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The following is a description of Tio's relationships and interactions with other characters in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls.


Kimihito Kurusu[]

Right off the bat, Tionishia is extremely friendly towards Kurusu. During their date to lure out 'D', she gains an infatuation with him after he offers to modify a dress for her.  She even seems to enjoy holding him against her breasts.

Kimihito finds it hard to keep up with Tio's level of energy and enthusiasm, but is aware of how innocent and sensitive she can be. Due to her bust size arguably being the biggest, he stares at her large breasts, but tries not to comment on her size knowing how self-conscious she is about her overwhelming measurements. Due to Tio wanting the pretty clothes she likes to fit her, Kimihito offers to adjust her clothes from now on.

Generally, of the four girls from MON, Tionishia shows her affection for Kimihito most often. However, Kimihito also views Tio's maternal aura with a certain degree of caution after seeing in Chapter 41 what effect it had on Polt and Kii.

Kuroko Smith[]

Tionisha appears to be on good terms with Ms Smith in general and respects her as her manager. Due to Tio's gentle personality, she is much less upset about Ms Smith's laziness than the other MON members, but is also sometimes willing to get back at Ms Smith a little, as seen in Chapter 13.

Bicycle Police Officer[]

In Chapter 15, the Police Officer informed the MON team that Rachnera was hiding in the warehouse while she was on the run, but Tio had no real interaction with him.

Police Chief[]

Tionishia knows the Police Chief from her work at MON, but her interaction can only be seen as a casual acquaintance.


Tionishia hasn't actually interacted with Kasegi, but from her work at MON, Tio knows about the incident between Kasegi and Rachnera.

Kimihito's homestay girls[]


Tionishia took the surveillance duty on Kimihito's date with Miia and Mero to find out the culprit. The Ogre became wary when the lamia went with another Liminal who was a Dragonewt.


Centorea Shianus[]

Tionishia generally doesn't interact much with Centorea, but they get on well with each other.


Tionishia generally doesn't interact much with Suu, but they get on well with each other.

Meroune Lorelei[]

Tionishia generally doesn't interact much with Mero, but they get on well with each other. In Chapter 19, Tionishia was assigned as a bodyguard to oversee Kimihito, Miia, and Mero on their "Date".

Rachnera Arachnera[]

Due to the incident with Kasegi, Tionishia and Rachnera didn't have a good start together, with Rachnera almost being arrested by the MON. Now that the situation has been resolved, Tionishia and Rachnera get on well with each other, but they also don't interact very often.


Tionishia generally doesn't interact much with Lala, but they get on well with each other.

Monster Ops: Neutralization[]


Although Zombina's personality is practically the opposite of Tionishia, they both get on very well, both as team members and friends.


Tio and Manako get along very well, both as friends and as team members from the M.O.N. Due to her caring nature, unlike Zombina and Doppel, Tio rarely pokes fun at Manako's clumsiness, and is more concerned when the Monoeye girl bumps into something or stumbles. As shown in Chapter 42, Tio also sometimes lovingly comforts Manako when she is particularly sad.


Tio and Doppel get along well both as friends and as team members from the M.O.N.

Monster Community[]


In Chapter 19, Draco was captured by Tionishia after the dragonewt girl tried to grope Miia, Tio doesn't seem to really see Draco as a threat, however.


Tio and Polt are good friends and Tio also greatly admires Polt for her hard work in trying to improve the living conditions for Liminals in human society as part of the Interspecies Cultural Exchange Program. However, as seen in Chapter 41, Polt, like everyone else, is not resistant to the influence of Tio's maternal aura, which can put the Kobold woman into a completely uncharacteristic lethargic state. It is not clear whether Tio is aware of the effects of her aura on Polt, although it is unlikely since this loving, motherly nature is simply part of her personality.


Tio and Kii are very good friends, although the two don't interact often. As seen in Chapter 41, Tio is always willing to help Kii and like most others, the Dryad is not resistant to Tio's motherly aura, with Tio being able to behave towards Kii as affectionately as a mother towards her daughter. Through this reassuring presence, Tio is one of the few who can immediately convince the ever-stubborn Kii of something she doesn't like, such as outsiders cleaning up her forest (since Kii thought it would cause even more unrest), which greatly amazed both Kimihito and Polt.

Yuuhi Hajime[]

Tionishia didn't seem really concerned about Yuuhi's transformation into a zombie and seemed happy that the girl was fine now.