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Species 7: Everyday Life with MON and an Arachne (第7種 MONとアラクネのいる日常, Dai-Nana-shu: Mon to Arakune no Iru Nichijō ) is the seventh episode of the Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls anime series.

Publicly released on the 18th August, 2015, the episode was directed by Tatsuya Yoshihara and scripted by Kazuyuki Fudeyasu, with creative input from story creator Okayado. The series was animated and produced by the animation studio Lerche.


The Pioneer Orc Renaissance Kinsmen performs an armed takeover of a dōjinshi store. After taking hostages, they demand an increase in the amount of Orc-related content appearing in erotic manga titles. Because of gaps in the provisions of the Interspecies Exchange Bill, the police are unable to act. Smith claims that she can resolve the situation. Using their sense of smell, the orcs detect a female agent attempting to infiltrate the building and shoot her. The chief of police admits that he needs Smith's help. Meanwhile, the Orcs find another girl hiding inside the store. While they struggle with her, the blinds are ripped from the store windows, allowing long-range sniper Manako to shoot the orcs' guns from a distant rooftop. Tionishia then breaks in to release the hostages. The agent who was shot earlier then reveals herself to be a Zombie, Zombina, while the other hostage turns out to be Doppel, a Shapeshifter. They arrest the Orcs.

Later, MON respond to an emergency call from Kasegi, but the Arachne escapes. Smith and Kimihito's homestay girls soon realize that Kimihito has been kidnapped by her. In a deserted warehouse, Kimihito wakes up bound and hanging upside-down. The Arachne introduces herself as Rachnera Arachnera and begins to torment him. She is surprised when he shows no signs of being repelled by her spider lower-half.

When Smith, the MON Squad, and the police arrive to arrest her, Kimihito mistakenly thinks they are there to arrest him for assaulting Kasegi, and Rachnera realizes that she likes him. With the situation resolved, Smith (with some subtle prodding from Rachnera) decides to transfer Rachnera into Kimihito's household.

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After credit Beastiary[]

Ending 7 Monoeye

Differences from the Manga[]

Chapter 11:

  • In the manga, the five Orc henchmen are light-skinned, while the Leader is dark-skinned. In the anime, however, all six Orcs are dark-skinned, although the Leader is darker than his henchmen.

Chapter 15:

  • The scene in which Doppel finds the note with Kimihito's address after Rachnera escaped is not included in the anime, even though Ms. Smith shows the note to Kimihito's house guests in the next scene. In addition, Miia and Centorea react very frightened in the manga when they see the note, whereas in the anime they don't show any particular reaction to it.


  • This episode is based on Chapters 11 and 15 of the manga series.
  • In contrast to the previous episodes, the M.O.N. oriented ending song Hey! Smith!! is used as the episode's opening song while the typical opening song, Saikōsoku Fall in Love, is this episode's closing song.
  • The introduction image of Comic Toranoana had the store's theme song Koko da yo! (It is here!)(composed by UNDER17) playing before it was interrupted by the Orc's bullets.
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