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Tionishia with Twintails, posted by Okayado for Twintail Day

Twintail Day (ツインテールの日) is a Japanese media holiday held annually on February 2nd, during which otaku celebrate the "Twintail" hairstyle on social media.

The twintail, also known as "bunches" or "pigtails", is an iconic hairstyle in otaku culture due to its frequent appearance in anime, manga and video game titles. The Sailor Moon franchise is often credited with initially popularizing the hairstyle worn by the protagonist Usagi Tsukino in the early 1990s. Additionally, the twintail became prominent in the Japanese female idol scene throughout 1990s-2000s.
In December 2011, the Japanese fashion designer-photographer and the president of a company Laugh Valley Kan Furuya launched the company Japan TwinTail Association. The following month on February 2nd, 2012, the holiday Twintail Day was registered with the Japan Anniversary Association and the Japan TwinTail Association opened its official website TwinTail Project Japan, which featured photographs of the hairstyle worn by young female models.

The launch of the association was reported by Japanese online gossip news media as well as the English language news sites Anime News Network, Kotaku and Culture Japan. Since 2013, Twitter users have been posting Twintail selfies and cosplay photos along with the hashtag #ツインテールの日 (#Twintail Day). Additionally, many Twintail Day illustrations have been uploaded to Pixiv and Nico Nico Seiga. Meanwhile, professional models and idols have frequently participated in the event by posting Twintail Day-themed photos on Twitter and Instagram.



  • The reason why its Feb the 2nd is because of how 2/2 (Feb 2nd) overlap with each other donating the Twin Tail.
  • The association says that the proper way to celebrate Twintail Day is for a guy to present a girl he has feelings for with two hairbands. Should she return his feelings, she can communicate her sentiment by accepting the bands and doing her hair up in a set of twintails. Existing couples are also encouraged to join in on the exchange of hair accessories and hairdo-based eye candy.
  • Twintail day in Japanese has small spikes in every November. This is because November 22nd is also celebrated as "Good Twintail Day" ( いいツインテールの日 or いいツインテの日) by some people. It is based on the same manner or wordplay to that of Good Knee High Socks Day which reads "11" as "Good" or "Happy".


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