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The following is a description of Suu's relationships and interactions with other characters in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls.

Suu has an odd relationship with most characters, due to the nature of her species. A running gag is that she will inappropriately (in the most comical and most erotic manner) molest any female character covered in liquid in order to absorb their moisture. This also includes violating her own friends as well.

Her Family[]

Her mother[]

The relationship between Suu and her mother is not the best. Suu's mother makes certain demands on her daughter and is a little disappointed that Suu, even though she has been living with a "fine partner" (Kimihito) for so long, has not yet reproduced with him and "increased her numbers" or created a place where her family could belong, which is also the real reason why Suu's mother sent her "daughters" to Japan.

Suu, on the other hand, seems partially intimidated by her mother, although she is also willing to stand up to her. In chapter 81, when Suu's mother tried to explain the situation further to Kimihito, Suu simply found her mother's behaviour embarrassing, covered her mouth and led her away from Kimihito. Suu's mother was outraged by this and called Suu rude, but Suu didn't listen to her.


Kimihito Kurusu[]


Kimihito and Suu.

"Well, it was Suu's fault that you caught a cold... I should apologize as well. But Suu doesn't mind! Because she loves her Master!" - Suu talking by herself for the first time.

Like most of the other homestays, Suu is in love with Kimihito. Suu values Kimihito's safety and health above all else, even willing to go as far as to use her own water-absorbent body to heal his sore throat, as well as ingest a variety of poisonous plants to keep him, and by association the other house guests, from getting sick off them. When Kimihito was suffering a dilemma on who to marry, Suu naively suggested that he should practice polygamy.

Suu fell in love with Kimihito after he showed kindness to her by giving her his umbrella when she was outside during a rainy day. This resulted in him catching a heavy fever and being bedridden. Suu knew that she can cure his ailment by feeding him purified water from her body. After he was healed, she finally spoke in her own words and voice by announcing her being the one to blame for his illness, but does not mind apologizing because she loves her "Master."

Like Papi, Kimihito tends to view Suu as a child or "little sister" as opposed to a potential marriage candidate. He sometimes gets a bit irritated when Suu unintentionally suffocates/drowns him through her embrace.

While Suu is often childlike, she has also proven to be the most self-sacrificing of all of Kimihito's homestay girls. This is especially evident in her fight with Nega-Suu, when she saved Kimihito from being absorbed by the Black Slime, even though she knew that she could die in the process. This clearly shows her strong feelings for Kimihito as she was ready to make the ultimate sacrifice for him; to sacrifice her own live to save him.

Kuroko Smith[]

While the other house guests were scared of Smith discovering Suu and deporting her, the agent's decision to turn a blind eye due to sheer laziness has left Suu with a positive attitude towards Smith, though after absorbing poisonous plants, she venomously and bluntly refers to her and her teammates as a bunch of "freeloaders."

Neighborhood Kids[]

After escaping with Papi, Suu was introduced to the Neighborhood Kids. Her first instinct was to copy Papi embracing the boys of the group, after expanding her body with water, to imitate her. When one of them was about to be run over by the Racist Couple driving, without any mimicry involved, Suu jumped into the path of the car, and saving the young girl.

The Racist Couple[]

While Suu has not shown any outward emotion from the so-far only encounter she's had with the couple, their constant jeering and insulting would likely make her mad as any other of the house guests.


When Kasegi forced himself into the house, and planned to record Papi laying her egg, Suu exposed him for the con man he was by broadcasting his thoughts with her feeler.

Ren Kunanzuki[]

Unlike the other homestay girls, Suu has not interacted with Ren in a conversation and her only interaction with Ren was as the young girl spilled some of Miia's stew on her seifuku, whereupon Suu pounced on the girl and began licking her off with her usual tentacle groping. Ren was startled by this at first, but she mistakenly assumed that this is how Liminal people would show their feelings. She then ripped off her school uniform so that Suu could "communicate" with her even more, but the school uniform landed on Miia, whereupon Ren was confused as Suu now identified Miia as the new target and pounced on the Lamia.

Mr President[]

Suu first met Mr President in Chapter 53 when his employees accidentally brought Suu to the Black Lily Laboratory because they mistook her for Nega-Suu. Although it could be assumed that Suu would have good reason to view Mr President with suspicion after his carelessness with Nega-Suu resulted that the Black Slime endangered Kimihito and the other homestay girls and almost even killing Suu, she shows no grudge against Mr President.

