Vampires (吸血鬼, Kyūketsuki) are a humanoid species that is famed in mythology for their aversion to sunlight and their possession of fangs for sucking the blood of other beings.

Due to their natural diet of blood, Vampires were considered predatory and associated as Devils until around the early 18th-century in southeastern Europe when they were first identified as their own species by human culture. As humans seemed to be their primary prey, Vampires were considered to be evil beings amongst the human populace and were greatly feared for their ability to lure their prey into being fed upon and their ability to turn "normal beings" into vampires thanks to a "Vampire Virus" that is transmitted via their bite in a similar manner to Zombies.

Although some facts are true to a degree, the traits of the vampire species has been exaggerated over time due to fear-fuelled myths and folklore. Actively hunted into modern time by their once-prey, Vampires now exist in almost near-extinction.

History[edit | edit source]

Long before the Cultural Exchange Between Species Bill was created, Vampires were considered dangerous due to their naturally blood-based diet and the Vampire Virus (which can turn both Humans and some Liminal species into Vampires) and where therefore widely feared. However, the infection rate by the Virus is very low and although the victim is transformed into a Vampire, no fangs or wings grow. This gave rise to the theory that modern Vampires may just be bat-like extraspecies that have been transformed by defunct original Vampires. However, this theory is mere guesswork with no evidence to support it.

While Vampires were orginally very numerous, their population decreased dramatically over time, so that they are now on the verge of extinction. Ms. Smith states that the reasons for this would be the weak effectiveness of the Vampire Virus, but this can only be superficially regarded as a reason, as Vampires can also reproduce naturally.

Because of their status as a dangerous species, Vampires have been banned from the Cultural Exchange Bill, and as such, are prohibited from entering Japan. Still there are some smugglers like Mr. President who illegally smuggled Vampires into Japan. It is unknown how the government responded to such violations in general, but at least Curie was apparently allowed to stay in Japan permanently.

Physiological Attributes[edit | edit source]

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  • Vampires eyes are thought to have night vision but this may be untrue, a vampires eye-sight is actually quite poor.
  • Vampires have pointy ears, and their ears have very sensitive hearing. They can even hear ultrasonic waves, but because their hearing is so acute vampires tend to not like loud environments.
  • Vampires similar to harpies have bat like wings instead of hands, allowing them to be able to fly.
  • Vampires have a digestive system that is underdeveloped so they can only digest liquids, so they have to drink blood to get nourishment.
  • Vampires have a weakness to sunlight and UV light, and are usually allergic to garlic and silver.
  • While the initial puncture of skin may be painful, a vampire's bite will stimulate the victim's pleasure receptors as the vampire begins feeding, with the stimulation increasing as the feeding continue.

Other Blood-consuming Liminals[edit | edit source]

Empusa[edit | edit source]

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Empusa are a psuedohuman race with mantoid attributes. Appearing in Greecian myth, the Empusa were said to be servants of the goddess Hecate who were charged by the goddess to guard specific roads from travellers. According to mythological texts, the Empusa feasted by seducing young men and, as they slept, drank their lover's blood and ate their lover's flesh. It is unknown whether this is actually true.

What is confirmed is that Empusa actually possess a timid nature, and will run and hide at the sound of insults.

Lamprey Mermaid[edit | edit source]

Main article: Mermaid

Lamprey Mermaids are a mermaid subspecies closely related to Eel Mermaids. While they are known for their preferred diet of suckling blood from other beings, Lamprey Mermaids can subsist on the same diet as conventional mermaids.

In Japanese folklore, lampreys are called "Yatsume-unagi" (八つ目鰻, "eight-eyed eels"). The name is derived from the seven external gill slits which line each side of a lamprey's head section which, along with their actual eye, makes it look like they have eight eyes on each side of their face. Folklore in some other countries include the lamprey's nostrils in the count, calling them "Nine-eyed Eels" instead.

Leech[edit | edit source]


Leeches are a pseudohuman species of invertebrate beings that have evolved to possess forms similar to humanoids. Similar to their animal counterparts, leeches are humanoid Annelids and hermaphrodites (possessing both a penis and vagina) whose diet consists of feeding off of the blood of other beings. To do this, Leeches possess sharp teeth used to penetrate the skin of their prey and an anticoagulant enzyme in their saliva ensures that their prey's blood won't coagulate (dry up and solidify) while they are drinking it.

Leeches have aided medical science as far back as the ancient Greeks where they were used to aid in bloodletting. In modern times, Leeches help in procedures such as the reattachment of body parts and reconstructive and plastic surgeries and, in Germany, treating osteoarthritis.

Mosquito[edit | edit source]


Mosquitos are an insectoid pseudohuman race who have four insectoid limbs, antennae, compound eyes, an insect abdomen, wings and other traits of a mosquito.

Members of the race posses a needle-like proboscis inside their mouths that they use to penetrate the skin of their prey and suck liquids such as blood. Their saliva possesses anesthetic properties that they spread over the flesh of their prey before penetrating them. While they mainly subsist on blood, they can also drink honey and fruit juices.

Vampire Bat[edit | edit source]

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The Vampire Bat is a humanoid species that shares a lot of similarities with bats and the Vampire species.

Although sharing the vampire's aversion to sunlight and their possession of fangs for sucking the blood of other beings, Vampire Bats can survive on other liquids aside from blood, possess shorter wings and fangs, and are generally more timid in nature than their predatory cousins (although they are thought to be more confident in environments that lack sunlight). And just like Vampires, they possess wings as hands.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Although Vampires are undead in most legends, this does not seem to apply to the Vampires in Monster Musume. Nowhere is this mentioned in the manga series and the fact that Wladislaus died of a disease shows that they are actually living beings as the undead are immune to disease.
  • Ms. Smith states in Chapter 50 that the reason why the number of Vampires has steadily decreased is due to the very low infection rate of the Vampire Virus. This seems unlikely, however, as Curie shows that Vampires in Monster Musume can also reproduce naturally and that it is therefore not absolutely necessary to create a new Vampire using the Virus.

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