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Wladislaus Drakulya
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Physical Appearance
Monster Species Vampire
Ghost (after death)
Gender Male Male
Monster Profile
Occupation Unknown
Relatives Curie Drakulya (daughter)[1]
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 50
"I am the lord of the night who shall revive our race! In place of my incompetent daughter, I shall fulfill my duty as a Vampire!"
― Wladislaus.[2]

Wladislaus Drakulya was a Vampire and the father of Curie Drakulya, who died sometime before Curie travelled to Japan. After his death, he became a Ghost that possessed his daughter. He acts as the hidden main antagonist of Volume 12 since it was first suspected that Curie was the real antagonist.


In his brief appearance, he appeared to have many of the stereotypical traits of a vampire including pointed ears, pale/white skin, and dark hair as well as fangs. He wore a dark suit and white shirt with a cravat, as well as a tall triangular collar


Wladislaus was extremely ruthless, firmly believing in vampire superiority, considering humans weak as they didn't possess natural weapon such as claws or fangs. For this reasons, Wladislaus also considered humans as weak candidates for his plans to turn them into Vampires and after his death, he focused more on trying to turn other Liminals such as Devils, Lamia and Harpies into Vampires, because they naturally had features such as wings, claws and fangs that Wladislaus considered desirable.

He relished his species reputation as dangerous, as it proved that they were feared. He was deeply disappointed in his daughter and even willing to control her to his own ends after his death.

Although it can be argued that Wladislaus tried to save the Vampire species from extinction, numerous examples show that he was simply power hungry and cruel. This is shown in the fact that Wladislaus was of the opinion that Vampires should spread fear and horror and never even considered the possibility that there are also other ways to preserve the vampire species. Not only did he regard humans as inferior, he also intended to incite a genocide on them when he said that humanity´s blood shall become the nourishment of the Vampires. The fact that his ghost took control of Curie even after his own death shows his madness. It is evident that Wladislaus never really loved his daughter and saw her only as a means to his own ends.

Another scary aspect of Wladislaus was his extreme coldness, even when he was angry or disappointed, it couldn´t be seen from the expression on his face. Only when he met Lala did he show genuine fear, knowing that the power of a Dullahan meant the final end for him, but he was completely helpless against her.

With this, Wladislaus can be seen as a ultimate failed villain, as he was defeated without getting any closer to his goals.

Skills & Traits[]

  • Vampire Physiology:
    • Ultrasonic Waves: Like a bat, Wladislaus orients himself at night with ultrasonic waves. His Eye-sight however is very poor, regardless of the time of day.
    • Blood Sucking: As a Vampire, his digestive system is underdeveloped and can only digest liquids. He therefore has to drink blood for nourishment.
    • Vampire Virus: A Vampire can spread the vampire virus through a bite, which can also turn their victim into a Vampire, although the actual viral transmission rate is actually extremely low. However, it should still be taken into account that Vampires can spread the virus not only through their saliva, but also through their mucous membranes, so that any direct contact with a Vampire can pose a low but still potential risk. Although the infected victim is considered a "Vampire", they do not grow wings or fangs and essentially they only become a carrier of the virus, so the claim that the victim is "turned into" a Vampire is rather inaccurate. As indicated by Wladislaus in Chapter 51, the Vampire virus can infect not only humans but also certain Liminal species, such as Devils, Lamia and Harpies.
    • Bones: Much like bats, Vampires have a very thin skeletal structure as an adaptation to flight, but this also caused their bones to be slightly less strong than the extremely hardy bones of bird-like Liminal species like Harpies.
    • Weakness: As a Vampire, Wladislaus is sensitive to sunlight and UV light, and is allergic to garlic and silver.
  • Ghost Physiology:
    • Possession: Due to becoming a ghost after his death, Wladislaus gained the power to possess living beings. He exclusively possessed his daughter, forcing her to act like a genuine vampire every night.[2]
    • Weakness: As a Ghost, Wladislaus seems to be very vulnerable to the powers of a Dullahan, who are capable of exorcizing him. Because of this, he is very terrified of them.[2]


  • Locket: He apparently owned a small circular locket with a picture of himself and Curie. Shortly before his death he gave the locket to Curie, but unbeknownst to her, the locket was Wladislau's connection to the living world and he used this to posses his daughter at night. Lala eventually severed this connection, causing the locket to fall to the ground and was accidentally crushed by Centorea.


