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Wani Otoko
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Nickname The Wani Otoko (unoffical Title)
Physical Appearance
Age N/A
Gender Male
Hair Black
Eye Unknown
Personal Profile
Occupation N/A
House Guest None
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 65

The Wani Otoko (an unofficial title) is a human man appearing in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls who attempts to gain a partner in the Sno Ball Hot Spring Resort's dating event through threats and intimidation.


Wani Otoko is a tall, rather corpulent human male, about as wide as he is tall. He has short black hair.


Wani Otoko is a very rowdy, perverted, and lusty man to the point that one of the three young men in Chapter 65 immediately suspected that he wasn't an official participant of the Dating Pool but might have sneaked in. He tried to harass Bahkurin and her friends, and while he touts his virtues as a host, his phrasing that he would "take good care of them" indicates that he would only be bothering them.

While his strategy is more verbal, he also tends to subtly threaten women in the process. This makes most people very uncomfortable even talking to him. When he's unsuccessful with words, he also tends to use physical violence, as he tried to grope one of the three young men when he first thought he was a woman.

Besides his repulsive and lustful nature, Wani Otoko also seems to be very prejudiced against Liminals. This is seen in Chapter 66 when the Succubus security girl sets a trap for him. He comments on the fact that she is a Succubus by saying "sounds good to me!", showing that he believes in the stereotypical image that Succubi are only interested in sex.


The unnamed lecherous, rowdy man is first shown attending the Sno Ball Hot Spring Resort's dating event and was getting too close and pushy on three Liminal ladies, who weren't appreciating his actions. He is first scared off by three other men who play a trick on him by pretending to be homosexuals who have become enamored with him. His actions were alerted to the Sno Ball Hot Spring Resort Attendants who later set a trap for him and a succubus attendant and security worker presents herself to be fondled by him. As the man breaks the rules by doing so, her co-workers grab him and escort him off the premises, adding his name to the black list.



  • "Wani Otoko" (ワニ男, "Crocodile Man" or "Alligator Man") is the term used to refer to a man conducting lecherous activities in an onsen (purposeful voyeurism, groping, unsolicited sexual activities, etc).

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