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The following are quotes said by or relating to Suu. Quotes may vary slightly depending on whether readers use the official or fan-based translations.


Volume 5[]

"Master! It is only a guess, but I believe the reason that she has grown so large... is that she has ingested the experimental nutrients that were illegally dumped here!"
"Therefore, if we can suck the nutrients out of her, she may return to her previous state!"
Suu to Kimihito about Kii's state while she herself has grown into a giant Slime from ingesting the industrial waste, Chapter 20

Volume 6[]

"It's okay. Suu doesn't need food. Suu can eat anything she can digest...So you don't need to get foot for Suu."
Suu to Kimihito, Chapter 25
"He doesn't have any money for food, and five freeloaders just showed up and ate all of his shit, so he's a little pissed about it."
Suu in poison mode to Ms Smith, Chapter 25

Volume 7[]

"Everyone likes Master!! So just marry everyone!!"
Suu proposes to Kimihito that he marry all of his seven homestay girls, Chapter 30
"Suu is the most helpful! Suu cleans the best! Suu helps cook the best! And Suu eats the leftovers the best!"
Suu lists her advantages to Kimihito as his potential marriage candidate, Chapter 30
"Suu can become 'absolute favorite'? Can marry Master?"
Suu asks Kimihito to marry her, Chapter 30

Volume 13[]

"Another me...We're both Slimes, so I let you do what you wanted... I came when you called, but...But...! Suu won't let you-!! Do anything to hurt Master!!"
Suu confronts Nega-Suu, Chapter 54
"I'm okay. If Master is okay, Suu is okay. Even if Suu goes away. Be safe master."
Suu as she is willing to sacrifice herself to save Kimihito's life, Chapter 55


"I don't need food. I can get nutrients from anything I can disolve."
Episode 12


"I'm Suu the slime. Master, take care of me ok?"
—Intro quote from the game.