Fellow homestay girls[]


Miia was cautious around Suu at first, but eventually warmed up to the Slime girl, even though like everyone else Miia hates it when Suu gropes her with her Slime tentacles. As stated in Chapter 12, Miia doesn't view Suu as a love rival in terms of her affection for Kimihito, although as seen in Chapter 13, Miia can quickly become jealous when Suu expresses her affection for Kimihito more strongly.

While Suu generally gets along with Miia, in Chapter 43, she and Papi states that Miia is their least favourite teacher during their weekly lessons, because she always gets angry when the two don't understand something, even after repeated explanations, and also because the Lamia doesn't know that much about many things herself.


Suu has by far the closest bond with Papi among Kimihito's homestay girls due to their similar personalities. While Miia and Centorea were initially hesitant about Suu in Chapter 8, Papi befriended her immediately and the two share a sisterly bond. Papi was also the one who gave Suu her name in the first place and due to her strong maternal instinct, she is also very protective of the Slime girl.

Centorea Shianus[]

She and Centorea are on good terms but like the others, Centorea dislikes it when Suu molests her. In Chapter 43, Suu and Papi states that Centorea isn't as popular with the two as a teacher for their weekly lessons due to Centorea's tough side, although the two still like her more than Miia as the Centauride, unlike Miia, knows a lot.

Meroune Lorelei[]

Suu and Mero are good friends, but just like the other characters, Mero doesn't like it when Suu groping her with her Slime tentacles. As shown in Chapter 10 and Chapter 12, the risk that Mero is attacking by Suu is actually higher than that of the other homestay girls, because the slime secreted by her Mermaid body has an attractive effect on Suu due to its moisture. Nevertheless, the two shares a good relationship with each other, whereby in Chapter 30 and Chapter 34 it can be seen that the two can work together quite well as a team.

In Chapter 43, Suu and Papi states that Mero, along with Kimihito, are their second favorite teacher for their weekly classes, simply because they are nice.

Rachnera Arachnera[]

Notwithstanding Rachnera's frightening appearance and the initial reserve of their other housemates, Suu and Papi have taken a liking in the Arachne ever since she first moved into the household. The two hold Rachnera in high regard, valuing her knowledge and the time she spends helping them with their studies to the point she has quickly become their favourite “teacher”. Rachnera also babysits Suu and Papi on occasion, seemingly getting along with their mischief. While Suu generally gets along with Rachnera, the two have also a hilarious relationship, as the slime's semi-liquid body renders Suu immune to any form of binding, thus whenever Rachnera attempts as such, Suu always turns the tables, and molests her in turn.

While Rachnera generally gets along well with Suu, she, like everyone else, hates it when Suu gropes her with her Slime tentacles, with Rachnera, along with Octo, even showing fear of Suu in Chapter 36 when the Slime girl groped the two of them through her motherly side after absorbing the sea water. In fact, Rachnera even seems to be Suu's preferred victim in this regard.


Suu and Lala didn't get off to such a good start in Chapter 23 because Suu, after seeing how Rachnera playing a bondage game with Lala's headless body, happily began to imitate the Arachne, with the groping of Lala's body leading to an orgasm for the Dullahan. However, unlike the other homestay girls, Suu didn't develop an initial dislike for Lala when the Dullahan announced that she had come to harvest Kimihito's soul, as Suu. like Papi, don't really understand the situation.

Since Chapter 24, Suu and Lala get along well, although they don't interact often with each other and Lala, like everyone else, hates it when Suu gropes her with her Slime tentacles. As seen in Chapter 34, Suu tends to translate Lala's obscure speech into more understandable words by holding her head probe to Lala's head, thereby reading her thoughts. Lala doesn't like this but Suu doesn't mind.



Suu don't interact often with Doppel, but they are either friendly or neutral to each other since Doppel is friends with Kimihito.


Suu don't interact much with Tio, but they are either friendly or neutral to each other since Tionisha is friends with Kimihito.


When Papi and Suu were on a date with their master, Zombina watched out for them to find out the culprit.

After Suu ingested some toxins, she made a remark that Smith and the M.O.N. squad were freeloaders.


Suu don't interact much with Manako, but they are either friendly or neutral to each other since Manako is friends with Kimihito.

