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The following are quotes said by or relating to Zombina. Quotes may vary slightly depending on whether readers use the official or fan-based translations.


Volume 3[]

"Agh, I got more holes in me! These lead bullets are gonna make the numbers on my scale spin!"
"H...How are you alive?!"
—The Orc (shocked)
"Well, I you wanna know~I'm already dead! Say hello to Zombina-chan! Now kneel before me, you moe pigs!"
Zombina reveals to the P.O.R.K that she is a Zombie, Chapter 11

Volume 4[]

"Freeze, Liminal! You are in violation of the extraspecies law!"
Zombina trying to arrest Rachnera with Tionishia, Chapter 15
"Owwwie! I tripped on something~"
"I'm...really glad that I'm a Zombie...If I were alive, I'd be dead"
Zombina when Tionishia fell on her, Chapter 15

Volume 5[]

"Also, someone dumped industrial waste here, so be careful! Man, this meat rocks"
"Wait, Zombina! Why're You eating, too?! Weren't you supposed to be watching from the shadows?!"
"I hate having to sneak around! Maybe you'll catch a strange new disease and turn into a Zombie..."
Zombina (jokingly)
"Coming from you, that's not funny."
Kimihito and Zombina, Chapter 20
"Wonder when they'll come rescue me. I'm gonna end up rotting if they leave me here any longer. I feel like I've been buried alive."
Zombina after being buried during Suu's and Kii's fight, Chapter 20
"Normal people would be freaked out by a missing hand, right? And most guys nowadays don't handle blood well. Guys like that instantly show how creeped out they are. But you're not really fazed by gore, are you?"
"Mmmm...If I saw a real dead body, I'd probably be grossed out but...but you're you, so...You' re not a dead body, you're Zombina. So I'm totally fine."
"What's that supposed to mean?! I don't get you! Haha!"
Zombina and Kimihito during their "date", Chapter 22
"I think that's just because he's a little naive. Well, even if That's the case, he showed us that we're just normal girls, huh."
Zombina's thoughts about Kimihito, Chapter 22

Volume 9[]

"Your tooth was stuck in her."
"Ahhh! So it was my fault after all!"
Zombina is horrified to learn from Lala that her tooth infected Yuuhi with the zombie virus, Chapter 38

Volume 10[]

"This whole house arrest thing is just about keeping up appearances. So you don't need to make it up to us or anything! We've been wanting a break anyway."
Zombina to Kimihito, Chapter 39
"You moron, what the hell were you thinking?! I'm a Zombie! Don't try to "save" me or "shield" me! There's no point!"
Zombina (startled and therefore angry) to Kimihito when she sees that he was trying to protect her from Shiishii's attack, resulting in a deep cut on his arm, Chapter 39
"This time she even told me when and where she'd show up! Why is she so friendly with me?! I mean, I guess we have the same interests, but...well. I might be undead, but I used ta be a human. I'm barely extraspecies as is. Maybe I just like hanging out with a blockhead like me."
Zombina's thoughts about herself and Shiishii, Chapter 39

Volume 12[]

"Oh, that's too bad~ Ya see, I ain't a human. I'm a Zombie! How's my "blood" tastin' for ya?"
Zombina taunts Curie after the Vampire girl attacked her and bit her on the neck, Chapter 47
"Yeah, but it's real good they bit me instead of someone else~ Normally gettin' bit by a Vampire would turn ya inta one, ya know? We really lucked out on me being a Zombie."
"Well, normally it'd be you doing the biting instead..."
"Well, I might be infected anyway though, haha. Really wouldn't be that much different from normal, though!!"
Zombina, amused, talks to Kimihito about whether being bitten by a Vampire would have any effect on her, Chapter 47

Volume 18[]

"Well, I guess it's because we were trying to catch Arbatel. So it won't let us move around freely like the students. So we're stuck as the ghosts or something."
Zombina explains to Kimihito why she and the other girls from the M.O.N team have to play the roll of the five Mysteries of Grimoire High School, Chapter 76
"Unlike normal rom-com fans... rom-com otaku are a different breed. They don't want to enter the world of a love comedy. What rom-com otaku love about rom-coms... is the love and the lovers' relationship itself. What they would want is to be like a wall, or mist, or be one of the crowd getting close to see those little moments. between couples up close... that's what they'd want."
Zombina explains to Kimihito what makes rom-com otaku's different from rom-com fans, Chapter 80
"Hey... don't 'cha think Ms Smith was actually one of the ghost stories with us? Ya know, "burnt out office worker thinks she's a student"... haha! Not like she was believable as a highschool girl, ya know!"
Zombina pokes fun at Ms Smith while talking to Manako after the protagonists got free from Arbatel's fake world, Chapter 80

Volume 19[]

"You know about that Extra-Species trafficking syndicate we had on our radar? We took 'em all down and we're on our way to process them now"
"So the operation went well? Everyone's fine?"
Kuroko Smith
"Of course! We had full MON Mobilization, not just us, after all. Honestly, we were surprised how easy it was! We apprehended all of 'em, from the boss to the underlings all in one swoop."
Zombina tells Kuroko Smith on the phone about the MON's success with the Liminal trafficking syndicate, Chapter 85
"Well... we were doing aditional search and recon in their base during the op. While it's good we were able to find data on all their previous deals... we also found out a trafficking deal is going down today...!! And on top of that, it's an in-person deal...! They're taking the victim to the swap location directly! But since we rounded up everyone on this end... there's not gonna be anyone to show up at the deal!! We'll have no idea what happens to the victim, or where they'll take her afterwards!!"
"Is there no one else from MON who can go?"
Kuroko Smith
"We're all out on the op, so there's no one left at headquarters! We're trying to head there ourselves right now, but there's no way we'll make it in time...! That's why we need you!!"
Zombina tells Kuroko Smith over the phone about the situation and why they need her help, Chapter 85
"Well whatever it is, she's back to normal I guess."
Zombina discusses with the other MON-girls Kuroko Smith's sudden energetic for office work at the MON headquarters, Chapter 85


Sheep Count[]

Hey babe are ya there?

I'm crazy hungry so I figured ya might have something here

What? It's late and I'm too loud?

Well yeah! I am a zombie! We're way more lively at night ya know?

Anyway.. oh for real? You were about to go to sleep?

Sorry about that, my bad...

Oh I know! I'll make up for it by helping ya get to sleep!

You know that thing, whats it called...that thing people always count to go to sleep!\

Here we go!

One Zombine... ect

5 Zombies

What? Sheep? No way zombies are way better for sleeping!

Zombies are always multiplying so they're way more reliable than sheep for this sort of thing!

Alright lets keep going!

6 zombies...

10 zombies

Whats wrong you really don't like zombies? Hmmmm well then,

11 Zombie sheep ect

15 zombie sheep

What? You've never heard of a zombie sheep?

There's like zombie dogs and stuff right? There's gotta be zombie sheep too!

Fine fine! I get it. I'll quit with the zombie sheep... So how about...

16 Runner (they call them “dash zombies” but I'm pretty sure the english nomenclature is “runner” or “fast zombies” up to the listener all 3 are valid) Zombies ect.

20 Runner Zombies!

What?! Ya don't know about runner zombies?! They're crazy popular in zombie movies these days!

Runner zombies like... well they're zombies like me! Energetic! Running around! especially at night!

Devouring their prey... oh man now I really am hungry...