Sheep CountEdit

Hey babe are ya there?

I'm crazy hungry so I figured ya might have something here

What? It's late and I'm too loud?

Well yeah! I am a zombie! We're way more lively at night ya know?

Anyway.. oh for real? You were about to go to sleep?

Sorry about that, my bad...

Oh I know! I'll make up for it by helping ya get to sleep!

You know that thing, whats it called...that thing people always count to go to sleep!\

Here we go!

One Zombine... ect

5 Zombies

What? Sheep? No way zombies are way better for sleeping!

Zombies are always multiplying so they're way more reliable than sheep for this sort of thing!

Alright lets keep going!

6 zombies...

10 zombies

Whats wrong you really don't like zombies? Hmmmm well then,

11 Zombie sheep ect

15 zombie sheep

What? You've never heard of a zombie sheep?

There's like zombie dogs and stuff right? There's gotta be zombie sheep too!

Fine fine! I get it. I'll quit with the zombie sheep... So how about...

16 Runner (they call them “dash zombies” but I'm pretty sure the english nomenclature is “runner” or “fast zombies” up to the listener all 3 are valid) Zombies ect.

20 Runner Zombies!

What?! Ya don't know about runner zombies?! They're crazy popular in zombie movies these days!

Runner zombies like... well they're zombies like me! Energetic! Running around! especially at night!

Devouring their prey... oh man now I really am hungry...

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