Monster Community[]


Suu and Polt get along well but they don't interact often with each other. In the anime OVA, Suu enjoyed the yoga session with Polt.


Suu and Kii met for the first time in Chapter 20, although they initially had a chaotic start together as Kii had mutated into a giant tree-like kaiju due to the accidentally absorption of toxic waste and tried to attack Kimihito. When Suu also took on a giant form from absorbing the toxic waste, it led to a titanic battle between her and Kii, but after the toxic waste where removed from their bodies, they showed no grudge against each other and became friends.

As seen in Chapter 25, Suu's inexperience with customs can sometimes lead to embarrassing situations compared to Kii; when it initially seemed that Kii would reject Kimihito's request to collect plants in her forest, Suu sucked on Kii's breasts because she thought Kii would like that and she would then agree to Kimihito's request. Kii doesn't hold this against Suu, although she was quite embarrassed when Suu said that Kii had actually enjoyed it when Kimihito had sucked on her breasts (albeit neccessarily) in Chapter 20 to extract the toxins from her body.


Suu and Draco first met each other in Chapter 25 whereby Draco tried to attack Kimihito. Suu dislikes her for this, so she poisoned and molested her in retaliation. Intimated by this, Draco has never tried to attack Kimihito again since this.

Miia's Mother[]

Suu and Miia's mother barely interacted with each other, but in Chapter 27, Miia threw Suu in her blob form at her mother as a distraction so that she and Kimihito could escape from her. It is not known if Suu groped Miia's mother with her usual Slime grope, as Suu was drugged by the Lamian tea like the other homestay girls at the time, which she may or may not have been immune to.

Papi's Mother[]

Suu has had little interaction with Papi's mother in Chapter 27. To put a head start between himself and Papi's mother, Kimihito used Suu as a distraction by having the Slime girl take on the form of Papi. After Papi's mother flew into her supposed daughter, she was briefly shocked that "Papi" had melted while Suu happily groped her with her usual tentacle groping. The distraction was short-lived, however, as Papi's mother quickly latched on to Kimihito's and Papi's heels.

Centorea's Mother[]

Suu and Centorea's mother first met in Chapter 29, but the two didn't really interact with each other. Just like the other homestay girls, Suu watched the duel between Centorea and her mother in the Kobold stadium.


Suu and Yukio first met in Chapter 31, but while the two get along very well, they don't interact often. Suu was pleased when Yukio showed her a bath which was suitable for the needs of a Slime in the Sno Ball Hot Spring Resort.

Liz & Kinu[]

When she first met Liz and Kinu in Chapter 34, the two TALIO agents mistook Suu for the VIP they were supposed to protect, with Liz in particular trying to fulfill every wish of Suu in order to make a good and professional impression. Suu seemed to like this, whereby when Mero explained to her what a VIP is, she jumped on Kinu's back to get a piggyback ride from the Oni woman and she also briefly groped Kinu with her Slime tentacles when some of the soda which Liz bought for Suu ran down Kinu's shirt.

Basically, Suu seems to get along well with Liz and Kinu, although her exact opinion on the two TALIO agents is not entirely clear.

Flounnder & Sebasstian[]

Suu generally seems to get along with Sebasstian and Flounnder, although her exact opinion towards the two Fishfolk butlers isn't unknown. In Chapter 35, Flounnder gave her a special water-repellent protective suit that allows her to go into the sea without her Slime body dissolving. Suu was very grateful for this.


When Suu took on a maternal personality in Chapter 36 by absorbing the seawater, she molested both Octo and Rachnera, which lead both of them to comment that Suu should not go into the ocean again.


Suu first met Nega-Suu in Chapter 52, and since she was a member of her species, she helped the larger Slime escape from the Black Lilies Laboratory tanker truck. A few days later, Nega-Suu telepathically contacted Suu to come to her with the hidden intention of absorbing the intelligent Slime girl. Either because Suu didn't know Nega-Suu's true intentions or because she thought in her childish naivety that the Black Slime would not harm her, she willingly went to the place where Nega-Suu would be waiting for her. However, the meeting was prevented by the intervention of the Black Lilies Lab staff.

Suu seemed to feel some kind of connection to Nega-Suu, but maybe that's just because they were both Slimes. However, after Nega-Suu also hurt Kimihito in their attempt to absorb Suu in Chapter 54, Suu's feelings turned to anger and she was willing to fight the Black Slime by any means necessary.