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Nickname Mr Sir
Physical Appearance
Age ???
Gender Male Male
Hair Grey
Personal Profile
Occupation Communal Husband
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 60

"Studmuffin" is a male human who has served as the Communal Husband for Miia's Lamia Village.

While well kempt, courteous and incredibly skilled in sex (having brought many a victory to his village in the Stud Tournament), "Studmuffin"'s age has begun to affect his ability to mate with the village's girls and as such his ability to represent them in the coming Stud Tournament has supposedly come under question. Due to this, Miia's Mother opted to call in her daughter's love interest, Kimihito Kurusu, to represent the village instead of "Studmuffin".

It's later revealed in Chapter 63, however, that "Studmuffin" was actually still more than capable of performing at the tournament. The truth was that Miia's mother wanted an excuse to pressure her daughter into furthering her relationship with Kimihito by either sleeping with him before any of the other Lamia do or run off from the tournament to elope. Thus she requested he abstain from the tournament in order to get Kimihito to take his place and he agreed (though he had some second thoughts after seeing all the chaos that resulted).


Studmuffin is a slim, attractive human man in his golden years with gray hair tied in a ponytail. He wears a suit consisting of a brown jacket with a black vest and a white dress shirt with matching ribbons.


An affable and charming older man, his many years among the Lamia have afforded him substantial knowledge of their ways and respect from the tribe. While he is more selective with his partners than the younger Lamia would prefer, the fact they allow him the choice is indicative of the value the village regards him with and the love they hold for him.

Skills and Traits[]

  • Sore back: Studmuffin threw his back out recently, which, as Miia's Mother claims in Chapter 61, has caused the number of girls he can handle to have been going down day by day. However, in Chapter 63, this turns out to be partly an excuse of Miia's mother for Kimihito to take part in the tournament, because although Studmuffin had indeed thrown his back out, his skills are not based on what he has in his pants, but on his fingerplay, so he would have been able to take part in the tournament without issue.
  • Fingerplay: As Studmuffin shows in Chapter 61 and explains agains in Chapter 63, his sexual seduction techniques are concerned with his fingers. In this respect, however, he is more than averagely talented as he drove countless Lamia to ecstasy with his fingers, so that he was even able to win every round for the Lamia tribe for many years in the tournaments between the Serpentine tribes alone with his fingerplay.


  • While his back is not as strong as it used to be, resulting in him not being able to bed as many lamia as he once could, "Studmuffin"'s true talent lies in his dexterous hands and fingers with which he has driven many lamia to the brink of ecstasy and back.
  • While he is the communal husband of the village, Studmuffin did not father Miia as Miia's Mother revealed that Miia's father was another unnamed man who refused to stay with the Lamia after fornicating with her and ran away.
  • It is stated that Studmuffin only sleeps with the "older girls" in the village (presumably meaning those close to his age or at least above thirty years of age). This left a large percent of the population being unable to experience intercourse with a man, and motivated them to send Miia out to find an extra communal husband who the younger Lamia could share.
    • So it might be possible that Miia has maternal half-sisters fathered by him. It is also likely/possible that many Lamia of the younger generation are daughters of Studmuffin, which apart from his frienly and gentlemanly personality is of course another obvious reason why he only sleeps with the "older girls" in the Lamia village.

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