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The following is a description of Zombina's relationships and interactions with other characters in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls.


Kimihito Kurusu[]

Zombina seems to think of Kimihito as naive, but humorous. During her date with him, she makes the best of it by being a bit extreme and watching horror genre or Zombie themed films. She seems to take great pleasure in watching other people, mostly Kimihito whom she refers to as "Loverboy", lose their cool or become freaked out at the sight of scary things. When her hand fell off, Zombina takes him to a private place so he can sew it back on. She becomes both impressed with his skills and concerned with his rather calm demeanour, wondering why he isn't fazed by her. After he gives an honest and kind reply about her, Zombina becomes rather flustered by his kind words and decides to screw with his head by unstitching her breast and have him sew it back on, taking pleasure in watching him act nervous, until he accidentally pinched her nipple and she tries to brush it off then laughing hysterically at the sight of Kimihito's nosebleed. She claims that he is a bite naive, but is grateful that he treated her as well as Tio and Manako as normal girls.

Kimihito often finds Zombina's behaviour a bit extreme and slightly troublesome, but doesn't mind it much because that is who she is. Despite her being a Zombie and her claims, he is very concerned about her well-being and her feeling any form of pain should harm come to her. Even when she intentionally unstitched certain bodyparts for Kimihito to sew, he still offers to sew her body back together again if she asks. Due to how Zombina is seemingly used to others being freaked out or at least fazed by her, Kimihito always lets her know that she is a normal girl.

During their second date Kimihito tries to shield her from one of Shiishii's attacks but failed. When she realized this she got angry but became embarrassed after he said she was still a girl. She later smiled after he tried to stitch her back together again, but soon became embarrassed again when her breasts were exposed as he was about to put her back together. She soon wondered to herself why she suddenly became embarrassed, considering that he's seen her breasts before. It is implied that through these interactions, she is now attracted to him.

Kuroko Smith[]

Zombina usually gets along with Ms Smith as their boss, but like most, Zombina is often annoyed with Ms Smith's laziness. As seen in Chapter 13, Zombina doesn't like it when Ms Smith shifts her work on her, so she is often willing to get back a little when she and the rest of the team refused to care for her because of her cold.

Bicycle Police Officer[]

Because of her work at the M.O.N, Zombina and the Picycle Police Officer know each other, but they haven't really interacted with each other.

Police Chief[]

Since the M.O.N often works with the police, Zombina and the police chief know each other, but only fleetingly. As seen in the omake of Volume 7, Zombina doesn't know that the police chief is Papi's father.


Zombina and Kasegi haven't actually interacted with each other, but due to her work at the M.O.N, Zombina knows about the scandal with Rachnera and therefore considers Kasegi as an enemy.

Kimihito's homestay girls[]


Zombina generally doesn't interact much with Miia, but they get along with each other.


Zombina generally doesn't interact much with Papi, but they get along with each other. In Chapter 20, Zombina was assigned surveillance duty watching out for Papi, Suu, and Kimihito to find out the culprit of some mysterious letters.

Centorea Shianus[]

Zombina generally doesn't interact much with Centorea, but they get along with each other. In Chapter 45, Centorea was concerned that Zombina could cause a Zombie pandemic under the influence of Kino's spores, although she later learned in Chapter 50 from Ms Smith that the risk of infection from the Zombie Virus is very low.


Zombina was assigned surveillance duty watching out for Papi, Suu, and Kimihito to find out the culprit. After Suu ingested toxins, she made a remark about Smith and the M.O.N. squad being freeloaders.

Meroune Lorelei[]

Zombina generally doesn't interact much with Mero, but they get along with each other. In Chapter 45, Mero was concerned that Zombina could cause a Zombie pandemic under the influence of Kino's spores, although she later learned in Chapter 50 from Ms Smith that the risk of infection from the Zombie Virus is very low.

Rachnera Arachnera[]

Due to her past with Kasegi, the members of the M.O.N team attempted to arrest Rachnera, although the situation was eventually resolved. Since then, Rachnera and Zombina seem to get along, but they also don't interact often with each other.


Zombina generally doesn't interact much with Lala, but they get along with each other. In Chapter 38, Lala uses one of Zombina's teeth to turn Yuuhi into a Zombie in order to save her life. Zombina doesn't seem to mind this much and is even grateful that the member of M.O.N has a little more free times thanks to the temporary suspension.

Monster Ops: Neutralization[]


Zombina and Tionisha have a very good friendship with each other.


Zombina gets on very well with Manako as a team member of M.O.N, although Manako is often the target of Zombina's pranks due to her clumsiness. However, as seen in Chapter 42, Zombina can also be very protective of Manako if she thinks that others are trying to harm her.


Zombina and Doppel usually get along well, although Zombina can sometimes get annoyed by Doppel's actions. In Chapter 40 it is revealed that Zombina and Doppel often plan pranks together, but Zombina's inability to sit still for long periods often leads to their pranks not working, much to Doppel's annoyance.

Monster Community[]


Zombina and Draco don't interact with each other often. Although Zombina probably knows through her work at MON that Draco once tried to grope Miia, she shows no distrust of her in the omake of Volume 10. From her conversation with Shiishii, however, it emerges that Zombina thinks Draco is a wimp and is of the opinion that the Dragonewt woman could only play the submissive role in a same-sex relationship.

In Episode 9, Zombina had a much more hostile relationship with Draco, as she punctured the Dragonewt Woman's wings with gunfire to knock her out of the sky so the MON could capture her. However, this scene was only present in the anime and cannot be considered canon anyway since Draco cannot fly at all in the manga series.


Zombina has not yet directly interacted with Kii in a conversation, but her first encounter with her in Chapter 20 was rather badly, with Kii mutating into a giant tree monster through the absorption of the toxic chemical wastle, whereby Zombina in the battle between super Suu and the Dryad was literally stomped into the ground. Zombina later comented in a conversation with Kimihito in Chapter 22 that she had to stitch herself up completely after Kii stepped on her, although Zombina probably doesn't hold any grudge against Kii in this regard, considering how casually she talked to Kimihito about it.

Yuuhi Hajime[]

Zombina was horrified at first when she learned in Chapter 38 that her tooth had turned Yuuhi into a Zombie, but in the end she was also happy that the girl is fine now. Zombina kind of took on a teaching role for Yuuhi by teaching her some basic rules to be followed about her new Zombie existence, such as anti-rot treatment.


Zombina and Shiishii have a difficult to describe relationship. While both basically get along and share the same interests, they are still ready to attack each other, with Shiishii even dismembering Zombina with her fan knives. Zombina describes the Jiang Shi as a leech that she just can't get rid of. However, she notes that her connection could also be based on the fact that she and Shiishii used to be human, and that she maybe likes hanging out with a blockhead like herself.

As seen in the omake for Volume 10, Zombina and Shiishii get along well enough in everyday life, where they can easily exchange about their same hobbies, for example when they talk about how Draco could only take on the role of the submissive in a same-sex relationship. However, Zombina often tends to make of Shiishii, such as saying that she has a big butt, much to the annoyance of the Jiang Shi.