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Physical Appearance
Monster Species Flesh-Golem
Gender Female Female
Monster Profile
Occupation Student at the Grimoire High School (temporarily)
Exchange Student
Bodyguard at Black Lily Research Facility (since Chapter 85)
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 78

Vikk is a female Flesh-Golem who, like many other people, was originally drawn into the world of Arbatel by the magic of the Grimoire, where she, together with her friends Aluca and Garu, became more or less voluntarily acuaintances of Ms Smith. She gives her debut in Chapter 78.

Later, after Arbatel released the consciousness of the absorbed people in Chapter 80, the three girls encountered the Interspecies Exchange Coordinator again by coincidence in the onsen town in Chapter 84. After the three girls successfully stopped the Orc leader together, Smith suggested them to work with her, like the MON-Team. However, after witnessing a MON operation in Chapter 85, the three girls reject Ms Smith's offer and instead take jobs as bodyguards at the Black Lily Advanced Materials Laboratory because of the better pay, much to Smith's dismay.


Vikk has the appearance of a young adult girl with a small stature and short hair. As a Flesh-Golem, Vikk looks mostly like a human, although there are seams on her body similar to Zombina's, especially on her forehead and on her neck, where Vikk's body parts are assembled. There are two large screws on the left and right sides of Vikk's head above her ears.

During Vikk's stay in the Grimoire, her clothing consisted of the usual school uniform, consisting of a Seifuku with a plaid skirt. In Chapter 84, Vikk wears a white hooded coat and long black stocking socks.


Vikk is a friendly but somewhat shy person, as she can often be very embarrassed when someone is impressed by her ability to control electricity. Just like Garu and Aluca, Vikk also seems a bit insecure since all three decided to try to find jobs to show their boyfriends their abilities as adult working woman since they couldn't exactly go around all lovely-dovely with younger boyfriends who are high school students. The fact that she likes being with a younger boyfriend could also mean that Vikk is a shotacon. like Aluca and Garu, Vikk is ready to use force to stand in the way of criminals such as the Orc leader.

Although Vikk is willing to stand in the way of bad guys, she is still sceptical about whether she is cut out for a job that involves confronting armed criminals. Because of this, after wittnessing the work at the MON, Vikk felt a lot of respect for what Ms Smith does, but in the end she rejected Smith's offer to work with her at the MON after Mr President offered her a job as a bodyguard at Black Lily Research Facility with better pay, less obvious danger and more opportunity for free time with her boyfriend.

Skills & Traits[]

Physical Traits[]

  • Flesh-Golem Physiology:
    • Undead: As a Flesh-Golem, a man-made artifical Zombie subspecies, Vikk is undead.
    • Control over electricity: Since Flesh-Golems are powered by electricity through their creation, Vikk can controll electricity. As seen in Chapter 84, Vikk was able tu turn the Okayado Hotel's lights off and own at will using just concentration and the power of her thoughts. Additionally, in Chapter 85, Vikk was also able to hooking up Ms Smith's phone to a factory's speaker. However, this ability can also used as a weapon as Vikk can also overload electrical devises such as smarthones or televisions to the point where the devices are blown up.


Vikk, alongside with her friends Aluca and Garu came to Japan for a relaxing time doing some Interspecies Cultural Exchange. She was one of the numerous people whose consciousness was absorbed into the magical world of the Grimoire High School by Arbatel, although the exact circumstances of how this happened are unknown. Like everyone else, Vikk was brainwashed by the enchanted school uniform and really believed that she was a student of Grimoire High School.


Make the acquaintance with Ms Smith[]


Aluca's, Garu's and Vikk's first (strange) acquaintance with Ms Smith in Arbatel's world.

During their time at Grimoire High School, Vikk, Aluca and Garu made, more or less voluntarily, the acquaintance of Kuroko Smith, whose consciousness was also been absorbed by Arbatel. Hypnotized by the magic of the Grimoire, Ms Smith established a rumour spy network which allowed her to collect information about all romantic relationships between the students. As a hobby, Smith then often told Vikk, Aluca and Garu of those relationships. The three listen to Smith out of politeness, although they found Smith to be pretty hyper and annoying and often wonders why Smith telling them about those things. Despite this exchange of informations, the four remained only acquaintances at this point, as Smith did not introduce herself to the three and also didn't ask them for their names.

