourced, traditionally made paper, Japanese style. A little embarrassed, Suzuki explains that it's not good for Shii-Mii to eat this old gross library books, so he wants to give her the papers instead. He adds that she doesn't have to worry if her stash runs out, as she can just ask him if she needs new paper.


Better a library book than paper.

Shii-Mii thinks for a moment, but then she giggles cheekily and bites into another library book instead of the paper. As Suzuki scolds her and tells her to stop they are watched by the members of the library committee who comment to themselves that the two are cute together. Unnoticed by everyone, however, Shii-Mii is observed by Miia and Papi, with Miia holding a newspaper in front of her face as camouflage and Papi is holding a bird book (although the Harpy is holding the book upside down).

Miia surveys the situation and is certain that Shii-Mii is eating the books on purpose. Papi wonders about it, to which Miia tells her that Shii-Mii wants Suzuki to pay attention to her and to get that, she chews on the library books. Papi finds this weird and questions how Miia wants to know that, to which the Lamia replies that Papi is probably "too young" to understand (although the Harpy is the same age as herself). Miia refocuses on the task and triumphantly says that all they have to do is keeping monitoring Shii-Mii to find out if she really is Arbatel in transformation.

However, Papi asks Miia again and still doesn't seem to understand what she means. Annoyed, Miia starts explaining again that Suzuki works in the library, but Papi interrupts her saying she means something else. Papi points out that Arbatel as a grimoire is a book herself and asks if it wouldn't be cannibalism if she, even transformed into Shii-Mii, would eat books. Miia is taken aback by this logical objection and is hesitant to give Papi an answer as she begins to think herself that maybe Shii-Mii isn't Arbatel in transformation.

Papi's suspicions were finally proven correct as Arbatel was not Shii-Mii but Honma Shiori in disguise.

It is believed that Shii-Mii was safely sent back to the normal world after Arbatel released everyone's absorbed consciousness in Chapter 80.

Zoological Classification[]

Main article: Insectoid

Silverfish are an insectoid pseudohuman race of beings who are known for being solitary, shy, residing within humid environments and are known for eating the paper of old books and newspaper (although their diet is not limited to just paper).


  • Although Shii-Mii is a second year student, it is unknown if her consciousness was actually absorbed by the grimoire two years ago. Since the cases of unconscious people caused by the grimoire were only known a short time before Chapter 74, it is also possible that Arbatel, using false memories from the enchanted school uniforms, led Shii-Mii to believe that two years had passed.
  • Although Shii-Mii has been identified as a Silverfish Liminal, her largely paper and book-based diet is actually a characteristic of paperfishes, which are closely related to silverfishes.

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