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Kimihito and Ruto

The following is a description of Urt's relationships and interactions with other characters in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls.


Kimihito Kurusu[]

While Urt initially did not interact with Kimihito due to her timid and withdrawn mentality for not having experience with men, after he agreed to perform the milking massage sessions on the Minotaur' girls to help them, she approached him more, so much so that she even admitted that Kimihito was the only man she trusted, showing that Urt got feelings for him. Because of her affection in attending her in particular, Urt also confessed that she would like to be milked by the young man every day.

Farmyard Members[]


Like her veteran, Urt respects Cathyl very much and both seem to get along very well.


Although she is a Pan, because she is also her veteran, Urt respects and appreciates Merino.

Residents of Black Lily Ranch[]


As his superior, Urt respects Mil very much and both seem to get along very well.


Urt and Cream get on well with each other.


Urt is scared of Cara due to the latter's constant staring. However, unbeknownst to Urt , this is due to Cara wanting to be friends without knowing how to communicate this properly.


Chizu and Urt get on well with each other.

Other Ranch Minotaur girls[]

Urt looks like gets along with all the other Minotaur girls.

Other Ranch Pan girls[]

Urt looks like gets along with all the other Pan girls.

Ranch Satyr girls[]

Urt hasn't interacted much with the Satyr girls and due to her shyness, she is probably uncomfortable with the Satyr girls' lasciviousness. After Kimihito left the ranch, Urt allowed the Satyr girls to milk her, but probably shared Mil's opinion that Kimihito's milking technique was better. After the Satyr girls reverted to an infant state by drinking Meamil's milk in Chapter 71, Urt showed shock as Boer and Shiba suckled her breasts like babies.