Wladislaus's wife died when their daughter was still young, causing Curie to be raised by her father. Due to the fact that the vampire race was slowly nearing extinction, he planned to continue his line by forcibly infecting other liminal races. His plans focused on war-beasts, devils, and harpies as they naturally possessed physical traits that he considered desirable, such as claws, wings and fangs. However he became ill and died before he was able to see his plans through.

Wladislaus tried to raise Curie to continue their legacy. However, because Curie's phobias of blood, heights, bats, and coffins, Wladislaus' efforts to make Curie a "true" Vampire were in vain.[1]
Extremely disappointed in his daughter, Wladislaus eventually died. However, instead of moving on, his spirit possessed Curie, and caused her to become extremely bloodthirsty every night when he took control.[2]


Wladislaus died some time before Curie came to Japan however his influence lived on as his spirit possessed her, causing her to lose control of herself at night and become the more fearsome creature he wished her to be. Though she was aware that there was a darkness inside of her that caused these transformations, she was unaware that he was the source.

The attacks that she committed under his influence, as well as her illegal entry into Japan, brought her to the attention of the Cultural Exchange Security Squad. Ms. Smith thus planned to set a trap for her at the Cultural Exchange Expo using Kimihito Kurusu as bait. The trap was unsuccessful and Curie was able to take Kimihito without being caught. However she was recorded on surveillance tape and thus became the prime suspect.

Ms. Smith arranged for Papi, who had previously befriended Curie, to lead her around the expo to try to prove that she was a vampire. Though Papi's mindless talking almost gave things away, Curie was too tired and weak from staying up during the day to take notice.


Wladislaus's spirit is Exorcised from Curie.

As the moon rose, so did Wladislaus' influence and Curie fled, rather than risk hurting her friend. However Papi followed her to an abandoned and desecrated church where she had been living. There Wladislaus took direct control of his daughter's body and attempted to bite Papi, however, Lala intervened at the last moment.

Using her natural abilities as a Dullahan, Lala exorcised Wladislaus' spirit from Curie's body, while Centorea (who had been following Papi) inadvertently stepped on the locket, destroying it, and with it Wladislaus' connection to the living world.

Zoological Classification[]

Main article: Ghost

A Ghost is the soul or spirit of a deceased being that no longer has a physical body to "occupy" but is still present in the living world for varying reasons.

Able to alter their visibility and shape depending on how powerful they are, ghosts are reportedly able to display abilities that otherwise negate the laws of time and physics. They are most notably able to, depending on how strong they are, performing varying levels of telekinesis and take possession of other beings.

Reports of ghosts manifesting within human culture is widespread, dating back to pre-literate history. They are believed tend towards occupying particular locations, objects, or people they were associated with in life.


  • Wladislaus, along with Flounnder and Sebasstian, is one of the few named male Liminal characters in the manga series.
  • His name is an obvious allusion to Vlad III of Wallachia (Vlad the Impaler) who was also known as Vlad Dracula, the historical namesake and chief inspiration for Bram Stoker's infamous vampire.
  • Wladislaus can be considered as the most evil antagonists in Monster Musume, as unlike most others he doesn't have any redeeming qualities or comedic moments. He is also the antagonist with the darkest goals in the manga series, as his actions almost resulted in the deaths of numerous people, which makes Wladislaus stand out clearly from the normally light-hearted story.
  • Wladislaus is currently the only ghost who have appeared in the manga series and, with his exorcism by Lala, also the first named character in the series to actually die permanently, unlike Yuuhi Hajime who was reanimated as a Zombie.
  • When Wladislaus controlled Curie in Chapter 49 so that she kidnapped Kimihito, the exact reasons for Wladislaus' actions are unclear because, as seen later in Chapter 51, Kimihito was not really in danger or a prisoner; in fact, he even mentions that he went to the Kurusu house to try to call his homestay girls on the house phone. It is possible that Wladislaus only had kidnapped Kimihito through Curie because he was trying to turn his daughter into a "real" Vampire by drinking human blood. When that didn't work, Wladislaus immediately lost all interest in Kimihito, whereby he didn't has the intention to turn Kimihito into a Vampire from the start, since Wladislaus saw humans as weak candidates for the Vampire virus.


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