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Ch49 - Yatsume profile

The following is a description of Yatsume's relationships with other characters in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls.


Kimihito Kurusu[]

Kimihito and Yatsume met for the first time at the Inter-Species Cultural Exchange Exposition after Kimihito agreed to a (not particularly good) plan by Ms Smith to date a blood sucking Liminal at the dating party in order to attract the wanted Vampire. During their "date", Yatsume showed up shyly about Kimihito, fearing he might feel repulsed by her because of her resemblance to a eel, although Kimihito was quick to assure that this was not true. Just like Leechi and Moskii, Yatsume was quickly attracted to Kimihito (she also described his blood as delicious), but all three found that it would be problematic if all three moved in as homestay guests at his house, as due to the constant bloodsucking he would be in danger.

While the three girls were still discussing it, they didn't notice how Kimihito was kidnapped by Curie when she was under the influence of her father. Since then, all three have repeatedly thought that Kimihito would clearly have been the perfect choice to host at, but partly only because of the taste of his blood.

Her flatmates[]


Yatsume generally gets along very well with Moskii, both as a friend and as a flatmate. However, in rare cares Moskii can get upset about Yatsume, for example when Yatsume was pretty excited about the fact that Leechi, as a hermaphrodite, has a penis. Yatsume doesn't seem to mind though.


Yatsume gets along well with Leechi in general and seems to be less bothered than Moskii by the fact that Leechi is often naked around the house. In fact, Yatsume was pretty excited when Leechi revealed that she has a penis, as a hermaphrodite.

While Yatsume generally gets along with Leechi, living together as a flatmates is also not entirely unproblematic. For example, Yatsume is very afraid of swimming together with Leechi in the pool, because it gives Yatsume the feeling that her life is really in danger.

Curie Drakulya[]

Of all her flatmates, Yatsume gets on best with Curie, as both have similar personalities and generally get along well with each other. In the beginning, however, they had difficulties getting closer as friends due to their different daily rhythms, as this also restricted the activities that they could do with each others.

Like Leechi and Moskii, Yatsume is unaware that Curie is the one who kidnapped Kimihito.