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The following is a description of Wladislaus Drakulya's relationships and interactions with other characters in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls.


Curie Drakulya[]

Wladislaus was Curie's father, but he was disappointed about the fact that Curie was probably the most unvampiric Vampire of all times and made no secret of the fact that he regarded her as a "shame". Nevertheless, he saw in Curie the potential of resurrecting the Vampire species and in the end went so far that even his own death could not stop him as his Ghost took control of his daughter at night. Curie herself mourned her father after his death, but in the end she was more than relieved to have been freed from his influence. It's obvious that Wladislaus never really loved his daughter and only saw her as a means to his own ends.

Curie's Mother[]

Wladislaus wife died when her daughter was very young, so the exact relationship between her and her husband is unknown. After his wife's death, Wladislaus kept a picture of her as a memento, which shows had he missed her very much. Wladislaus said that if she were still alive, she would be greatly pained to see her daughter, but whether that would actually have been the case is unknown.

While Wladislaus sincerely missed his wife, he showed no qualms about controlling their daughter in order to force her against her will to commit bad deeds on his behalf.


Kimihito Kurusu[]

Wladislaus didn't interact directly with Kimihito, but during the events of the Inter-Species Cultural Exchange Exposition, he took control of Curie and forced her to kidnap Kimihito and take him to an ancient church. However, Wladislaus didn't force Curie to turn Kimihito into a Vampire, presumably because he considered humans to be inferior anyway.

Kimihito's homestay girls[]


After Papi followed Curie to the church, Wladislaus took control of his daughter and tried to force her to turn Papi into a Vampire. He also regarded Harpies as "war beasts" because they naturally possessed physical traits (wings, claws) that Wladislaus considered desirable. However, his plan was ultimately prevented by Lala.


When Wladislaus met Lala, he fearfully called her "a god of death", knowing that the abilities of a Dullahan would mean the end for him, but he was unable to do anything to stop her. With her natural abilities as Dullahan, Lala exorcised Wladislaus' ghost from Curie's body, thereby destroying any possibility for him to realize his plans. With this, Lala can be viewed as the ultimate enemy of Wladislaus and one of the few persons he was ever genuinely afraid of.