Eventually all three of the girls found boyfriends at the school. However, after Arbatel released the consciousness of all absorbed people in Chapter 80, a new problem arose in this regard: in the Grimoire world, all absorbed people were "students", but in the real world Aluca, Vikk and Garu were full fledged adults, while all their boyfriends were actually real high high school students. Since the three couldn't exactly go around all lovey-dovey with younger boyfriends, they then tried to find jobs to show off their abilities as adult working women. However, this proved to be very difficult, as there are still too few jobs in Japan that are suitable for Liminal skills, so the three were unsuccessful.

Reunion with Ms Smith in Chapter 84[]


The three girls are initially shocked to see Ms Smith again.

Some time later, Aluca, Garu and Vikk visit the Hotel Okaya in the onsen town after hearing that there are job positions for Liminals there. However, when they arrived the hotel, the receptionist at the front desk tells them that they no longer accept job applications for part time positions since yesterday after getting to many, much to the dismay of the three girls. Desperate that they might have come for nothing, the three asks the receptionist if she don't has any other open spots, when they are suddenly approached by Ms Smith. As the coincidence would have it, Smith also booked an overnight stay at the hotel after her boss gave her a few days off, although Vikk, Aluca and Garu are briefly unpleasantly surprised and shocked to suddenly met her again.


Aluca, Garu and Vikk introduce themselves to Ms Smith.

Shortly aterwards, Ms Smith and the three girls enjoy an relaxing bath together in the hotel's onsen. Smith asks the girls if they haven't looked for jobs before, to which the tree say yes, but they adds that it feels like a waste that they came to the onsen and leaving without doing anything, since there are no job positions left. Smith wants to asking them something else before she realizes that she never intruduces herself to the three girls during her time at the Grimoire High School. The four then introduces themselves to each other in a short welcome round.

When Vikk mentions that she is a Flesh-Golem, Smith is surprised to learn that, as she thought for sure that Vikk were a Zombie. Vikk then explains to her that a Flesh-Golem is kinda like a man-made electric powered Zombie, whereupon Smith is briefly concerned at the mention of "electric powered" whether Vikk is okay to be here in the onsen due to the effect when electricity comes into contact with water.

Smith notes that she hasn't seen the three of them since those school days and asks them what they did after all that. Garu dodges the question being grumpy, to which Smith asks her what's wrong and if she's upset after not finding a job. Aluca then agrees to explain it to Smith. It happens that all three of them found boyfriends at the school, with Aluca amusingly describing it as a miracle that not only the "nice girl Vikk" (to Vikk's embarassment) but also she herself and "little miss upset-all-the-time (to Garu's outrage) have found boyfriends.


Aluca tells Smith about the problems of the three girls with their younger boyfriends.

The problem, however, was that in the Grimoire world everyone was a "student", but in the real world Aluca, Garu and Vikk are full fledged adults while their boyfriends were actually real high school students. The three girls had to come to Japan for a relaxing time by doing some Interspecies cultural exchange, but now they couldn't exactly go around all lovey-dovey with younger boyfriends. With a deep sign, Aluca says that they decided to find jobs to show off their abilities as adult working women, but that they unforntunately haven't been able to find jobs at all.


Ms Smith's reaction to Garu's question.

Aluca says depressedly that it is hard enough to find work as a Liminal but that she, Garu and Vikk don't really have any special skills or qualifications either. Vikk adds to this explanation that's why they're all a little on edge like this. Smith shows understanding for the situation of the girls but when Garu asks her in return what kind of work she does, Ms Smith is taken aback by the question and stammers a few incoherent and nonsensical words, much to the confussion of the three girls.

Incident with the Orc leader[]


The three girls leave the Onsen with Ms Smith.

In the evening, Ms Smith and the three girls leave the onsen and go to the reception, where the three tells Smith that they will not stay in the hotel overnight. Aluca says to Smith that it seems that she has calmed down a lot compared to how she was in that high school and Garu adds that Smith was pretty hyper and annoying there back then. Vikk asks Smith if she found a boyfriend at the school, but Smith, embarrassed, asks the three to change the subject because she wants to forgot her experiences in Arbatel's world.

However, an unpleasant surprise awaits the four at the front desk of the reception in the form of an old acquaintance of Ms Smith, the Orc leader. The Orc asks the receptionist if he can work her in the onsen at the "mixed bath lifeguard", although his malicious grin makes it clear that he once again has perverted intentions. Instinctively, Ms Smith reaches for her gun, only to curse and remember that she doesn't have a gun, as she is off duty. The attempt of the two Orc employees of the Hotel Okaya also fails and he brutally beats them off.

