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Unicorn horns, as the name suggests, are the horns that grow on the forehead of the Liminal species of the Unicorns. They are made of an unknown material and are known within the manga series extraordinary healing properties, which makes them of interest to research laboratories such as the Black Lily Advanced Materials Laboratory.

General Informations[]

The scraped powder from a Unicorn's horn has extraordinary healing properties for a plethora of diseases, to the point where Mr President even considers it as a panacea in Chapter 72. The research into the Unicorn powder is one of the greatest investigations of the Black Lily Laboratory, with Mr President even being of the opinion that it would be the find of the century if his company could succed in breaking down and recreate the specific molecular structure of the horns and recreate it in the lab.

Since the horn grows over the course of a Unicorn's life, the powder can be scraped off for research purposes without harming the Unicorns. In fact, the example of Nico before she worked for the Black Lily Laboratory shows that if the horn is not scraped occasionally, it can grow to a length of almost one meter, which can potentially become a hindrance to the daily life of the Unicorn. However, as Mr President explains, it is also important to be careful not to harvest too much of the powder at once as the horn grows back rather slowly and can be permanently damaged if too much of the powder is scraped off.

While the Black Lily Laboratory legally purchases the powder from their Unicorn employees and examines it for research purposes, however, it is likely that Unicorn powder is also a highly sought-after, illegally traded commodity on the black market due to its exceptional medicinal properties.



  • Unicorn horns were believed to have the ability to purge poisons of all kinds. Whether this is also true in the manga series has yet to be confirmed as Mr President only says that the powder can cure illnessess.
  • In real life, unicorn horns are actually narwhal tusks which bear a striking resemblance.

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