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Kana シィシィ
Romaji Shiishii
Physical Appearance
Monster Species Jiang Shi
Gender Female Female
Height 155cm (5'1")
Weight 46kg (101 lbs)
B-W-H B79(B)-W56-H90[1]
Monster Profile
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 39

Shiishii is a repeat-offender Jiang Shi hailing from Taiwan. Due to her nature, she is close to Zombina who was given custody of her in her sentences. She makes her debut in Chapter 39.


Shiishii is a young woman of average height, who wears traditional Chinese burial clothes. Her hair is pretty tousled at the front, but braided into a long braid at the back.

As a Jiang Shi, Shiishii doesn't have many external features that distinguish her from a human, apart from her sharp teeth.


Shiishii speaks with broken English, and appears to be fixated on finding a japanese husband, even through unconventional means, as well as a rivalry with Zombina. Despite this, she's still kind enough to call Zombina frequently, to the point of being a nuisance. Zombina describes her as an idiot who doesn't think things out before she acts.

Shiishii likes the same hobbies as Zombina, such as the fact that they are both fujoshi/yaoi fans. In fact, this hobby is the reason why Shiishii is trying to marry a Japanese man in order to live in Japan, because then she can go to the fujoshi/yaoi events much more often. In fact, Shiishii often doesn't think through a lot of things, for example when she often immediatelly tries to force the next Japanese man she comes across into marriage.

She also has a wacky and violent side, for example when she chopped up Zombina with her fan knives. On the other hand, Shiishii expressed concern when she describes Zombina's stitches as a "little clumsy", which was ironic as she was responsible for making Kimihito sew Zombina. In addition to her temperament, Shiishii also tends to often use phrases about life, which has an ironic sound due to the fact that she is undead, for example when she said to Zombina that stretching can mean "the difference between life and death for an undead", or when she tried to force Kimihito to follow her "life plan".

In general, the relationship between Zombina and Shiishii is difficult to describe and apparently fluctuates between friendship and enmity depending on the situation. However, as Zombina suspects, Shiishii's connection to her is perhaps based on the fact that both of them were human earlier in their lives.

Skills and Traits[]

Personal Skills[]

  • Tai Chi: In order to stave off rigor mortis, Shiishii practices Tai Chi every morning. She can also fight using giant fan knives.

Physical Traits[]

According to her secrets, most of Shiishii's data is the same as that of Zombina.


Shiishii's secrets.

  • Jiang Shi Physiology:
    • Stiff Joints: Since Shiishii is a Jiang Shi her joints stiffen to some degree while she sleeps, forcing her to hop around with her elbows and knees looked straight out. For this reason, Shiishii practices Tai Chi day and night, allegedly without ever skipping a session. However, even that doesn't always help if it's too cold in the morning and her knees and elbows stiffen anyway.
    • Immortality: Since Shiishii is undead, she cannot be killed against by any of known means, whether they be natural or unnatural cause.
    • Invulnerability: While Shiishii can still be injured, due to her undead nature no injury, no matter how severe, seem to have any effect of her.
      • Pain Threshold: Due to her nature, Shiishii is incapable of feeling pain. She is still capable of feeling pleasure (including erotic pleasure), though.
    • Toxic Blood: Instead of blood, Shiishii's body contains a special fluid that prevents her body from decomposing. It's very hazardous to everyone but herself.


  • Fan Knives: She owns three pairs of giant fan knives.


Shiishii is a Jiang Shi from Taiwan whose past is not much known, but as Zombina explains to Kimihito, like herself, Shiishii was originally a human and since they were both similar races, Zombina was always sent out by the M.O.N when Shiishii caused any kind of trouble. Since Shiishii and Zombina have the same interests (both are fujoshi/yaoi fans), they eventually started getting along, although it can be seen as sceptical whether the relationship between them can be called a "friendship", with Zombina even describing Shiishii as "just a leech she can't get rid off". Zombina also tends to often make fun of Shiishii's knees from freezing up so bad she had to hop around, much to Shiishii's embarrassment.

At some point, Shiishii began abusing the Taiwanese tradition of ghost marriage, in which living people are married to deceased people. Since Shiishii is undead as a Jiang Shi, she hopes to force a Japanese man into marriage in order to live in Japan legally, although her motive for this is actually only that if she were to live in Japan, she would be able to visit the fujoshi events organized in Japan much more often. Her constant attempts to enter Japan illegally have led to the Japanese government now viewing her as a repeat offender.


Shiishii appeared while Kimihito and Zombina were on a date. She ambushed the former in order to force him to be her husband through a Ghost Marriage. Zombina tricked her into appearing in order to catch her. Her reason for her actions is that she wants to legally reside in Japan so that she can go to the Fujoshi conventions.

Zoological Classification[]

Main article: Zombie

Jiang Shi (キョンシー, Kyonshī, original Chinese: 殭屍 [Traditional]/ 僵尸 [Simplified], lit. "Stiff Corpse" in Chinese), known also as "Chinese Hopping Vampires", are a zombie subspecies found primarily in Asian countries, such as China and Taiwan.

Unlike standard zombies, hopping vampires are severely affected by the symptoms of rigor mortis, making their joints, especially their elbows and knees, particularly stiff. Because of this, they must practice tai chi every morning to stretch. However, their joints always stiffen to some degree while they sleep, forcing them to hop around with their elbows and knees locked straight out.


  • She seems to be a fujoshi/yaoi fan just like Zombina.
  • She resemble to Hsien-ko from Darkstalkers.
  • As Okayado reveals in the bonus of Volume 10, he chose Shiishii's name not only because she is a Jiang Shi, but also because Tiantian is the name of the heroine in a series of taiwanese movies about Jiang Shi's. Tian tian's name is similar to the number "ten" and the number ten in Chinese is "Shi", which gave Okayado the idea of Shiishii's name.


  1. Shiishii's Secrets

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