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The following are quotes said by or relating to Yukio. Quotes may vary slightly depending on whether readers use the official or fan-based translations.


Volume 8[]

"Welcome. Thank you for choosing to stay at our onsen resort, the Arctic Inn. My name is Yukio and I am a Yuki-onna."
Yukio when she first meets Kimihito and his homestay girls, Chapter 31
"I did my homestay at this resort. I was touched by the kindness my host family showed me. And... the young master of the family that owned the resort was a very nice man. When he heard that I was unable to enter the warm baths, he created a special cold bath for me... That's when I came up with the idea for an onsen resort that catered to Extraspecies persons."
Yukio tells Kimihito how she decided to become the owner of the onsen resort, Chapter 31
"Oh, so you became the owner of this onsen when you married him?"
"Oh, we aren't married. But... if... if our resort business goes smoothly... then, well... I will think about it. He's so wonderful... and kind... and devoted. His smile is the best of all. So warm... and bright... and cheerful..."
Yukio tells Kimihito about the son of her host family and raves about her love to him, Chapter 31

Volume 16[]

"So what you mean is... we must pledge ourselves to the watch and prevent any accidents from occurring, correct?"
"Well, yes and... it seems that quite often when a match goes well, our guests... attempt to take the "next step" without first leaving the onsen. Up until now I've been keeping an eye on them, however... given the attire required for me to enter the bath the atmosphere is quite ruined, so... that is where I would ask for your assistance in keeping watch."
Yukio explains to Kimihito and his homestay girls why she asked them for help, Chapter 64
"Speaking of the rules... strictly speaking those only apply within the bathing area and Inn proper. I am sure someone who can follow those rules... will certainly find somewhere else to get to know one another better."
Yukio explains to Kimihito and his homestay girls about the Arctic Inn's policy regarding guests' more intimate relationships, Chapter 64
"This matching rate is extremely strange. The majority of dating pool participants are men. Therefore even if we assume that all of the Extraspecies woman were succesfully matching with homestay partners there should be a number of male participants left over. However, we see that the matching rate is 100%. This should not be possible, there should be leftover unmatched male participants."
Yukio explains to Kimihito the problem with the matching rate result, Chapter 66
"Wow~... You did something really unexpected there, Yukio-san..."
Kimihito (impressed)
"I found that unexpected things have their own way of working out for the best. It worked for me, after all. Besides, if these girls were created thanks to participants from dating pool, I'm confident these relationships will work out for the best, too. I guess we solved the mystery of the 100% matching rate too then, it was these girls all along. The guys who couldn't find matches were all actually matched without us knowing..."
Yukio to Kimihito about the Hot Spring Slimes, Chapter 66
"Therefore, in order to avoid any and all claims for damages and losses sustained by the Arctic Inn you agree to both fully repair the filtration system free of charge as well as take responsibility for locating all Slimes created through its use. We thank you for your understanding in this matter."
Yukio "persuades" Mr President to pay for any damage caused by the creation of the Hot Spring Slimes, Chapter 66
"Everyone, I must thank you for taking this job on such short notice. It was thanks to your help we were able to overcome all these difficulties. I know the working environment has been less than ideal at times, and you have my thanks for sticking with me to the end. Please do come visit as guests whenever you like. I shall welcome you with open arms."
Yukio thanks Kimihito and his homestay girls for their help, Chapter 67