However, Vikk, Aluca and Garu then work together as a team to stop the Orc leader. Vikk uses her control over electricity through her mind to turn off the lights in the hotel hallway, leading the Orc leader suddenly surrounded by darkness and he is unable to see. Aluca then uses her claws to injure the nose of the Orc in a surprising attack, impairing his sense of smell and making him completely unable to orientate himself in the dark. Garu gives the Orc then a good beating with her strength and quick reflexes. Vikk then turns the lights in the hotel back on as the Orc, defeated, collapsed unconscious at Garu's feet.


The three girls are confused when Ms Smith offers them to work with her.

The three girls congratulate each other on their performance, albeit in all modesty. Ms Smith look at the three for a moment, amazed and impressed by how perfectly they worked together as a team and mastered the situation without any problems. She asks Aluca, Vikk and Garu if they, since they looked for a job, might be interested in working with her, much to the confusion of the three women.

An unplanned "field trip"[]


Ms Smith picks up Garu, Aluca and Vikk in her car.

Early in the morning, Ms Smith drives into the parking lot in a somewhat old-fashioned black VW-Beetle, where Garu, Aluca and Vikk are already waiting for her. After looking at the car, Aluca says that it's a real motoring enthusiast car, although Smith explains to her that it's actually a hand-her-down car from her dad. Somewhat unsure, Vikk asks Smith if they will go to the MON headquarters, which Smith confirms, although Garu reminds her that they have not yet agreed to her offer to work with her at the MON. As the three girls get into the car, Ms Smith tells Garu that 's no problem since this visit is just like a little field trip and that they can make their decision afterwards.


The girls are shocked by Smith's crazy fast driving style.

However, Smith suddenly receives a phone call from Zombina who tells her that they need her help immediately and urgently. The next moment, Ms Smith races accross the street in the VW-Beetle at high speed. Completely shocked by his totally fast and careless driving (and the lack of seatbelts), Garu, Aluca and Vikk tell Ms Smith to drive more carefully, although Smith apologize to them and that they should just hand on for a bit. But the girls are not really reassured by this.

After Zombina explained on the phone how the MON successfully arrested all members of a Liminal traffiking syndicate, they also found out that today a trafficking deal should take place. And on top of that, it's an in-person deal, which means that the dealer take the victim directly to the swap location. But since the MON has now arrested all members of the syndicate, there is no one left who will show up for the deal, so the MON will have no idea what will happen to the victim or where the dealers will take her afterwards.

Since no one from the MON will make it to the swap location in time, they nedd Smith's help. Smith aggress, although she points out that she don't think she will be much of a help, since during the fact that she's ofd-duty, she is unarmed and has no gun. Fumbling for words, Zombina says that Smith could just by them some time or try to tail the dealer even without a weapon. When Zombina ends up the phone call, Smith calmly says that it's not like she doesn't have any weapons.


The three by Smith called "weapons".

Garu, Aluca and Vikk look at Ms Smith in shock for a moment before they realize that Ms Smith is referring to them by the "weapons" and are horrified by the idea of being involved in a situation with criminals and tell Ms Smith that they want out. However, Smith replies that this is just another "little bit of experience" and continues with the three girls to the place Zombina told her. Once there, Garu, Aluca and Vikk are all dizzy from the turbolent car ride, but Smith realizes that it will be difficult to find the dealer's hiding place because there are tons of warehouses and factories around there and Zombina only gives her data about the general location, not about the actual location.

The warehouse and the Minotaur trafficking dealers[]

After they calm down a bit, Aluca and Vikk ask Ms Smith how they should find the dealer's hideout, but suddenly Garu turns to Smith and asks if the trafficking victim is a plant-like Liminal like a Alraune or a Dryad. Ms Smith checks her phone for the pictures Zombina sent her of the victim, which states that the victim is a Alraune. Surprised, Smith asks Garu how she knew that, whereupon the Werewolf woman explains that she can smell flowers with her fine sense of smell and that a sweet smell is outta place somewhere like this. Smith asks Garu if she can lead them to the scent, whereupon the Werewolf determinedly goes to the place where she smell the Alraune smell.


The group spies out the dealer's hiding place behind the wall.

Garu leads the group to a large warehouse in front of which a huge Liminal man stands guard and the Werewolf woman assures them that the Alraune is in the warehouse. The group hides behind a low wall, wondering if the Liminal man, who is a Minotaur, is might be the seller. Ms Smith congratulates Garu, who wonders what they should do now. She considers whether she should beat the shit out of the man, claiming that even as a Minotaur he is no match for her. Before Garu can do anything, however, Aluca shouts a warning to her.


