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The following are quotes said by or relating to Tionishia. Quotes may vary slightly depending on whether readers use the official or fan-based translations.


Volume 3[]

"Okay, little hostages! Let's take this change to escape! But how rude to him~ I'm a girl!"
Tionishia helps the scourges to escape while she complains that the Orc called her "a guy", Chapter 11

Volume 5[]

"Miia went somewhere with a cute guy. Should we follow them, Ms Smith~?"
"Miss! I know I said you could touch the dolphins, but you can't take the dolphins with you! Miis!"
—Marine park employees
"But I can't leave darling alone, either. I guess I'll make him the priority~This dolphin is really cute, too"
Tionishia during her observation at the Tokuma Marine Park, Chapter 19
"Thank you boyfriend-chan. I'm amazed you can do that. I admire you so much!"
Tio after Kimihito tells her that he can modify a skirt to fit her, Chapter 22
"That' cause Sweetie has a big heart! He doesn't sweat the small stuff!"
Tionishia's opinion on Kimihito, Chapter 22

Volume 10[]

"I'm so glad I invited you out for a picnic!"
"By the way, what's the occasion?"
"Come on, sweetie, you should know that~. You see I wanna be a forest girl! So, I came to a Forest! And I dressed up like one, too! Everything is custommade to fit me~!"
Tionishia to Kimihito during their date in Kii's forest, Chapter 41
"It's fine, I'm not angry one bit~ I know you're exhausted, sweetie. Why not take another nap? I'll hold you in my arms like this..."
Tionishia to Kimihito after he accidentally fell face into her breasts, Chapter 41
"Oh yeah! That's right! I actually called a bunch of people! But nobody came! Maybe nobody likes meee...!"
Polt (depressed)
"Come on, that can't be right~ They just couldn't come for one reason or another. And I know better than anyone how much you do~"
Tionishia calms Polt with her maternal aura, Chapter 41

Volume 18[]

"Yaay~! Long time no see, sweetie~!"
Tionishia to Kimihito, Chapter 76
"Uwaah?! What are these clothes?!"
"I made them~! Since we have to play out these ghost stories, we're super bored during the day~So I've been using the stuff from the home ec room to make clothes~It was like making doll's clothes, it's super fun~!"
Tionishia proudly tells Centorea how she made the gothic lolita clothes, Chapter 76

Volume 19[]

"I'm Happy she's feeling energetic again~"
Tionishia is happy that Ms Smith is full of energy again, although without she knowing this is only because Smith is trying to deal with the dissappointment of Garu's, Aluca's and Vikk's rejection of her offer, Chapter 85