The Slime (スライム, Suraimu) is a liminal race whose bodies are composed almost entirely of a gelatinous substance. This particular species is a rare, almost unheard of, variety of Slime that mimics the appearance of a human woman. Suu was the first known example of a humanoid slime, and through her influence the species became established as a true monster girl.

Physiological Attributes[edit | edit source]

Suu's secrets.jpg
  • Slimes are able to speak and understand human languages. However, they talk like little children.
  • While capable of absorbing almost anything, slimes need at least water and some protein to survive. When a slime is low on food it will seek out the closest source of easily-absorbed liquefied protein and attempt to consume it (this includes body secretions).
  • They are simple-natured, and if fed frequently, they seem to become attached to the feeder. They also become somewhat more intelligent over time as they gain experience.
  • Slimes do not normally feel sexual desire, but when this variety bonds to a male partner, it may seek sexual intercourse (often by force).
  • Slimes are able to grow in size when absorbing water, mainly through their hair shaped tentacles or by drinking it. But falling into a body of water will dilute the slime, which greatly weakens it. It is implied that exposure to large bodies like lakes or rivers could be fatal or at the very least be dangerous to the slime. Some slimes can avoid this weakness by turning their bodies into a gel-like form that keeps them from getting diluted.
  • Slimes have very sticky skin, which could be a membrane that holds their bodily liquid. This makes it difficult to wear clothing other than raincoat and rainboots. This skin can melt if exposed to outside water, like rain. On the other hand too much dryness will shrink them down and starve them of moisture. Their semiliquid bodies also are vulnerable to freezing temperatures, though it is unknown if the cold can do more harm than just rendering them immobile.
  • Slimes have no solid organs, meaning they can survive a stabbing or blunt force without being harmed at all. Their bodies can shapeshift, reform and repair any damage. It's possible that slimes are immortal or at least unkillable through normal means.
  • Related to the above, while slimes have various weaknesses, one thing they all share is a malleable circular core hidden within their gelatinous bodies. On the one hand as long as this core is intact a slime can (with varying amounts of time) recover from any injury as it absorbs moisture and other material to reform the rest of its body. However, if the core is somehow removed then the rest of the body will rapidly collapse, and the core itself is essentially helpless (and if destroyed presumably will kill the slime). To protect it the core is normally camouflaged within the slime and difficult/impossible to see without removing a lot of the slime's mass first.
  • Slimes can shoot pressurized water from their fingertips and mouth.
  • The process in which slimes eat is known as Phagocytosis; where one cellular object will consume another cellular object by enveloping it within its body and digesting it.
  • Experienced humanoid slimes can copy the appearance of anything provided they have enough body mass for it. They even appear to be able to change their permeability and copy the texture and rigidness of organic and non-organic things. However, a hard enough impact will cause them to revert, and transforming repeatedly will exhaust them. They also do not necessarily gain the special abilities of what they copy, however they can copy voices.
  • By touching people with their forehead tentacle, slimes can read their thoughts and feelings. However, it takes the intelligence of an experienced humanoid slime to understand complex things they may read in a mind. Slimes can also to some extent communicate telepathically with other slimes using this tentacle, and sense each other's presence, sometimes over great distances.
  • Non-humanoid slimes reproduce via a method of "splitting and fusing". At a certain point in its life cycle, a slime will split itself in two. The larger will focus on gaining nutrients, while the smaller embarks on its own to gain experience. They will continue until they have gained enough nutrients or experience to become desirable enough to be absorbed by another slime or it finds a slime that it may desire to absorb. At this point, the slime will absorb (or be absorbed by) the other slime and the pair's combined experiences and nutritional makeup will form a completely new slime that is ideally superior to their previous individual forms. This newly formed slime will then embark to live its life until eventually opting to split parts of its mass to form more new slimes which will embark on their own to gain nutrient and experience, thusly repeating the cycle. It is assumed that this cycle of "splitting and fusing" repeats several times throughout a slime's lifetime.
  • By absorbing and filtering the DNA of various other liminal species, the first known black humanoid slime (which learned this form possibly by absorbing a small part of Suu, the first known humanoid slime) that was once a unusually large nutrient-gathering type managed to reproduce in a different way, splitting off new humanoid slimes of various shapes and sizes and thus gave rise to the humanoid slime as a functional species. It is likely this is how humanoid slimes will reproduce from now on, as it involves no need for the intelligent slimes to give up their own identities by being absorbed.

Subspecies[edit | edit source]

Red Slime[edit | edit source]

MonMusu Red Slime.png

Red Slimes (レッドスライム Reddo Suraimu?) are a subspecies of slime. Compared to normal slimes, red slimes are more acidic and volatile, and their bodies contain more digestive juices. They are smaller than standard slimes and have more aggressive personalities, and are known for their acrid behavior and remarks. It is believed that they developed acidic bodies capable of digesting just about anything to adapt to life in environments with little edible matter, such as deserts.

Green Slime[edit | edit source]


Green Slimes (グリーンスライム Gurīn Suraimu?) are a poisonous slime subspecies. Due to the toxins constantly bubbling, they are always surrounded by floating bubbles. It is believed that they are poisonous because they live in forests with many poisonous animals and plants. They subconsciously sprinkle their conversations with venomous remarks. Perhaps due to the water-soluble poison in their bodies, they have trouble holding their form and are incapable of maintaining a complete human form.

Pink Slime[edit | edit source]


Pink Slimes (ピンクスライム Pinku Suraimu?) are a rare slime subspecies that lives in flower fields. They consume nectar and soft flower buds, making them give off a sweet nectar-like scent. It is unknown what they do when flowers are not blooming. They are able to acquire nutrients effortlessly and have very upbeat and optimistic personalities. Their diet of flowers, which plants use to create offspring, makes their own thinking lewd as well, and they are thusly in heat all year round.

Black Slime[edit | edit source]

MonMusu Black Slime.png

Black Slimes (ブラックスライム Burakku Suraimu?) are slimes that have turned black because their homes are polluted by toxic waste. It is impossible to determine their original color. Though they often make dark and satirical comments on society, they are not careful with their word choices and don't generally understand what they are saying. They are extremely violent and hostile to humans.

Rare Slime[edit | edit source]

Rare Slime

Rare Slimes (レアスライム Rea Suraimu?) are a rare subspecies of slime that notably lacks the proboscides that other slimes have. They are otherwise very similar in appearance to the Pink Slime species.

Queen Slime[edit | edit source]

Queen Slime

Queen Slimes (クイーンスライム Kuīn Suraimu?) are slimes that have a higher intellect than most slime species; whether this is due to their age, amount of experiences or their environment is unknown. While possessing a higher intellect than most slimes; whose intellects generally measure around that of a human child, Queen Slimes rarely possess a higher intellect than that of a human adult.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • One of The Eight Brothers is dating a Slime girl.
  • Humanoid Slimes are not yet protected by the Cultural Exchange Between Species Bill, therefore they can be taken in by humans without paperwork or consulting a Cultural Exchange Coordinator.
  • Following a period of melancholy over what to do with his research, Monster Researcher John Smith has taken to studying and documenting the habits of newly discovered liminals such as Slimes, with one traveling with him.

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