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The following are quotes said by or relating to Yatsume. Quotes may vary slightly depending on whether readers use the official or fan-based translations.


Volume 12[]

"Umm...so you're a Lamia...?"
"I...I'm a Mermaid. I'm a Lamprey-type...Mermaid."
Yatsume when she first met Kimihito on the Inter-Species Cultural Exchange Exposition, Chapter 49
"Y...You must think...I'm disgusting...Since I'm an eel, I'm slimy..."
Yatsume (distressed)
"Eeh?! No, not at all!"
Kimihito and Yatsume, Chapter 49
"Ah...I'm very sorry. Once I smelled the blood in here, I just couldn't help myself...I's just that your blood ist just so delicious!"
Yatsume to Kimihito after biting his fingers, Chapter 49

Volume 16[]

"Curie-san...Is nocturnal, so up until now...We haven't had a chance, but today for sure...! We can finally become friends!"
Yatsume's thougts about Curie, Chapter 59.5
"Hmm, that's a bit sudden but...I Normaly only make enough for myself...so I don't have anything already made...but maybe I have something a Vampire could eat..."
Yatsume when Moskii and Leechi asked her if she can cook something that a Vampire like Curie can eat as solid food, Chapter 59.5
"Ah~I knew she'd start stripping. When she's like that, meeting Leechi-san underwater is a little...Well, It feels like my life is really in danger. So I don't really feel like swimming together..."
Yatsume tells Moskii why she doesn't like to swim in the pool together with Leechi, Chapter 59.5
"It should be sweet, but have a strong aftertaste."
Yatsume tells Leechi, Moskii and Curie which kind of blood she likes, Chapter 59.5