Vikk is surprised when Smith ask her about the strength of her ability to control electricity.

The Vampire woman focuses her hearing on the noises coming from the warehouse and decuces that there are at least 5 other Minotaurs in there and that they are all armed with guns, to Garu's shock. Smith is surprised that Aluca could gather all that, although the Vampire woman dismisses this as nothing special since she can also hear ultrasonic waves with her ears. Unsure, Vikk points out that they can't do anything if the Minotaur have guns. Ms Smith thinks for a moment and then asks Vikk how much she can do with her electrical control power, much to Vikk's surprise.


Vikk uses her control over electricity against the Minotaur trafficking dealer.

At Ms Smith's idea, Vikk uses her electrical power control to hook Smith's phone and the loadspeaker in the warehouse so that Smith can talk to the Minotaurs on her cell phone and demands that they are all under arrest for illegal trafficking. At first the Minotaurs laugh at this obvious bluff, but one by one the television, the central overhead light and then the smartphone of the Minotaur leader suddenly explode. Ms Smith tells the Minotaurs that the MON has snipers that are cabale of hitting targets more than 2 km away and that no of them can go to escape. Intimidated by this, the Minotaur dealers surrender and are finally arrested by the MON. In reality, however, it was all a bluff by Smith: the electrical equipments were not destroyed by a sniper, but by Vikk using her electrical power control to overload them.

After the operation[]


Smith praises the girls for the successful operation.

After the Minotaur dealers are arrested, Aluca, Garu and Vikk are reluctantly impressed by how Ms Smith resolved the situation. However, Smith replies that she would never have been able to do this without the help of the three girls, particularly highlighting Vikk's ability to control electricity, although Vikk sheepishly says that she was simply following Smith's instructions and directions. Garu hesitantly asks if there is something like the today's operation, which Smith confirms, even tough their work is normally plain old office work like preparing documents or helping with local problems. However, Garu still hesitantly wonders whether she, Aluca and Vikk are cut out for this job.


The girls considers Ms Smith's offer...

Smith then gently explains to thee three girls that the job at MON is of course not easy because there are many emergencies and danger involved, but that's exactly why it's worth doing it. She adds that they help people in need and that's why she think it'an amazing job. She kindly tells Aluca, Garu and Vikk that if they think it's worth considering, she would welcome the three of them to work with her at MON. Garu, Aluca and Vikk then remain silent as they think about Ms Smith's words.

The decision of the girls[]


... but in the end they reject it and become bodyguards for the Black Lily Laboratory, much to Smith's dismay.

The next morning, however, Ms Smith is in for an unpleasant surprise when it turns out to her shock that Garu, Aluca and Vikk have instead taken jobs as bodyguards at the Black Lily Research Facility. Aluca apologetically explains to Smith that after talking to her, the three received a call from Mr President, who somehow found out that they were looking for a job. Ms Smith curses Mr President and accusingly tells the three girls that they can't just throw away her offer like that.


The three girls apologetically explain to Smith their reasons for declining her offer.

However, the three girls apologetically tell her that the Black Lily Laboratory pay them much better and that they have the feeling that if they work at MON they would no longer have any free time to hang out with their boyfriends. In desperation, Smith realizes that she hasn't good arguments with which she could convince the three girls. Garu, Aluca and Vikk assure Smith that they really respect the work she does at MON and that they loved to continue to learn from her example, although this is of no real consolation to Smith given her huge disappointment.


A gesture that says more than a thousand words.

As a depressed Smith is about to leave, she suddenly notices movements from one of the upper floors of the Black Lily Laboratory and when she looks up she sees Mr President standing at the window of his office and looking down at her. He waves goodbye to her mockingly, whereupon Ms Smith is frozen in shock as she realizes at this gesture that he partly just offered Garu, Aluca and Vikk the offer to work for him in order to get one over on her.

Zoological Classification[]

Main article: Zombie

The Flesh-Golem is a Zombie subspecies which is very similar in nature to the Frankenstein's Monster in that they are kinda like a man-made electric powered Zombie. Because of the way they were created, Flesh-Golems have the ability to control electricity by using their mind with concentration, allowing them to, for example, turn the light on and off in a specific area at will or overcharging electrical devises to the point where they explode.


  • Vikk's name is probably a reference to Victor Frankenstein, a fictional character who created a "flesh-golem".
  • Vikk is the first charakter in Monster Musume who is confirmed to be man-made by her own description of her species to Ms Smith in Chapter 84.

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