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This following is a description of Shiishii's relationships and interactions with other characters in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls.


Kimihito Kurusu[]

Shiishii and Kimihito got off to a pretty chaotic start when the Jiang Shi immediatelly tried to force him to marry her when she first met him in Chapter 39. She didn't do this because she had feelings for him (he was just a totally stranger for her at that point) , but simply because he found her red envelope that Shiishii had laid out for a random man with the Taiwanese tradition of the ghost marriage. She wanted to force him to marry her so she can legally reside in Japan.

Shiishii seems to find Kimihito somewhat attractive but after learning from Zombina that he has seven girls and has to choose one of the to marry, Shiishii was slightly shocked as she misunderstood Kimihito's complicated situation and thought that he was a philanderer who was dating seven girls at the same time. Nevertheless, the two have gotten along since their first metting, or at least seem to be neutral to each other. However, Kimihito is probably also worried about Shiishii's violent tendencies after seeing how the Jiang Shi dismember Zombina once.

Monster Ops: Neutralization[]


Shiishii and Zombina have a difficult to describe relationship. While both basically get along and share the same interests, they are still ready to attack each other, with Shiishii even dismembering Zombina with her fan knives. On the other hand, Shiishii also shows concern when Zombina is harmed, paradoxically even when that harm is caused by Shiishii herself. Depending on the situation, it seems that Zombina and Shiishii are either more or less friends, rivals or sometimes enemies. Zombina suspects that this contradictory relationship could be due to Shiishii feeling a connection to her because she and Shiishii were both originally humans before they became undead and that Shiishii maybe likes hanging out with a blockhead like herself.

Monster Community[]


Shiishii and Draco first met by chance in an omake of Volume 10 where Shiishii approached the Dragonewt woman on the street and enthusiastically told her about the Taiwanese tradition of the ghost marriage. When Draco expressed interest in the tradition, hopping to improve her (imaginary) chances with Miia, Shiishii was pleased by Draco's enthusiasm, although she did not notice how uncomfortable Draco became when Shiishii explained that someone who prepared a ghost marriage first must have to die.

Shiishii seemed to have taken a liking to Draco in a certain way when, with some sadness, she began to rave about how great it would be if Draco were a man because she could then form a BL couple with Kimihito, although these enthusiasm were met with confusion by Draco. When Zombina suddenly joined the conversation, she and Shiishii had a brief conversation about how a BL couple between Kimihito and Draco might look like, with Zombina thinking that Draco could only play the submissive part in this regard.

When Zombina made fun about Shiishii's big butt, Shiishii was offended by this and pulled Draco's pants down (much to Draco's shock) so Zombina could compare the size of the two butts.