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The Vampire Virus, also known as the Vampire Plague or Vampirism, is a highly evolved virus that turns its hosts/victims into Vampires.

Despite claims to the contrary in old folk tales, the vampire virus is extremely weak and only able to infect the body of a host that is already near death as the immune system of a body at full health will easily dispose of the viral infection. To this end, if a vampire desires to infect an individual they first feed on them until their victim has lost enough blood to be near death. With their white blood cell count low and their body otherwise preoccupied with trying to sustain itself with depleted resources, the virus can freely infect the individual with virtually no resistance from the individual's shattered immune system. When the conversion process is complete, the victim will become a classification of "Vampire".

Although it is claimed that the Vampire Virus "transforms" a victim into a Vampire, Curie´s Secrets reveals that the victim doesn't sprout wings or fangs and basically, the victim only becomes a carrier of the virus. Due to this there are theories that modern Vampires like Curie and Wladislaus are possibly only bat-like Liminal species, which were infected by a now extinct race of actual Vampires, although as of now this idea is just conjecture.



  • While human mythology only covers human-turned vampires, Wladislaus Drakulya implies that some Liminal species (such as Harpies, Lamia and Devils ) can become vampiric beings just as easily as humans.
  • Certain research institutes such as the Black Lily Advanced Materials Laboratory view the Vampire Virus as a valuable raw material in medicine, for example, which is partly the reason why Mr President has illegally smuggled Curie into Japan.

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